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Scholarships in UAE for Indian Students 2023

UAE is a city that has a multicultural atmosphere and a fantastic infrastructure. Many world-class institutions have campuses in Dubai. Anyone who wants to further their training in Dubai will get an international perspective and the fusion of both western and Asian cultures. Students here benefit not just from the high-quality education and learning but also have established links to employers interested in innovative and modern facilities and top support services. If you choose to study in Dubai, the first and most important issue will be with regards to money.

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities for Indian students looking to study in Dubai. In this article, there are some scholarships that are available to Indian students who want to study in Dubai:

Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarships

  • This scholarship is made available to students by the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Both undergraduate and graduate students may take advantage of it. . The scholarship is granted to students by universities at the beginning of each semester. Students who are in the first year of study are not entitled to it. The benefits range between 20% and 10% tuition fees. Living expenses and other expenses related to study are not covered by it. While a single person has the right to only one scholarship, students can submit applications for as numerous scholarships as they want, but they must also be contingent on their compliance with specific criteria for eligibility.

Scholarships for BITS Pilani Undergraduate Programs in Dubai

  • The scholarship is provided through BITS Pilani Dubai Campus; the scholarship is primarily intended for students at undergraduate students. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus (BPDC) is the campus branch of the internationally-respected Birla Institute for Technology and Science, Pilani, (BITS Pilani) India and is the most prestigious engineering institute located in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). It was established in 2000 in partnership with ETA-NET; BITS Pilani aims to provide high-quality engineering education to residents of the UAE and other Gulf countries.

2011 Masdar Institute Fully Funded Master Scholarships

  • This Master's level scholarship is provided to students by Masdar Institute. Masdar Institute accepts applications from competent and capable local and international students. Admission to the program is contingent on academic qualifications as well as English proficiency, as all lectures, from labs to oral or written examinations, will be taught in English.

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  • International Student Tuition Scholarships
  • These scholarships are offered by the University of Wisconsin Stout for undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships are offered to competent and skilled international students who are required to demonstrate high academic performance at UW-Stout, as well as their involvement in international cultural activitiesas well as the money' accessibility.

Master Research Teaching Scholarship (MRTS)

  • It is offered by Khalifa University Science and Technology. The scholarship is open to eligible international students studying full-time in a graduate program. It covers tuition costs and also offers medical insurance coverage to students who are sponsored by the university according to the regulations. The monthly stipend is AED 4,400. It is important to note that this scholarship is not able to cover the cost of accommodation.

Zayed University Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

  • The academic merit scholarship is awarded through Zayed University to international students in recognition of their academic achievements in last year's high school. A maximum of 50 per cent of tuition can be paid for with this award. Other expenses like meals, accommodation or travel will not be paid for. Candidates applying for this need to have a score of 95% or more and scores of IELTS 6.0 (minimum 5.5) as well as a TOEFL iBT score in excess of 80.

SPG Management's SP Jain Center for Global MBA Program

  • The scholarship provided by S P Jain is very selective and also provides low-interest loans for exemplary and deserving candidates. Applications for the loans and scholarships are only accepted once the applicants have been accepted into the GMBA program.
  • Level of Study: Postgraduate. Participants who receive scholarships must keep a minimum GPA and adhere to the Code of Conduct during the duration of their program. For postgraduate students, the programme is designed.

The Indian High School Dubai Scholarships

  • For grades ranging from 5-12, The scholarship is given through The Indian High School Dubai. This unique deposit was created by the school to help needy and deserving students to aid them with their education.

HH Sheikh Hamdan Scholarships

  • The scholarship for high school students is given to students by Abu Dhabi University under the guidance of His Majesty Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is Vice Prime Minister and the President of the Abu Dhabi University (ADU) Board of Trustees and Governors. Numerous top students from high schools across the UAE were awarded Sheikh Hamdan scholarships by the university. The scholarships cover not only the four-year educational program but also the cost of tuition and administrative costs.

The SKP Scholarship (Pathak Scholarships)

  • The graduate-level scholarship is given to students by Exeter College, University of Oxford. It is a generous donation that was made by Mr Krishna Pathak (a Friend of the College), and the award is in conjunction with the Clarendon Award. This award is to Indian graduates who reside within India as well as Dubai who want to pursue an advanced degree in Exeter College, University of Oxford.

Multicultural Student Scholarship (MSS)

  • The scholarship for graduate students is offered at the University of Wisconsin Stout. The amount offered is an award of four years worth $10,000. Candidates are entitled to an amount of $2500 each one year over four years; however, it is dependent on their achievement of qualifications of 3.0 GPA, and they must enrol in 12 or more credits per period.
  • Scholarships from Hamdan Bin Zayed for Top Secondary School Graduates
  • Abu Dhabi University advances these scholarships to the top Secondary School Graduating Students.