The List of Case Study Topics On Various Academic Subjects

The List of Case Study Topics On Various Academic Subjects

If you're here, probably you're one of the students who were given the responsibility of writing the case study. If picking a subject for your case study was an actual challenge for you, then you've come to the right spot.

The majority of the definitions in academic literature of case study focus on an investigation or process that is related to the growth of a particular individual or group of individuals, or events over a long period that is time-bound, the process is also a particular analysis to pinpoint the causes and the results. So it is not surprising that the majority of studies on case study topics include the possibility of a challenge or assumption that needs further investigation.

After reading the article, you'll be able to understand the complexities of this subject the best way to select the topic of your research and where to find inspiration , and how to build your research on your chosen area.

Resources for Identifying a Research Problem

There are four kinds of sources to help find a problem to research.

  • Criticisms and sources. You expose the author's viewpoint against which you are not. Your strategy is based on the counterarguments.
  • Ideas from fresh sources. Case studies are intended to help you develop your own ideas but sometimes, you might take inspiration from other writers. It is important not to overlook referring to the sources of others.
  • Historical sources. Sometimes, it is necessary to illustrate the evolution of the issue within it's historical setting. This can be helpful in comparing events from the past as well as identifying behavioral patterns studying places, and identifying key incidents.
  • Related disciplines. If your subject is directly linked with politics, then it could be beneficial to consider the issue from a different perspective in relation to other disciplines. For instance, politics is connected to history and sociology as well as medicine, which can be considered in terms of psychology or philosophy. The aim of the associated literature is to provide different solutions to the issue you are thinking about.

How to Find an Interesting Topic?

Is there no idea that pops into your head? You must develop your plan of action.

  • Check out the list of questions from the training courses. There are certainly some amazing concepts for your future research. Do not be interested in the things you've already learned and have learned, but rather what you've not yet tackled. Study the textbooks and magazines of your field of study. It's all you need to do is find an idea that can help the creation of your concept.
  • Discuss your school with your teacher. Sometimes, having a stimulating conversation with an expert in the field could help you get the perfect job and help you develop ideas for your research. In addition they can assist you to identify the subject matter and also provide help with your case study.
  • Remember your past victories. You've probably written numerous essays and have touched upon important topics. Take a look at which essays you'd like write, research in greater detail, and transform into a complete case research.
  • In the event that none of these strategies suggested have helped, consider online resources. Follow the most reliable online media and find out the topics that are most talked about and current. Pick a subject that is close to you and then expand it to the extent of your study. You can also reach out to the writing service for assignments.

List of Case Study Topics Examples

Case Study Ideas for Psychology

The discipline of Psychology is extremely challenging This is the reason why it is important to pick your topic carefully regardless of whether you are already familiar with the basics or are looking to conquer writer's block. Here are some ideas to look at in light of what's currently being taught in various American universities:

  • Operation of the military as well as the PTSD rehabilitation process.
  • Most common myths regarding children who have Autism.
  • The leadership of the workplace and the Emperor's complex.
  • Perceptions of risk across diverse cultures.
  • The causes of bipolar disorder via the lens of violence in the home.
  • Covid-19 and related anxiety disorders among students at college in 2021.
  • The dangers of advertising on TV channels for children.
  • The negative impact of Instagram and the distortion of body images.
  • Recovering from mental trauma of children who are victims of abuse.

Environmental Science

Education is a key factor in addressing environmental problems. The most efficient methods of reducing and preventing the negative impact from industrial processes on our environment, is through the introduction of environmental management strategies. One method of creating environmental competency among managers is through Case Studies. The purpose of education in eco-management which is defined as a part of a model that is based on practice is to build abilities and skills to address particular issues in the area of environmental management. The following topics are offered:

  • The portable vessel pump systems which reduce pollution in the ocean.
  • Can we save endangered species in the present?
  • The pros and cons of ecotourism.
  • The role of politics in Global Warming campaigns.
  • The Earthquake prevention systems of the United States.
  • The clarity of the Carbon Dioxide Emissions reports is clear.
  • The reason why Kyoto Protocol is a double standard. Kyoto Protocol has double standards.
  • The best method to plant trees in urban areas.
  • How can college students assist encourage environmental protection.
  • The utilization for Green Technologies during pandemic times.

Case Study Topics In Education

When you're working with education, you must begin by looking into the most recent technological advancements as technology is always evolving. Examine the old and new techniques of study that are used in schools and American universities to gain the basics of case study topics that are competitive.

  • Here are a few to look into:
  • The challenges of education in remote areas in rural areas of the USA.
  • The teaching methods employed by Montessori schools.
  • How can we motivate children with learning disabilities?
  • Pros and cons of AI-based education systems.
  • The level of freedom found is high in Scandinavian schools.
  • The importance of self-motivation in European Middle schools.
  • Is Summer Camp education worth it?
  • The consequences of improper exam techniques. ;
  • The educational methodologies employed by male teachers.
  • The changes that took place in the education sector during the Covid-19 time frame.


In nursing, case studies is of particular importance. In the realm medical practice, the case study requires the analysis of an in-depth particular case of a patient. Nurses encounter such cases during daily practice. This technique allows nurses to apply knowledge gained from the theory in real situations that allows them to draw conclusions specific to the situation and develop suggestions.

The principal purpose of nursing case studies is to identify the patient to study the medical history of the patient. Based on the data you've collected it is possible to create the research plan and the final step is the most effective method. The list of topics:

  • How to manage your body.
  • Chewing gum: either for or against.
  • Research into the glucose content of different juices.
  • Nutritional health is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle for children.
  • The impact of stress on health and longevity of the human body.
  • Headaches: Causes, Methods of treatment.
  • The sugar substitute for diets, aspartame, is a poisonous substance.
  • Donations are one of the methods to save lives.

