Lund University

Lund University (Swedish: Lunds Universitet) is an academic institution that is a part of the public research system located in Sweden and is one of the oldest universities in northern Europe. It is located within the city located in Lund within the region of Scania, Sweden. Its roots go back to 1425 when the first Franciscan studium generale (or university) was established in Lund. Following Sweden gained Scania from Denmark during the 1658 Treaty of Roskilde, the university was established in 1666 on the site of the previous studium generale that was situated next to Lund Cathedral. Lund University is home to nine faculties and two campuses in cities like Malmo and Helsingborg, with approximately 44,000 students in 270 diverse programs and 1,400 independent courses.The university has 640 partners universities across more than 70 countries. It also belongs to Both the League of European Research Universities and the worldwide Universitas 21 network. Lund University is regularly placed among the world's best 100 institutions. In the ranks of those affiliated with this university, there are Nobel Prize winners, a Fields Medal winner, Prime Ministers and a host of business leaders, and one Associate Justice from the United States Supreme Court. Two significant facilities for material research are at Lund University: MAX IV Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, which was inaugurated in June 2016, and European Spallation Source (ESS). The ESS is a modern European facility that is expected to provide 100 times the brightness of neutron beams than the existing facilities in use today. It is expected to begin producing neutrons by 2023.

Lund University Rankings

  • #87 in the QS World University Ranking, 2022
  • #131-140 in the Graduate Employability Ranking, by QS World University Rankings, 2022
  • #99 in Best Global Universities by US News and World Report, 2021
  • #36 in Best Global Universities in Europe, by US News and World Report, 2021
  • #116 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education (THE) 2022.

Lund University Campus

The university campus is located in the town of Lund in Scania, which is about 15 kilometers distant from central Malmo and 50km away from Copenhagen. The massive number of students and staff make an impression on the city, which makes it the town of universities. More than a hundred university structures are spread throughout the city, with the majority located in an area of more than 1 square kilometer that extends to the northeast, starting from Lundagard park, which is in the central part of town. The Lundagard area's buildings include the principal structure, Kungshuset, the Historical Museum, and the Academic Society's main office.The main library building is located in a park 400 meters to the north, followed by the large hospital complex.Lund University has a satellite campus located in Malmo which is Sweden's third-largest town. Its Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts comprises three academies: Malmo Art Academy, Malmo Academy of Music and Malmo Theater Academy, are all in Malmo. Malmo is also home to Skane University Hospital, where Lund University performs a considerable amount of medical research and training.Campus Helsingborg is like the name implies situated within the town of Helsingborg approximately 50 kilometers away from Lund. It was established in 2000 and comprises a building located in the city's central area located near the main train station as well as the harbor. More than 3,000 students reside within the campus. The Department of Service Management and the Department of Communication and Media are located on this campus in Helsingborg.

Lund University Services

Student services

The most important contact for international students studying at Lund University is the international coordinators, master's coordinators or advisors to look at departments and faculties. If you have questions about studying at Lund University, these coordinators and advisors can assist you or direct you to the appropriate person.

Housing services

The departments of the University are scattered across the city. As a result, Lund University does not have a specific campus area. Moving around Lund is easy by bicycle, on foot, or even by bus. If you're planning to live within Malmo or Helsingborg you will find frequent buses and trains that make it easy to travel to Lund. If you are applying for housing, we suggest that you look for accommodation within as well as surrounding the cities where our campuses are situated. The distances are not too long and you are able to travel to places like Malmo, Eslov, Kavlinge, Akarp, Staffanstorp, Landskrona and Helsingborg.

Library services

Lund University library was established in 1668 at the same time as the university and is one of Sweden's oldest and largest libraries. Since 1698 it has received legal deposit copies of everything printed in the country. Today six Swedish libraries receive legal deposit copies, but only Lund and the Royal Library in Stockholm are required to keep everything for posterity. Swedish imprints make up half of the collections, which amount to 170,000 linear meters of shelving (2006). The library serves 620,000 loans per year, the staff is 200 full-time equivalents, and the 33 branch libraries house 2600 reading room desks. The current main building at Helgonabacken opened in 1907. It was named Sweden's most beautiful building in 2019.The old library building was Liberiet close to the city's cathedral. Liberiet was built as a library in the 15th century but now serves as a cafe.

Lund University Student Life

Lund The main campus of the University is situated in Lund located 15 minutes by train ride from Malmo (the third-largest city in Sweden) and less than an hour away from Copenhagen (Scandinavia's biggest city, and also the capital city of Denmark). Lund is renowned for its lively student life and its academic traditions along with its beautiful and historic city center, as well as because it is situated in an entrepreneurial and innovative region.

Lund University Sports facilities

There are plenty of ways for students to keep active or participate in sports. The student nation and student associations, as well as local sports clubs, and community sports facilities provide an array of sports and exercise opportunities within Lund, Malmo and Helsingborg.

Lund University Scholarships

Lund University offers an abundance of scholarships to international students to ensure that they can finish their studies. In the year 2019 Lund University awarded over 15.8 million SEK in scholarships to students, with the more than 100 Lund University Global Scholarships.

