Jobs for students in the United Arab Emirates | UAE

Jobs for students in the UAE

You're a college student overseas in Dubai and require some additional cash? If yes, then you're in good company. International students are now able to work part-time during school from 2016, according to the Dubai government. Dubai:

"Students now have the opportunity to work part-time while studying in Dubai," the Dubai Development Authority announced in a statement. The new student part-time work legislation from DDA, a first for Dubai's creative clusters and the region, will benefit students enrolled at the 23 academic institutions in those clusters. free zones."

This is an amazing opportunity for international students who live in Dubai that want to earn an income while attending the school system to pay for their lifestyle and expenses for living. In this article, we'll go over everything you should know about qualifications for students looking to find a job in Dubai, as well as the highest paying jobs for part-time students in Dubai and how you can begin your journey working part-time in Dubai.

Before we look into these highly lucrative part-time jobs that are plentiful in Singapore, It is important to consider the matter of previous experience. Certain of these jobs definitely require prior experience, and the quantity of experience required varies between positions and industries. Position.

Some jobs do not require any prior experience. On the flip side of this, most part-time jobs will require special licenses to perform the job, specifically for drivers for rideshare, coaches and tutors. Whatever you're looking for, if you're searching to start a new career and are looking to begin with good-paying part-time work, we're certain you'll find an ideal job as an introductory one. We also created an in-depth tutorial for starting your new job with no previous experience. So, check it out!

Cab Driver

Part-time work as a taxi driver involves picking up clients and transporting them, typically using your personal car or with a vehicle supplied by your taxi company, to various locations in Dubai. Due to this, being a taxi driver is advised for those who are older than twenty-one. They can earn a salary of 4,000-6,000 AED monthly, based on the hours they choose to work. The most common conditions for this type of work are an active driving license and the ability to speak and read English as well as passing the driver's test, as well as a st

There are many positives to this job. For instance, there is no need to have a degree from a university, and you can schedule your hours to be as minimal as you'd like. The downsides and problems of this position include the fact that you must drive throughout the day and the risk of accidents in traffic.

Grocery or Retail Cashier

Being a part-time cashier in Dubai includes customer service, ringing purchases, locking inventory and many other duties. Students can anticipate a payment of between 1500 and 2500 AED per month. There are generally no job specifications for this job, aside from a minimum knowledge of retail.

There are many advantages to this job which include job security, advantages, decent wages, and a fairly straightforward list of things to complete on a daily basis. There are some downsides and problems with this position, are the lack of hours and other problems that arise when working with people directly.

It is possible to get started in this area by looking at large companies which are always hiring in Dubai, like Al Ghazi and Azadea.

Waiter or Host

A part-time job as a host or waiter involves greeting guests at the restaurant and placing them in their seats, taking their orders, cleaning as well as bussing tables. Students can anticipate paying between 1500 and two thousand AED per month, based on the hours they work. The minimum qualifications for this kind of job include some previous working experience at waiting tables; however, certain restaurants might not require any qualifications in the first place. This is a common option for students studying in Dubai.

There are numerous positives to this job, for instance, a lack of demand for technical knowledge, numerous and sometimes flexible hours and the chance to meet new people. There are downsides as well. Problems with this job include some strenuous and sometimes exhausting work and an excessively crowded market. As we've mentioned, it is a very popular choice for college students from Dubai!

It is possible to get started in this area by researching the restaurants and hotels that are well-known around the metropolis, for instance, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Jumeirah.

Professional Packer or Packing Laborer

If you're fit and can handle a lot of work, it could be the right choice for you. Working part-time in packing includes being on assembly lines as well as packing boxes for shipping. Students can expect to earn a salary between 1,000 and 2500 AED per month, which puts this job on the lowest end of the earnings range. But, students can earn an income that is decent when they work as a packer on a part-time basis. There aren't any qualifications for this job, and it's a sought-after job for foreigners, international students or those who do not have much previous experience in the field. You must submit an Objective Certificate letter prior to working, however.

There are many positives to this position, which include a relatively easy work requirement that does not require knowledge or training, as well as a wide range of opportunities. The downsides and challenges associated with this job include hard work as well as low compensation for full-time employees, and a lack of advancement.