Marketing Case Study Ideas

The majority of the time marketing professionals are always faced with a lot to handle, but picking a suitable case study subject isn't always straightforward! Try to focus your thoughts to match the principal idea of your thesis and your educational goals. You can search through a myriad of subjects, such as:

  • The distinctions between male and female targets methods of marketing.
  • The unique strategies and the acclaim that Apple Inc. enjoys. Apple Inc.
  • Methods for developing brand names The most frequent errors.
  • German Automotive Industry in the American market.
  • Online (digital) in comparison to physical.
  • The reasons that lead to loyalty among customers in the area of drinks.
  • The negative stigma that is commonly is associated with McDonald's.
  • The ongoing dispute that has been brewing between Samsung Apple and Samsung. Apple.
  • Are children's advertisements morally acceptable?

Information Technology

Students studying Data Science or Information Technology sciences are also required to write writing case studies, which typically is based on different techniques for data analysis or the impact technology can have on certain areas of our lives. However, you are able to look into it a bit more and pick different subjects for case studies, such as those below:

  • Is technology's advancement coming to been a halt?
  • There are limitations to Python's programming language. Python programming language.
  • The distinctions between modern programming techniques as well as the "old-school" approaches.
  • The study on ethical hacker.
  • How can one become an expert hacker in order to avoid most cyber-attacks?
  • Does user-friendliness always make a difference: WordPress case study?
  • The difficulties of developing software in today's world.
  • The security of data analysis to support medical research.
  • Drones are used in police activities.

Applied Physics

  • Stellar flares as well as stellar coronal activity and stellar winds.
  • The nanophotonics as well as quantum optics are a part of the nanostructure.
  • Laser-plasma and ultrafast processes.
  • Characteristics that are associated with the emission of radiation from lightning discharge into the ionosphere close to the Equator.
  • Impact of weightlessness on vitality of living organisms.
  • Hadron Collider: a myth about the origins of the Universe.
  • The pursuit of Carnot's Carnot cycle.
  • Wind is a good illustration of the nature of convection.

Management Case Study Topics

Management is always a complex process due to the multitude of diverse subjects that need to be considered and analysed. The importance of case studies is crucial since it's the best method to understand both traditional methods of management as well as new ones. Take a look at this list of topics for case studies on Management:

  • Strategic planning and corporate planning through Nike Corporation.
  • The activity-based cost systems that are used are used in Asian markets.
  • Are children's entrepreneurship taking away the fun of childhood?
  • Should finance be taught in schools?
  • Human Resources Management bias and aspects of ethnicity.
  • The issues that globalization brings to management contemporary times.
  • Social media management and management.
  • Do immediate innovations have an impact on marketing?
  • Globalization and sustainable development.

MBA Case Study Topic Ideas

MBA studies remain one of the top topics for those who wish to establish their own business or create something new. When you've completed the MBA diploma, you will be able to find employment at some of the most prestigious firms. However, since you are only able to do your research, it is essential to write all these tasks, which includes reflective journals as well as case studies. Don't worry, here are some MBA case study concepts for youto consider:

  • The management of operations is a key feature in Intel Inc.
  • The reason why the majority of the human techniques used to manage resources are no longer relevant today.
  • The details of marketing study in Japan.
  • Management of customer relationships and religion.
  • Strategic thinking versus Leadership Training.
  • MBA marketing details.
  • The attitude and the professional success: Bill Gates personality.
  • Steve Jobs' marketing style.
  • CEOs are accountable for their financial performance for CEOs in the United States.

Human Rights Case Studies

Although we have all been exposed to human rights and other issues nowadays, it's sometimes difficult to select the most appropriate case study subject. If you're not sure about what you should choose, look over these subjects for case studies below:

  • The issues facing those in the Palestinian community.
  • Falsehoods regarding The Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • Children should be allowed to vote and take part in the political process.
  • The gender inequality within research communities of American Universities.
  • Females are abused in the of the workforce.
  • There are Anti-Discrimination Act controversies.
  • The human rights controversy within the United States versus cases in Canada.
  • What can children of minor age do to defend their human rights?
  • The moral side of freedom of speech.

Business Case Study Topics

No matter what field of business you might be exposed to during your undergraduate studies within America United States, the chances are that you'll require some ideas for your next project. You might want to look over these ideas for topics:

  • The production quality differences among Gibson Fender and Gibson. Fender.
  • The connection between quality of production and strategic thinking, which is implemented by CEOs.
  • A picture of the modern-day business person is a thing of the past.
  • Price optimization in Apple Inc.
  • The reasons that started-ups were so popular in 2021.
  • Market expansion in Asian markets.
  • Industries in Australia to invest in.
  • Moral and financial limitations of businesses in China.
  • Management issues involving personnel concerns management of employees Amazon businesses.
  • The issues of consumption is a problem in United States.

Analysis Comes First

It is imperative to remind yourself that each assignment you take on must include an initial analysis of the topic since you have to be aware of the various research-related aspects of the subject. Consider various wording styles and reduce the scope of your assignment if you can to make your writing for case studies reflect your thesis as well as the fundamental idea. Be sure to provide solid evidence and evaluate all details you can find in the case study guidelines. This will allow you to prove your work based on an individual case study. So, think about your case study topic and let your struggles with your studies ease with our assistance.

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