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Strong Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays are extremely frequent assignments at colleges, particularly in courses like English composition as well as history, political science, among others. Professors love assigning them because they want to test how you think and justify your arguments.

An excellent argumentative essay topic is one that piques your curiosity and provides plenty of space to write persuasively. The more controversial the subject is, the more attention it'll draw and the more easy it is to take an opportune stand for or against. Argument topics that are hot will give people an entirely new perspective, fresh perspective, and a greater appreciation of your writing.

The article in this post will not just teach you to select argumentsative essay topics however, it will guide you on how to compose the assignment and more!

Table of Argumentative Essay Topics

The writing of argumentative essays are a vital capability for every student. When you're a student at college you must find an "controversial" or "gray-area" subject to debate or in favor of. Your argumentative essay should contain thoroughly researched information that justify your assertions.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • What is the best age to be eligible to vote?
  • Are mobile phones actually turning people into social narcissists?
  • The money you earn won't bring you happiness in your life.
  • We live in the best time of our lives to date.
  • The ruling class should be held accountable in a greater amount.
  • The reason technology-aided learning should become the norm.
  • Are socialism and capitalism bad? Or did we not implement it is it?
  • Equity or equal opportunity The choice is which and why?
  • The reasons why the current political system is now in need of a shift.

Society Essay Topics

You could also pick an argumentative essay subject that is related to society. Most people are living according to their individual moral code of conduct. Based on philosophy, religion or the individual's desires Every person has a set of rules. Think about what you would like to say, based on this list or from your personal experience.

  • When will LGBTQ people be able to be treated with equality?
  • Does healthcare constitute a fundamental human right?
  • Certain states have started to legalize possession of marijuana, among others Do you think this is the right thing to do?
  • The law of equality is a part of the process however, does it really function in the real world?
  • Do people be allowed to possess firearms?
  • In the case of terminal illness, should the patient be able to ask for medically assisted suicide?
  • Should smoking be considered illegal?
  • What is the most effective way to stimulate positive dialogue regarding contentious questions?
  • Should television censor explicit content, since the programmers have an obligation to create programs that are safe for children?
  • Social media is a powerful force that connects us and pulls us apart. Can positive outweigh negative or the reverse?
  • Do you think a gap year is a wonderful time for reflection and exploration or is it a time to take a year-long vacation?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

The following topics are great for students in High School:

  • Are digital devices a positive choice for children?
  • Global warming is it really an issue? And if so, what is the best way to address it?
  • What are the consequences that sexual education has on children?
  • Are migrations beneficial for the US and how?
  • Should citizens be able to have guns?
  • Is the culture of celebrity good or bad? Why?
  • Do you really have a wage difference between women and men?
  • Do countries have to be involved in conflicts involving military forces all over the world?
  • Should minorities with sexual orientation have their own bathrooms in public?
  • Is the traditional public education system obsolete and in need of an overhaul?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

Immigration is a subject that has been discussed frequently in the last decade. This makes it a perfect topic to write an argumentative paper. This allows you to present convincing arguments for opposing, defending, or altering the way immigration is dealt with.

  • The way that opening all the international borders will result in chaos.
  • Situations where illegal immigration is justifiable.
  • Can walls be used to hinder illegal migration?
  • Are refugees fleeing conflicts be considered illegal?
  • Why are so many people who are against immigration?
  • What are the implications that immigration has on our economy?
  • Do governments need to increase screening of migrants from the Middle East?
  • How can countries profit from the flow of immigrants?
  • Stopping wars is the most effective way to stop the spread of immigration.
  • The reasons why people choose to leave their country.

Argumentative Essay Topics About History

If you're a student of history or simply love the subject as a hobby there are numerous excellent argumentative essay topics for the area. Take a look at the following.

  • A lot of people believe that we must take lessons from the past But there are a few patterns in the past. Do you think that history repeats itself?
  • What do you think what happened during the United States Civil War make the nation either better or more sour?
  • Thomas Jefferson made significant contributions to the foundation of America as a poet and politician. However, he didn't live a perfect life. Did he have a role model?
  • Slavery was an integral aspect in the American colonies and later it was a major part of the United States. What was the impact of this inequity on the nation?
  • What were the factors that led to the development of Naziism in Germany as well as the Holocaust? How can these horrific events be prevented to come?
  • The plague devastated the populace of Europe and altered the direction of the time. What was its most devastating impact?
  • Do we have a modern view that alters our perception of the "truth" of what happened during the major historical instances?
  • Choose a decade from the past and consider whether immigrants and lower socio-economic classes were able to benefit during that time.
  • America was hesitant to join World War I, and as they did, a lot of American soldiers died. Was this war necessary for America?
  • What was the reason why how the way in which we treated Native Americans leave a moral disgrace over our United States?

Law Essay Topic Ideas

To handle the variety of interactions that happen every day in the world (involving people as well as groups, that range from employers to property owners and employees, commercial entities to foreigners to criminals, etc. ) It is imperative that a simple and clear set of rules needs to be put into place. This is the fundamental requirement for every society, starting in the earliest times.