  • Lund University Sweden offers a number of global, country-specific, and program-specific scholarships to students at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • The Global Scholarships can cover anywhere from 25% to 100% of the tuition fees of recipient students. International students with high academic scores from countries outside the EU/ EEA countries are eligible for this award.
  • Lund University scholarships also include program-specific waivers like scholarships for a master's program in management, scholarships for masters in industrial design, and scholarships for masters in entrepreneurship and innovation. Overall international students from 40+ countries including India and China have received scholarships from the university.

Lund University Placements

Lund University Career Services Department assists students transitioning from student life to professional careers. Based on student reviews, experiences at Lund have been rated an impressive 9/10. According to the MyCareer online portal, there are job openings including internships, research, and internship jobs from more than 1000 businesses, organizations, and so on. In addition, regular career seminars are well organized.Lund University graduates from Financial Services are among the most well-paid, earning an average of 153,000 dollars annually. Students who graduate with a paralegal or legal degree earn about USD 50,000 per year. The highest-paying industries, along with the median annual salary of Lund University graduates are listed below.

Lund University Career

Students of Lund University can register with the Careers Services' career portal MyCareer by which more than 1 000 businesses and organizations advertise jobs and internships, thesis research and postdoctoral jobs for Lund University students.

Lund University Research

Lund University has one of Sweden's most robust and diverse research facilities and is recognized by many as being among the top universities that are research-driven and comprehensive.

Lund University Education

Lund is the largest and most well-known studying location in Sweden. The University has the most extensive range of programs and courses available in Scandinavia that are built on cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge research. The University has a distinct international presence, having partners in 67 countries.

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to get into Lund University ?
The acceptance rate for Bachelor's level courses at Lund University is over 34%. The university's admissions process is fairly standard, with students having the opportunity to show their best academic and practical abilities.
Is Lund University Good ?
In the QS Rankings 2022, Lund University is the highest ranked university in Sweden. In world university rankings, it is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.
Is studying in Lund University worth it ?
According to student reviews, Lund University is ranked 87 in the QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.3 stars. Lund University has over 43 000 alumni spread across the globe.
Why is Lund University famous ?
Lund University (LU) is one of the top 100 universities in the world and Sweden's most popular international university. Aside from academic and research excellence, LU is known for its distinctive student life, which includes the historic student 'nations,' which offer year-round social activities.
What are the requirments to get in Lund University ?

For bachelor's degree studies, 

  • You must have completed your upper secondary (high school) education (post-16), 
  • Be able to show English proficiency. In Sweden, the equivalent of the Swedish upper secondary course English 6 is required for admission to bachelor's studies.
  • There is an additional mathematics requirement for students who received their final school grades after December 31, 2009. The student must have completed mathematics courses that are equivalent to Swedish Mathematics 1a, 1b, or 1c.
What are the requirments to get in for Lund University master degree ?

You must have received a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognised university to meet the general entry requirements for master's level (second cycle or graduate) studies.
At the master's level, English is always a specific entry requirement. This means that the university can decide what Swedish course you need to take in English. This is almost always the Swedish course English 6. A course or programme may require the equivalent of English 5 or English 7 on rare occasions.

What is Lund University ranking ?
  • In the QS Rankings 2022, university ranked 87th.
  • In the U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings for 2021, university ranked 99th.
  • The university was ranked 116th in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022.
  • In the Times Higher Education (THE) Most International Universities in the World Rankings for 2022, university ranked 49th.
Where is the Lund University located ?
The Lund University is one of northern Europe's oldest universities, located in Lund, Sweden.
How many campuses Lund University have ?
The university's main campus is located at Lund, Scania, about 15 kilometres from central Malmö and 50 kilometres from Copenhagen. In nearby Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city, Lund University has a satellite campus. Campus Helsingborg is located in the city of Helsingborg, which is about 50 kilometres from Lund. The campus, which was founded in 2000, is home to nearly 3,000 students.
How many bachelor's programs of Lund University there are ?

All eligible international students are welcome to apply to Lund University's nine full Bachelor's programmes, which are entirely taught in English.
The following is a list of the nine programmes:

  • Biomedicine 
  • Development Studies
  • Economy and Society
  • Fine Arts
  • International Business
  • Mathematics
  • Music, Performance Programme – Malmö Academy of Music website
  • Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
  • Physics
How many master's programs of Lund University there are ?
Over 130 Master's degree programmes in English are available at the Lund University, covering a wide range of subjects. Lund University's international Master's programmes attract applicants from more than 160 countries each year.
How Much Will Lund University Cost ?
For citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, there are no tuition fees, and for non-EU/EEA citizens, usually, the tuition fee is SEK 120.000.
How do I get a 100% Lund University scholarship ?

The Global Scholarship Program at Lund University 

  • Scholarship grants worth approximately SEK 15 million (€1.5 million / US $1.8 million) are awarded each year.
  • Lund University allocated extra funds to scholarships for the academic years 2020 and 2021 to enable students to begin their studies despite the financial hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a total of approximately SEK 21 million (€2.1 million / US $2.5 million) and 20 million (€2 million / US $2.4 million) awarded for these years.
  • A merit-based scholarship that honours outstanding academic students from outside the EU/EEA.