University of Washington

The University of Washington (UW, just Washington or more formally U-Dub) is a non-profit research university located in Seattle, Washington.

It was founded in 1861. Washington was one of the oldest universities on the West Coast; it was based in Seattle just a decade after the city's creation. The school is home to a 703-acre main campus within the town's University District, as well as campuses in Tacoma and Bothell. All in all, UW encompasses over 500 buildings, and has more than 20 million square feet of land, including one of the largest libraries worldwide, with more than 26 library facilities at University as well as museums, art centers and laboratories as well as lecture halls and stadiums. The university grants degrees to 140 departments and operates using a quarter system.

The flagship university of the six universities that are public located in Washington state and one of the top-ranked universities in the United States and the world It is renowned for its engineering, medical and scientific research and also for its highly competitive computer engineering, science, information architecture, law, and management schools. Washington is part of the Association of American Universities. Based on the National Science Foundation, UW has spent $1.41 billion for research and development during the year 2018, placing 5th in the nation. The University has been associated with a number of prominent alumni and faculty which include the 21 Nobel Prize laureates and numerous Pulitzer Prize winners, Fulbright Scholars, Rhodes Scholars and Marshall Scholars.

Furthermore, Washington continues to benefit from its historical connections and significant collaborations with a variety of tech giants across the region, including Amazon, Boeing, Nintendo, and, in particular, Microsoft. Paul G. Allen, Bill Gates, and others spent considerable time in Washington computer labs as part of an early-stage venture before the creation of Microsoft.

University of Washington Campus

The main campus of the University of Washington is in Seattle near the shores of Union and Portage Bays, with views of the Cascade Range to the east and to the west and the Olympic Mountains to the west. The campus covers 703 acres (2.84 km2)) bordered by N.E. 45th Street on the north, N.E. Pacific Street on the south, Montlake Boulevard N.E. on the east as well as 15th Avenue N.E. on the west.

Red Square is the heart of the campus. It is flanked by famous buildings and artworks like Suzzallo Library and the sculpture of George Washington. It serves as the main hub to students as well as hosting a wide range of activities each year. University Way, known locally as "The Ave", lies close by and serves as a focal point for a lot of student activities in the campus.

North Campus

North Campus features some of the most well-known UW scenery and landmarks that stretch from the renowned UW Quad to the north from Red Square to N.E. 45th Street as well as encompassing several of the University's most historic academic housing, research parking, recreation and administrative structures. As UW's growth continues, the administration proposed a brand new multimillion-dollar development plan in late 2014 to enhance parts on North Campus. North Campus, renovating and the old student housing to new LEED-certified buildings, and introducing new athletic fields, academic facilities, and open greenery as well as museums.The UW Foster School of Business, School of Law as well as The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture that house numerous exhibits, including a 66 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus skull from the rex, one of just 15 skulls that are known to exist in the world today , and is part of an excavation currently in progress are also situated on North Campus.

South Campus

South Campus occupies the land between Pacific Street and the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The land was once the location for the University Golf Course but was donated to the construction of an academic building for the School of Medicine. Presently, South Campus is the site of the UW's health sciences and natural science facilities, comprising those at the UW Medical Center and the Magnuson Health Sciences Center as in addition to places for instruction and research in bioengineering, oceanography as well as genomic sciences, biology hydraulics, comparative medicine. In the year 2019 The Bill & Melinda Gates Center For Computer Science & Engineering was established on South Campus.

East Campus

The East Campus area stretches east of Montlake Boulevard to Laurelhurst and is mostly occupied by wetlands, as well as Huskies' sporting facilities and recreation fields, which include Husky Stadium, Hec Edmundson Pavilion, and Husky Ballpark. The area to the north of the facilities houses UW's engineering and computer science programs, which include computers that were once utilized for research by Paul G. Allen and Bill Gates for their prior venture prior to Microsoft, the region to the northeast of the sports facilities is filled with elements that comprise the UW Botanic Gardens which include such things including and the Union Bay Natural Area, the UW Farm as well as the Center for Urban Horticulture. Further to the east are further east is the Ceramic and Metal Arts Building and Laurel Village, which provides accommodation for families of full-time students. East Campus is also the site of UW's light rail station. UW Light Rail Station.

West Campus

West Campus consists of mainly modernist structures that are situated in city streets. It extends across 15th Avenue and Interstate 5, starting from through the Ship Canal to N.E. 41st Street. It houses the College of Built Environments, School of Social Work, Fishery Sciences Building, UW Police Department and several of the University's residence apartments and halls, including Stevens Court, Mercer Court, Alder Hall, and Elm Hall.

University of Washington Rankings

  • #85 in QS World University Rankings, 2022.

  • #59 in National Universities by US News and World Report, 2022.

  • #29 in Best Colleges for Veterans (tie) by US News and World Report, 2022.

  • #152 in Best Value Schools by US News and World Report, 2022.

  • #40 in Most Innovative Schools by US News and World Report, 2022.