  • Are federal bureaucracies allowed to make regulations that carry the same force as legislation made by legislative institutions?
  • Do it really matter if the Second Amendment allow for ordinary citizens to possess firearms, or does it limit the right to militias?
  • Do you think The Supreme Court of the United States has too much power over the other branches government?
  • Should the birthright citizenship system be eliminated by Congress?
  • Is it in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment for states to restrict the right to vote to those who are criminals?
  • Does it violate the Fourth Amendment for the NSA to obtain meta data?
  • If a child is prosecuted in adulthood be considered as a crime by the Supreme Court to be a violation of the Eighth Amendment?
  • Could Great Britain be better off If there was a House of Lords had veto authority on the House of Commons?
  • Judges should make their decisions according to the language of the law or do they have to make decisions that are beneficial to society?
  • Do you think states could be able to overturn federal law and decisions made by the Supreme Court if they believe that such laws and rulings violate your rights as sovereign republics of the Union?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

The topics of health can be extremely wide in their scope that can span from discussing different medical conditions to advocating in favor of innovative methods of treatment; and revealing fresh evidence on the cause of some illnesses (e.g. and allergies) and the challenges that healthcare professionals face and how best to deal with the issues, various medical practices; the impact of our modern-day lifestyles on our health; the myths surrounding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (and their disproving) as well as issues with inaccurate medical websites and the best way to tackle that issue.

  • Do you think that health care should be free for everyone?
  • Do prisoners in the United States have the same health care access as people who are not affluent?
  • Does it constitute ethical conduct to perform tests on animals for medical purposes?
  • What medical insights gleaned from the experiments conducted on patients who were in Nazi Concentration camps ever be utilized to help us today?
  • Should military personnel be allowed to sue doctors from the military for medical negligence?
  • What are the 21st century's social factors affecting the health of people?
  • The reasons why vaccination for children is required in certain countries.
  • The objective facts show that cosmetic surgery is risky.
  • Medical treatments should be less expensive and accessible to all.
  • How can you recognize non-sensical medical advice received on the internet?
  • Do you prefer an open or a private health system?
  • How can we in the United States cope with an ever-growing population of aging?
  • Should those suffering from sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDs be forced to be quarantined?
  • Does addiction to alcohol or drugs an illness?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

Education is essential to the development of our future. Students of today will eventually have the power to shape and will be the ones to decide what's to come for our nation's future. Therefore, we must pay attention to the requirements of the present generation and ensure their harmonious and superior intellectual, moral and physical growth.

  • Do children with special needs be taught differently from other children?
  • Do standardized test scores have to be used to determine if the student is graduating?
  • Comparing and contrasting learning methods from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • How can parents help children learn within the school?
  • Do teachers have to be friendly with their students?
  • Do you think Common Core will benefit the American education system?
  • Should schools allow athletics to be an integral part of their curriculum or should schools be exclusively for academics?
  • What curriculum should be taught for public schooling be decided by local communities or the state?
  • Which one is more effective one of the two: student-centered or teacher-centered education?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a classical education?
  • Do middle school students have to decide on their subjects?
  • How do we balance free speech with the need for regulations on the campus.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has made the use of distance learning a mainstream.
  • What are the reasons why younger generations are eager to move to online education?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Who said education couldn't be enjoyable? Finding the most entertaining subjects will help you to increase the mood in your class and generate some laughter. Here are some suggestions to think about prior to you choose the subject of your next assignment.

  • Why do people love watching funny videos of cats?
  • The reason that more people are interested in hilarious jokes.
  • There are many reasons to love or dislike that last name.
  • How do I get rejected on the date.
  • Your parents are nagging you: is really worth it?
  • Making up stories and then getting out of the way.
  • The world would be completely different if we had dogs ruling it.
  • Why do clowns scare us?
  • As if you're working is it good or not?
  • Teenagers earn the least for the most difficult jobs.

Use Our Argumentative Essay Ideas and Tips to Get Higher Grades

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Frequently asked questions

What is a good argumentative essay ?

To support the thesis statement and consider other points of view, an argumentative essay requires well-researched, accurate, detailed, and current information. Some factual, logical, statistical, or anecdotal evidence must be presented to support the thesis; it is unethical to exclude evidence that cannot support the thesis.

What are the 5 parts of an argumentative essay ?

1.A Well-Constructed Thesis Write an introductory paragraph in which you introduce your argument and explain why readers should be interested.
2. enthralled by your subject.
3.Paragraphs for the Supporting Body
4.Your Persuasive Ending.
5.Phrases of Transition

What are the examples of argumentative ?

Example of general logic

For example, "The Internet is a good invention," could be the topic of an argument. Then we back up our claim with logical reasons, such as "it is a source of endless information," "it is the centre of entertainment," and so on.

How do I write an argumentative essay ?

A typical argumentative essay is made up of three or more paragraphs that explain why you believe your thesis is correct. Each body paragraph should cover a different idea or piece of evidence, and it should include a topic sentence that simply and clearly explains why the reader should agree with your position.

What are the 6 parts of the argumentative essay ?

1.Exordium is a hook.
2.Narration is the problem.
3.Thesis on partition
4.Confirmation and proof
5.Refutation - a counter-argument
6.Peroration- the end.

What are the 4 parts of an argumentative essay ?

Here are the four components of an argument: claim, counterclaim, reason, and evidence.... is the inverse of counter-argumentation, or counter-argument. Gives a reason for making the claim and backs it up with evidence. Evidence is information or research that backs up your claim.

What is the basic structure of an argument essay ?

The argumentative essay format, which is typically written in five paragraphs, consists of an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each of those three sections will have a distinct structure, so understanding them on an individual level will aid in the writing process.

What are the 4 types of arguments ?

Arguments of Various Types:

  • Deductive Arguments are the first type.
  • Inductive Arguments are the second type.
  • Toulmin's Argument is the third type.
  • Rogerian Argument Type 4.
What is the first step to creating an argumentative essay ?

1. Step 1: Select a topic and develop a thesis statement.
2. Step 2: Conduct research and organize your findings.
3. Step 3: Create a structure for your essay and write it.

What is the main goal of an argumentative essay ?

The goal of argumentative writing is to persuade the reader that your point of view is valid and worthy of attention in the same way that another point of view is. Argumentative Writing Technique: Provides the reader with relevant reasons, believable facts, and absolute proof that the author has a valid and qualified point of view.