University of the United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates University is the largest and most prestigious academic institution in the United Arab Emirates. In 1976, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan founded UAEU. The university is still living up to his vision. It contributes to the development and success of the United Arab Emirates as an example of a peaceful, safe and growing cosmopolitan country.


UAEU is a university that is both comprehensive and highly research-intensive. It is committed to excellence in teaching and research. The university currently has approximately 14,000 students hailing from 64 different countries. UAEU is the UAE's leading university. It offers a wide range of internationally accredited graduate and undergraduate programs through nine colleges: Science, Education and Engineering, Science, Law, Medicine and Healthcare Sciences. These Colleges have modern facilities that are equipped with the latest technology and offer students support services as well as extra-curricular activities.

It has also established research centres of strategic importance to the country and region that are helping advance knowledge in crucial areas such as water resources and cancer treatment. The Science and Innovation Park at UAEU has professional qualifications and co-curricular programs. This allows the country to have innovative research solutions and highly skilled graduates.


United Arab Emirates University houses 9 colleges in addition to the College of Graduate Studies, University College and College of Graduate Studies. These colleges offer a wide range of academic disciplines as well as departments.

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University College

They strive for excellence by creating an environment that encourages learning and using state-of the-art learning tools.

College of Business and Economics

CBE's outstanding learning environment and distinguished study plans will help students build their future.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

We promote scientific research at CHSS, foster strong ties with society, and strengthen heritage and community service.

College of Information Technology

Our College is a place where you can grow intellectually, personally, and technically. We are proud of the success stories of our graduates.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering provides internationally recognized, repeatable programs and strives for sustainability in all fields.

College of Education

The College of Education provides modern teaching methods and programs that comply with UAE education requirements. This will help to create a unique knowledgeable society.

College of Law

The College of Law is a highly regarded institution in the region. It offers research-based programs that meet the needs of the UAE society.

College of Food and Agriculture

CFA is dedicated to student success. It offers academic programs that encourage critical thinking and equip students with the necessary skills to compete in today's job market.

College of Science

Our unique experiment-based learning environment prepares graduates with high-quality technical skills and expertise that are in line with international standards.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Our unique experiment-based learning environment prepares graduates with high-quality technical skills and expertise that are in line with international standards.

College of Graduate Studies

Our programs and facilities are designed to assist students in achieving their goals of pursuing graduate studies. For different programs, we offer partial and full scholarships.

Statistics for Schools

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), a comprehensive university that is research-intensive, has approximately 13,900 students and more than 600 faculty. It also boasts 65,000 alumni and over 900 faculty who hold key positions in government, business, and other areas of the region. More than 65 international students and faculty enrich the campus and classrooms and provide stimulating cultural diversity.


UAEU encourages independent thinking that is based on academic excellence. UAEU is home to some of the most respected academics in the world. Their research informs their teaching and creates an inspiring, dynamic learning environment. UAEU's success is due to its outstanding staff, students, and alumni. It is supported by innovative curricula, visionary projects and a network of international collaborations.

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