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Dubai's top law universities for international students | UAE

Dubais top law universities for international students

In the past few years, Dubai has been recognized as the hub for business around the world. With a growing number of professional ex-pats moving in, Dubai is becoming the base for numerous international students looking to get their start at the heart of the business. We will discuss the top law schools in Dubai.

A number of international accredited universities have been established in Dubai. A majority of the campuses of these universities are in the Dubai International Academic City, an exclusive free zone for academic institutions of the tertiary level. Dubai hosts branches of international colleges and branch campuses as well as government and private colleges.

1.University of Dubai (UD)

Since its inception at the year 1997, The University of Dubai (UD) has grown to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the world. The this University of Dubai works tirelessly to develop a rigorous program that is based on the application of learning that provides a top-quality education that will prepare the future leaders of tomorrow.

An LLM with two double majors is available from the College of Law. The College provides students with the opportunity to pursue the LLM with a dual focus by combining two majors.

LLM Majors, the University of Dubai's LLM, is designed to prepare students for careers that are successful in both legal and non-legal organizations.

2.American University in the Emirates (AUE)

The American University in the Emirates The American University in the Emirates - as AUE is often referred to by its nickname as one of the fastest expanding schools located in the United Arab Emirates.

The Law School (College of Law) is determined to be among the most prestigious law universities in Dubai and throughout the region. The place where communities are, and the beneficiaries who are confident in legal studies of college graduates through providing an education that is valid and research and academic environment for those who graduate are crucial factors to the process of growth and growth for the benefit of society. They bring about the advancements and quality of the cultural, scientific and educational system, as well as scientific research in various areas of practical and theoretical legal knowledge, based on Arab as well as Islamic heritage and is among one of the main features of the national identities of the United Arab Emirates.

College's Mission is to provide Legal education to students who are studying to ensure that the Law is applied and establishment of justice and protect the rules of rights and freedoms. Set up rules and principles which contribute to the activation of fundamental freedoms and human rights and ensure the principles of giving. Students undertake legal research that contributes to understanding and resolving problems which aids in the development of community service skills.

3.Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai Offers a variety of undergraduate programs offered by The School of Law in London. These include:

  • LLB (Hons)
  • BA (Hons) Law
  • BA (Hons) International Politics

The subjects that are part of the School of Law - Law, Criminology, Sociology, Social Policy, Politics and International Relations - enjoy strong synergies and have world-class recognition. The interrelations between the various disciplines in the School of Law and the multidisciplinary perspectives of the faculty help students develop the ability to think critically and have the confidence to be successful throughout their experience at University as well as in their professional lives afterwards.

Middlesex has a long and proud history of teaching every one of the disciplines within the School in the past fifty years. The School's reputation for research is evident by the number of top publications and grants they continue to obtain. A number of staff members have earned international recognition as academics, advisors and social commentators. They are frequently sought out by a myriad of actors that include international organizations, governmental and non-governmental entities, media, and industry across the globe, to provide insights into issues and processes that span jurisdictions. This is what makes Middlesex University Dubai the most prestigious law school in Dubai.

4.Al Ghurair University

Established in 1999, Al Ghurair University is a student-centred university accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. AGU provides a wide range of accredited programs customized to meet the demands of the UAE as well as the entire GCC. AGU is investing in the creation of a high-end but affordable education environment. The students have access to a campus that is equipped with the latest facilities. They also study internationally-recognized programs taught by world-class faculty members.

Here is the College Of Law Programs that make it among the top law schools in Dubai.

  • Bachelor of Law
  • Master's degree program in Public Law
  • Master's degree in private Law

College of Law AGU is recognized by The UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and is recognized by other countries, including Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan and India. It also has an ideal location in Dubai Academic City. Dubai Academic City.

5 College of Law at United Arab Emirates University

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is The first and only all-inclusive national institution in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1976 by former Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. UAEU aims to be an all-encompassing, research-driven institution and has enrolled around 14000 Emirati or international students.

The College of Law (COL) comprises three departments.the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies, the Department of Private Law, and the Department of Public Law. The College offers a Bachelor's degree in Law at the undergraduate level as well as 3 Master's degrees: LLM in Public Law, LLM in Private Law and LLM in International Trade Law.

The programs offered by The College of Law are recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research However, they are not accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The college is working toward obtaining international accreditation as well. This places it on the list of the best law schools in Dubai.


Frequently asked questions

Is Dubai a good place to study law ?

A legal degree has several advantages in Dubai. To begin with, tuition is far less expensive than in many other nations, and the employment market is flourishing. With this education, you may be able to get employment in the government and in the banking and financial sectors.

Which country is best to study law for international students ?

Top Countries to Study Law in

  • United States.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Australia.
  • Singapore.
  • Canada
How much does it cost to study law in Dubai ?

One of the most esteemed academic degrees in the world is a law degree from the United Arab Emirates. It is available from a variety of universities headquartered in Dubai. The starting price for undergraduate study in the United States is about $14,000.

Is Dubai good for international students ?

Due to the fact that so many foreign colleges have campuses here, Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are renowned for upholding strict educational standards.

Can I study law in Dubai ?

At the Middlesex University campuses in London, Mauritius, and Dubai, the LLB Honours Law Program is accessible.

Can a foreigner study law in Dubai ?

Foreign attorneys are permitted to practice local law, but only a Dubai native is allowed to show up in court in Dubai.

How can I study in Dubai for free ?

Free education in the United Arab Emirates

  • Create a great application.
  • Always submit your applications on time.
  • Submit an application for government scholarships in your own nation.
  • Apply for any scholarships provided by universities in the UAE.
  • Apply for private sector scholarships.
  • Choose reputable universities in the UAE.
Is studying in Dubai expensive ?

In Dubai, the most expensive city in the UAE, undergraduate tuition costs between 37,500 and 70,000 AED annually, while postgraduate tuition costs between 55,000 and 75,000 AED annually. Generally speaking, additional monthly living expenditures should be budgeted for around 1,200 AED (330 USD).

Which university is best for law in the world ?

Harvard University in the US, which has held the distinction for six years running, is the finest university in the world for law. Harvard also scored very strongly on the employer reputation index.

Which country pays lawyers the most ?

Our ranking of the nations that pay their attorneys the most well includes Switzerland at the top.

Which country is best to study law ?

United States.

United Kingdom.




What are the top highest paying jobs in the world ?
  • $97,659 for a data scientist.
  • $119,126 for senior software engineer
  • Financial Analyst: $115,465.
  • Executive director: $310,000.
  • $161,248 for a surgeon.
  • $326,296 is the anesthesia salary.
  • Doctor: $227,000.
  • $496,00 for a neurosurgeon.
Where are lawyers most in demand ?

Due to the largest concentration of attorneys of any state, New York State has increased demand for the legal profession, which is approximately twice as high as the average nationwide demand.

What type of law is in high demand ?

Specializations include intellectual property law, banking law, and cyber law. Law has seen significant development and expansion in several places. Increased market need for attorneys with expertise in areas like cyberlaw, tax law, intellectual property law, etc. would be a direct result of this rise.

what is the number 1 university for law in dubai ?

University of Dubai – College of Law.