University of Reading

The University of Reading is a public university in Reading, Berkshire, England. It was established in 1892 as University College, Reading, as an extension college of the University of Oxford. The college was granted the authority to offer its own degrees by royal charter from King George V in 1926, making it the only university to do so between the two world wars. The university is commonly referred to as a red brick university, owing to its original foundation in the nineteenth century.

University of Reading Admission Requirements

For admission to the UG programmes at the University of Reading, you must have a high school diploma and have completed a foundation programme. A first-class bachelor's degree (60 percent or above) or an equivalent GPA is necessary for postgraduate studies. Although the entry requirements for research programmes vary depending on the course, academic excellence, professional experience, and personal traits are prioritised in the selection process. Admission to all courses requires competency in the English language.

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University of Reading Campuses

The University of Reading has three award-winning campuses in the United Kingdom, as well as two foreign campuses in Malaysia and South Africa. The university's main campus, Whiteknights, is located in the United Kingdom. London Road Campus and Greenlands Campus are two other active campuses in the United Kingdom.

University of Reading’s Whiteknights Campus

The vibrant campus is home to the Students Union, library, study areas, two on-site museums with various specialised collections of zoology and Greek archaeology, multiple shops, halls of accommodation, and one of the UK's most popular Student night clubs.

University of Reading’s London Road campus

The London Road Campus, one of Reading's original campuses, has recently received £30 million in renovations. The campus is home to the Institute of Education, the School of Architecture, and the Great Hall, which hosts regular performances and graduation ceremonies.

University of Reading’s Greenland campus

The Henley Business School, located on a lovely green campus, is one of Europe's best business schools. The site also has fitness centres, conference spaces, classrooms, eating rooms, lodging, and business services.

The University of Reading's campuses are well-equipped with a variety of appealing facilities, including theatre spaces, a TV studio, a recording studio, a food production centre, health and life sciences buildings, and over 100 trading stimulation terminals. The University library is fully supplied and includes study areas, a cafe and outdoor dining area, print hubs, periodicals, and digital resources. Students at the University of Reading can also choose from over 50 sports clubs.

University of Reading Accommodation

The University of Reading provides about 5000 rooms for UG and PG students on campus. All new undergraduate and postgraduate students are given housing at the University.

  • Housing rents in university residence halls include all utility costs, WiFi, and insurance.
  • Students at the university can choose from a variety of housing options that cater to a wide range of budgets and demands.
  • There are two types of lodging available: catered and self-created. Traditional halls, flats, and apartments are among the types of accommodations available for rent at the university.
  • Kitchens, dining areas, community areas, TV rooms, laundry facilities, 24 hour security, and other amenities are available.

The following are the housing rents at the University based on several types of food accommodations:

Room types






Premium EN- suited room




Town House Room

£159.95 to £163.80 /week


£205.45 to £224.00 /week

University of Reading Research

The University of Reading's research focuses on five topics to address some of the most pressing issues confronting people today: the environment, food, health, heritage and creativity, and prosperity and resilience. Our researchers work across continents and disciplines to find solutions to climate change, improve human health, provide food security, and better comprehend human civilization.

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, the University of Reading was placed 35th in the UK among multi-faculty universities for the quality (GPA) of its research and 28th for its Research Power. In total, 98 percent of the University's research has been designated as "internationally recognised," 78 percent as "internationally good," and 27 percent as "world leading."

University of Reading Fee Structure

A rough estimate of the cost of attendance, including tuition and living expenses, is provided here. It should be noted that the students' living expenses are entirely dependent on their lifestyle, sponsorships, and programmes of study.

Tuition at the University of Reading is generally paid in two instalments. Some courses require a premium course fee. Throughout the course, tuition rates will be kept at the same level.