It is possible to get into this industry by applying to any of a number of manufacturing firms or retail businesses like Amazon as well as Hello Chef.


If you enjoy cleaning and enjoy active work, then housekeeping could be an extremely rewarding job to consider taking on. Part-time work as a housekeeper involves cleaning, dusting, and generally cleaning the living areas of hostels, hotels, and private residences. Students can expect to earn a salary of between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars per month. There are no prerequisites for this job. There is no prior experience required, and you do not require a diploma from a school to be hired. In general, hotels will require you to see that you're physically fit and know the fundamentals of washing and cleaning.

There are plenty of advantages to this job, such as a long working schedule, lots of quiet and peace and hefty pay with advantages. There are downsides as well. Issues with this job are long hours and work.

It is possible to get started in this sector by applying to a hotel as an employee. It is also possible to consider working as a housekeeper freelance for homeowners and families. However, this requires considerable effort to start. It is generally accepted that working at an establishment is the best option for students.


If you're a bit daring or have previous experience in the security industry, You have the option of obtaining part-time employment as a security guard. A part-time security guard involves securing offices, workplaces and structures and making sure that property and residents are secure from criminal actions. The average salary for students is between 1500 and 4000 AED per month, based on the number of hours they work. The most common conditions for this kind of job include having 18 years old or more, previous experience working as a security guard as well as training with an organization that is reputable. While this may be a disadvantage, the training for security usually takes a short time to finish. Certain companies don't take into account experience and may even provide on-the-job training.

There are many positives to this job, like the freedom to be on your own and the chance to stroll around instead of working. A few of the disadvantages and pitfalls associated with this job are the risk of stopping illegal activities and there is a lot of boredom.

It is possible to get started in this field by researching security companies as well as individual firms, such as Jumeirah, Azadea, and the Hilton.

Gas Pump Attendant

Part-time work as a gas station attendant is quite simple and involves pumping gas for customers in order to ensure that they do not have to get out of their vehicles. The average salary for students is between 1,000 and two thousand AED. This is less in terms of income. However, it is still a good option to consider part-time jobs. The most common requirements for this kind of job are basic cash handling skills and, of course, the capability to fill gas. There is no requirement for a college degree or any experience to fill this position. But, you'll require a graduation certificate from a high school or an equivalent.

There are plenty of advantages to this job which include simple work tasks and decent job security, and a certain amount of movement and exercise. A few of the negatives and pitfalls of the job include the monotony, low pay, and the smell of gasoline.

You can begin your journey in this area by applying to firms such as ENOC, ADNOX, and Al-Futtaim Logistics.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no need for college degrees to work for an electrical contractor in Dubai! Part-time employment as an electrician entails providing electrical repair and installation services to family members and government agencies. Students can anticipate a payment of between 1500 and four thousand AED per month. There are certain benefits for employees who work part-time. The most common qualifications for this type of job are the ability to use technical skills and prior experience working in the industry.

There are many advantages to this job which include great benefits, high wages and the ability to work with hands. The downsides and difficulties of this occupation include the risks when working with electricity, as well as the difficulties finding work in an industry that is over-saturated.

It is possible to get started in this sector by applying to firms working in the construction and building industries. It is also possible to find work through research into real electrician businesses or companies that outsource their electrician requirements.


If you're looking to manage your work hours and utilize the skills that you already have and are bilingual, students can profit from working as translators. Part-time work as a translator is a way to work on a freelance basis or using an online platform like MotaWord and Gengo. Numerous types of businesses, like banks and universities, employ translators on a freelance basis. For Dubai, English and Arabic are the two most commonly used languages employed in translation services. Students can expect to earn a salary of up to 4,000 AED monthly. Common qualifications for this kind of job include proficient or native level proficiency in English and Arabic and Arabic, access to a computer or internet connection, and some knowledge of transcribing or translating.

There are plenty of advantages to this job which includes flexible hours, great pay and experiences that can be put in a resume. A few of the disadvantages and pitfalls of this job include dealing with an over-saturated market and the necessity to maintain your multi-lingual abilities.