University of Washington Services for housing

Many housing options are offered on campus at UW. There's something for all with traditional residence halls, new technology-driven facilities, apartment-style living, and fraternity and sorority housing.

University of Washington Library services

  • Articles & Research Databases

    • E-Journals

    • Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

    • E-Newspapers, Media, Maps & More

    • Research Guides

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University of Washington Medical services

UW-Seattle has a broad range of wellness and health services, ranging from top health care and counseling to recreational classes and safety sources and peer health advocacy training, and much many more. Some of the services available on this site are only available to current in-state students at UW-Seattle, while others are available to staff, faculty, and the general public.

University of Washington Education

The UW's schools and colleges offer 1 800 undergraduate courses every quarter. We offer greater than 12,000 bachelor's degrees master's doctoral, professional and doctoral degrees every year.

University of Washington Research

The Office of Research will create a unique environment that will support University of Washington researchers, broadening the scope of research advancements to be spectacular.

University of Washington Placements

The school organizes events throughout the year for students. They have the opportunity to meet potential employers. According to PayScale, the average wage from UW graduates is $80,000 USD. The following are the average salaries of University of Washington alumni with regard to their occupations:


Profession Average Salary (INR)
Financial Services 89.52 lakhs
R&D, Pharmmaceuticals and Biotech 83.45 lakhs
Programme and Project Management 79.65 lakhs
Media, Communication and Advertising 72.07 lakhs
Construction Jobs 71.31 lakhs
Executive Management and Change 68.27 lakhs

Top Programs in University of Washington

It provides more than university's 113 bachelor's degrees as well as over 350 master's programs. It also offers a full-time 21 month MBA for students who are enrolled in its Foster School of Business. Medical school offers five programs that let students explore their passions and develop skills and expertise that are specifically designed to interact with various communities. There are 135 online degrees and certificates, as well as courses available at the school.


Programs Fees Per Annum (INR)
M.Sc Information Systems 31.34 lakhs
M.Sc Computer Science and Software Engineering 15.25 lakhs
M.B.A 39.09 lakhs
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering 16.45 lakhs
B.A Applied Computing 28.89 lakhs

University of Washington Scholarships

International students can avail financial aid. students of the university are fellowships, grants students jobs, grants, and scholarships. A majority of students receive at the very least one kind of financial aid from the institution. There are a few scholarships available in USA that are offered to students include:


Scholarships Eligibility Award Amount
Mary Gates Endowment Honors scholarship Successful applicants are identified and selected through the Honors Program application process. 5,000 USD
Anita Borg Change Agent Abie Award Seven awardees with leadership and development traits are anonymously nominated. 15,000 USD
Chester Fritz Fellowship Master's or doctoral student in a non-fee based program. 2,500 USD per month

Frequently asked questions

What GPA do you need to get into UW ?
Residents of Washington who have earned an associate degree from a state community college and have a GPA of at least 2.75 are automatically accepted. You may not always be able to arrive in the first quarter you want, but there will always be room for you.
Is University of Washington prestigious ?
On the west coast of the United States, the University of Washington is one of the largest and most prominent higher education institutions.
Is University of Washington an Ivy League school ?
Indiana University Bloomington, the University of Georgia, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Washington are among the schools on this list. In terms of academic excellence, these schools are believed to be comparable to the genuine Ivy League. The Public Ivies, on the other hand, vary from the Ivy League in a number of respects.
What is the University of Washington best known for ?
The University of Washington is home to a famous medical centre and top-ranked departments in medicine, engineering, nursing, law, business, and social work, and is recognised as the world's 10th greatest university*. The University of Washington is the country's top public research university and one of the West Coast's oldest.
What is a good SAT score for UW ?
You will not be penalised at the University of Washington if you send poor or no scores. In reality, if you offer test scores, the reviewers will not see them when perusing your application. High test scores (1400 SAT/31 ACT or above) may be considered for a small number of students who would otherwise be denied admission.
Why is UW ranked so low ?
One of the main reasons for the dip, according to Robert Morse, director of data research at U.S. News, is that the UW's expected graduation-rate performance is worse than it was six years ago when rated and compared to other colleges. According to U.S. News, a projected graduation rate is calculated.
How much is UW tuition per year ?
Local tuition 11,745 USD, Domestic tuition 39,114 USD
What is the graduation rate at University of Washington ?
What is UW acceptance rate ?
How good is the placement at the University of Washington ?
Profession Average Salary (INR)
Financial Services 89.52 lakhs
R&D, Pharmmaceuticals and Biotech 83.45 lakhs
Programme and Project Management 79.65 lakhs
Media, Communication and Advertising 72.07 lakhs
Construction Jobs 71.31 lakhs
Executive Management and Change 68.27 lakhs
What is the average cost to study at UW ?
The cost of attending any University of Washington campus is $59,037. (43 lakhs). The tuition costs are 38,757 USD, and the cost of living in the United States is 14,000 USD.