Level of study

Tuition Fees (in GBP)


Non-laboratory course


Henley business school accounting & management programmes


Laboratory or workshop content



Non-laboratory course


Laboratory or workshop content


Living Cost


Weekly Cost (in GBP)











University of Reading Scholarship

The University of Reading provides financial help to international students in the form of scholarships, bursaries, discounts, and loans. Students can also look into additional external scholarships to study in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship name


Award value in GBP

Vice Chancellor global scholarship award

Undergraduate merit-based scholarship


BSC architecture scholarship

Merit students in undergraduate architecture course


School of psychology and clinical language sciences international academic excellence scholarships

Psychology related undergraduate students


Masters scholarship

Merit-based scholarship

tuition fee waiver

General scholarships



Henley business school scholarship

Postgraduate business programmes


University of Reading Placements

The prestigious institution provides its students with a placement year in prominent partner firms such as GCH, Abbott Diabetes Care, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Travelport, IBM, IQVIA, Jaguar Land Rover, and Walt Disney.

The following are the top degrees and their average annual salaries:


Salary (in GBP)

Executive Masters


Masters in Finance


Masters in Finance








Frequently asked questions

Do University of Reading have libraries ?
The University Library and its staff assist students in their studies by providing them with access to material - whether online, multimedia, or printed - as well as the knowledge to make the most of it.
How good is sport at Univesity of Reading ?
As a student, you will have access to a wide range of sporting facilities, both indoors and outdoors. On campus, there are courts, pitches, and playing fields for a variety of sports, as well as a well equipped sports centre. From football, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, and cricket fields to tennis and netball courts with gyms, there is something for everyone. SoccerPark will also be available to you.
What is Reading University best known for ?
The university has a reputation for diverse research and cooperation, and it has over 50 research centres that are recognised as centres of excellence in areas such as agriculture, meteorology, physical sciences, and European history and culture. It is spread across three campuses.
Is it hard to get into University of Reading ?
The acceptance rate at the University of Reading is 58 percent. This indicates that just 58 of 100 applicants are admitted into their programmes. It is tough for a foreign student to gain admission to this university.
What societies are there at University of Reading ?

The Union is home to a diverse selection of groups and clubs, all of which are administered entirely on a volunteer basis by students. There are currently over 150 societies and sports clubs available to all students. Some of them

  • Ultimate Frisbee. The University of Reading.
  • American Football. The University of Reading.
  • Christian Union. The University of Reading.
  • Lacrosse. The University of Reading.
  • Netball. The University of Reading.
Is University of Reading prestigious ?
The University of Reading is one of the best institutions in the world, ranking among the top 1% of all universities worldwide. It is a respected institution in the fields of industry, research, and academia.
Is Reading a Russell Group University ?
Although the University of Reading is not a member of the Russell Group, it is a well-regarded university, particularly in terms of research production.
How many students are at University of Reading ?
There are 17040 students at the University of Reading.
What is the ranking of Reading University ?
The University of Reading has advanced three places in the QS World University Rankings 2022, to 202 in the world and 201 in the World University Rankings.
How many programs offered University of Reading ?
The University of Reading is a well-known university with over 150 postgraduate taught courses and over 250 undergraduate programmes. Over the previous decade, the university has committed more than 500 million GBP to increase the quality of instruction, research, and student facilities.
How much cost the University of Reading ?
International undergraduate students at the University of Reading can expect to pay an average of 17,740-21,886 GBP each year. Postgraduate students' expenses, including housing, might total up to 23,744 GBP.
How much can I get scholarship at University of Reading ?
For master's students, the university provides 200,000 GBP in partial scholarships. Furthermore, topic grants of 4,000 GBP are available to each student.
How good is the placements at University of Reading ?
94 percent of graduates are employed or engaged in additional education within 15 months of graduation. Executive Masters is now the highest paying degree provided by the university, with graduates earning 117,000 GBP per year. Executive MBA is the university's second best earning degree, with an average yearly salary of 107,000 GBP.
Do I need a specific English proficiency test to get enrolled in the University of Reading ?
Yes, an English proficiency test is required for admission to the University of Reading.