You can begin your career in this field by working with organizations that are seeking translators in Dubai, like Zayed University, Addleshaw Goddard or Halakids.

Call Center

Suppose you're not averse to the monotony of the job. You can earn decent money in the evenings outside of school by becoming an employee in a call centre. Part-time work as a call centre employee involves cold calling individuals to market their services, providing business support to customers, as well as offering multi-language support for multinational companies. The jobs in a call centre are especially sought-after by international students who can speak English. Students can anticipate a pay of AED 2,500 to three hundred and fifty dollars AED monthly. The minimum qualifications for this type of job include the ability to work in a call centre, language proficiency, as well as customer service capabilities. Most call centres do not require a degree from a college, and a lot of them will not be focusing on the amount of experience.

There are plenty of advantages to this job which includes high pay, great benefits, and often flexibility in hours. The downsides and challenges to this position are the monotonous aspect of this job as well as the difficulties that usually accompany customers with customer service.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Work in the UAE With a Student Visa ?

Manchester. Compared to many other large cities, Manchester is the finest place for young professionals to live and work in the UK.

Can a student do job in Dubai ?

Dubai Job Opportunities for Foreign Students

As long as they meet the regulatory requirements and those of their individual universities, international students are permitted to work part-time employment and participate in internships in Dubai. Foreign students still cannot work full-time in Dubai while on a student visa.

How much students can earn in Dubai ?

Depending on the number of hours you specify, students may expect to make between 4,000 and 6,000 AED every month. A current driving license, proficiency in speaking and reading English, passing a driver's test, and a Dubai visit visa are typical minimal criteria for this kind of job.

Is part time job allowed in UAE ?

Depending on the number of hours you specify, students may expect to make between 4,000 and 6,000 AED every month. A current driving license, proficiency in speaking and reading English, passing a driver's test, and a Dubai visit visa are typical minimal criteria for this kind of job.

Is UAE a good place to study ?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are renowned for upholding strict standards in the field of education.

How many hours can students work in UAE ?

If you additionally get a UAE Work Permit, you can only work in the UAE while on a student visa. You are also only permitted to work up to four hours straight; you cannot work a full-time schedule.

What is the maximum age to work in UAE ?

Those who satisfy the requirements established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization are eligible to work in the UAE if they are foreigners and over the age of 18. (MoHRE). In the UAE, there is no upper age limit for employment, however employers must pay more for employees over 65.

Can a foreigner study in UAE ?

Private colleges and universities in the UAE accept applications from expatriate residents and foreign students. UAE University recently opened enrollment to foreign nationals with specific costs and performance requirements.

How much can international student earn in Dubai ?

Salary Levels for Part-Time Jobs in the UAE
The salaries provided to international students who work part-time while attending classes might range from AED 30,000 to AED 80,000.

Can I study part time in Dubai ?

Since the labor legislation was changed to let overseas students to work up to 15 hours per week, either as a full-time or part-time employment, it is now simpler to work and study in Dubai.

Is studying in Dubai worth it ?

Jobs for graduates are available.
There are numerous intriguing career prospects for graduates across many areas, including the energy, finance, and property sectors - mostly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai - thanks to its flourishing expat community and tax-free earnings.

How can a student live in Dubai ?

Accommodations for students While some institutions in Dubai have affordable housing alternatives, some don't or have a restricted selection. But what they actually do is recommend businesses that might help with questions about lodging.

What is the best part-time job ?

The top part-time occupations that can increase your earnings without raising your stress levels are listed below:

  • pet caretaker
  • Retail.
  • Shared-ride driver.
  • Restaurant Manager.
  • Front desk/reception in a salon or spa.
  • social media assistant
  • Exam Proctor.
  • Tutor.
How much does work permit cost in UAE ?
costs for a UAE work permit
Level A: 600 AED. Level B: 1,500 AED. Level C: 2,000 AED.
How can I make money fast in UAE ?

Here are 7 certain ways to generate money online in the UAE in light of that.

  • Freelancing.
  • Online tutoring, teaching, and translation.
  • Selling.
  • Online surveys and websites that charge for clicks.
  • Blogging.
  • Marketing.
  • Jobs as a travel agent.