Top 5 Resources for Writing Excellent Academic Assignmentsb

Top 5 Resources for Writing Excellent Academic Assignments

As we can see, academic writing requires a significant amount of understanding, and research, as well as the removal of any instances of plagiarism and the proper citation of an individual's work. In the following lines, we'll look at some of the research tools available online that can make collecting details for an assignment much more straightforward for students, as well as some websites that can help gather information for a project.

The following are some research tools that can be used when preparing an academic assignment.

  • Google Scholar
  • Grammarly
  • Paraphrasing
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Endnote

Google Scholar

Everyone is able to make use of google scholar because it is an internet search engine that is both free and simple to access. Google Scholar includes information such as academic journals, books, presentations, dissertations, literature, and a great many other possibilities. Additionally, this makes it possible for students or researchers to use copies of the publications in an online or offline setting. Students have the ability to locate the articles that are cited thanks to another feature offered by Google Scholar called "Citation." As we can see, using Google Scholar is simple; the most important things to keep in mind are to search with keywords rather than lengthy sentences and use and to make use of the quotation mark when looking for an exact match. Additionally, the use of Google Scholar is of great assistance to students during the research process. This is because Google Scholar enables students to locate any kind of information relevant to their studies as well as their assignments. Students can view an article on Google Scholar, where they can also view the number of times an article has been cited as well as the authors that have cited it.

PRO TIP- using the right keywords to search for the appropriate content will be of great assistance to you.


Grammarly is a typing aid program that was developed in the United States. It examines the material you submit in it for errors in spelling, grammar, and delivery in English, as well as text. In addition to that, it enables users to personalize their images and connect particular languages. 

And if we look at the several ways the Grammarly app can be used, we can see that it helps to free up mental space, allowing the user to write without being inhibited by the fear of making grammatical errors. And finally, it's clear that Grammarly is really helpful when you research a topic, start writing about it, find it to be a disaster, and then blame yourself for not writing the error-free job in that situation.

PRO TIP - To make your work more engaging, it's a good idea to add  Grammarly to Microsoft Office and take advantage of the grammatical suggestions.

Paraphrasing Tool

When you paraphrase, you replace some of the original words with others that have a different meaning. as well as a method of expressing the same thought through a variety of word choices and rephrasing. And in order to put it to use, you need to maintain the concept of the phrase or the subject matter that you are going to be writing about, in your mind at all times. You can make the best work possible with the assistance of many different paraphrasing tools, which can modify your words as if by magic and ensure that the work you produce contains no instances of plagiarism.

PRO TIP - the pro tip for using the paraphrasing tool is to paraphrase your work and check it at your level.

Plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker is the most important and useful step in assignment writing. As we can see, plagiarism can be described as a representation of another language, concepts, ideas, or the entire copied work that is detrimental to one's reputation. There are forms of academic plagiarism that one should be aware of, such as submitting someone else's work as their own and copying the entire work and just paraphrasing it, not citing a work because it was not written by that person, and many other situations like that. There are various strategies to avoid this type of problem, including proofreading your work and checking it on Turnitin, which is the best and most fundamental way to avoid plagiarism.

PRO TIP - Avoid plagiarising in your work, and try to show as much of your own thinking as you can in your task.


When writing essays and reports, you can organize all of your references and bibliographies with the help of a piece of software called EndNote, which is a reference management program. Furthermore, as we can see, reference is the most important component of citing the work done for the assignment and demonstrating where the work was taken. In addition, this portion of the assignment is of the utmost significance in terms of the composition of the assignment, as well as its overall role in the job. Students have the freedom to cite their own work while they are in the midst of writing the assignment, which is made possible by the end note. You may cite when you are writing your work in google documents, as we can see that this software is extremely good for students to utilize it. Citing each paragraph is the most important thing.

PRO TIP- A helpful hint is to write the author's name in a separate paragraph and to make use of the EndNote library. Both of these things will be of great assistance to you.

Additionally, there are other tools that everyone should be aware of, like

Microsoft word

In the world of writing assignments, Microsoft Word is without a doubt the most essential, best, and most utilized application there is. Students are able to express themselves creatively in their writing assignments because of this.


By including posters and other creative images in your project, which is an excellent alternative for making your work look attractive and interesting, you may make your task look more appealing.


Now that we've read this, we know exactly what to do to write an A+ assignment, and we know what to keep in mind while doing it. This expert advice is spot on, as writing an A+ assignment while paying close attention to detail may benefit you immensely and keep you sane.

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