Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is a public research university located in Oxford, England. It is a brand new university that was granted university status as a result of legislation known as the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. Its origins can be traced to the year 1865 when it was established in it was known then as Oxford School of Art. The name was given to the university in honor of the first principal of the institution, John Henry Brookes, who played an important role in the growth of the university.

The school is a member of the University Alliance (UA), an association of university leaders to encourage the development of innovation across Britain. It is the only institution within the UK to be included as one of the QS top 50 universities under 50 years of age.


Oxford is located in south England with great transport connections to other cities in the region. Trains depart between London towards Oxford every 15 minutes, and the trip takes approximately 1 hour. Oxford is a small city known for its beauty and its university buildings. It is home to Oxford University being the University of Oxford also in the city, Oxford has a large student population as well as a vast selection of cafes, shops bars, restaurants and other services catering to the students' requirements.

Oxford Brookes University Campus

Oxford Brookes University has four campuses, which include: Harcourt Hill, Headington, Swindon, and Wheatley. Each campus is easily accessible and linked to the city by BROOKESBus Services.

  • The school offers a lively studying experience, with 100 student organizations available to all students. Additionally, students can have a wide range of cafes, restaurants and dining spaces for students to satisfy their cravings on campus.
  • The Oxford Brookes Library has four locations located at Oxford Brookes available to students however, students are able to access six additional libraries at other colleges and universities.
  • The student association, there are 34 sports clubs for students which are offered in Oxford Brookes to men and women.
  • Students are well-known for their volunteer activities, which are conducted in a student-led group known as Brookes Hub. With Brookes Hub, the students have organized volunteer activities in a local care facility as well as running IT classes for people who are elderly.
  • In 2017, students have raised over 67,000 GBP in an effort to raise money in support of the British Heart Foundation's Pack for Good Campaign.
  • The Brookes Sport Botley facility at the university's Harcourt campus includes an exercise room with 55 stations with heated swimming court, squash courts, tennis courts, football and rugby pitches, a physiotherapy clinic and more. It has facilities that allow disabled access.
  • Other facilities at other campuses include the Glass Tank Exhibition Space, the library, which has 100,000 books printed and more than a thousand additional online resources, such as a Clinical Skills laboratory, lecture theater and more.


The university provides foundation undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses across disciplines. The many departments and schools of the university include the School of Arts, Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Department of Biological & Medical Sciences, Department of Psychology, Health & Professional Development, Department of Sport, Health Sciences & Social Work, Oxford School of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Education, Department of English & Modern Languages, School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics, School of History, Philosophy & Culture, School of Law, Institute of Public Care, Department of Social Sciences, School of Architecture and School of the Built Environment.

Oxford Brookes University has designed an educational system that allows students to go beyond the classroom. Students are taken to workshops in the industrial sector to receive hands-on instruction and in order to make students aware of actual work environment.

Additionally, programs to develop skills are offered at the university to help students become more comfortable with the latest technologies. The university also has a department that assists with making it easier for the university to recruit students. It has worked with top companies around the globe to help students get placements which include Microsoft, IBM, BMW, KPMG and Virgin Atlantic.

Student Life

City Life

With upwards of 4000 students in the town, Oxford is a great city to live in and learn as it's diverse, young and vivacious. If you're looking for bars or clubs and riverbanks, green spaces or green spaces and bustling markets offering delicious street food, or even big name brands within the Westgate, Oxford has it for you.

Students' Union

A social hub, Brookes Union helps students become involved in student life. More than 100 societies and clubs are run by the Union providing you with great chances to meet new individuals with similar interests. The Union also operates an establishment on Headington Campus and works with partners to organize nightclubs and other events. Another important function of the Union is to offer support to students by offering an advisory service that is independent.


Oxford Brookes is a great school for sports. It's particularly an elite rowing school as well as rowing and has Brookes its students as well as alumni achieving Olympic achievements.

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