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Putting up the content in a Journal and publishing it on the International Platform is a dream for every professional writer. The important thing is to give quality and rich content to the readers and publicize the article properly so that it can reach to everyone.

AHEC gives a platform to all the writers and their readers to collaborate together and share their views to stand on the same page. 

Our ITC Team helps the professional to showcase their talent and write to promote themselves internationally. We are in the process to collaborate with Pearson and Penguin Publishing house for our writers to know on this level. 

How to Write and Publish:

In order to publish your article, you need to be a member of the AHEC Writing Group.

For that, you can simply sign up to

Once you are logged in, you will be in the "accounts" section of the site and the link is "" [This is your own account from where you can write and upload your article].

In the coming months there will be new features introduced likewise Stories Teller along with Bog Posting and Journal Publication.

Once you post your Blog, Article or Story, click on Submit and it will be gone for the review of our Quality Team. Once the review is done, your content will be available on-site that you can share on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. If you need to change your article written version into an infographic video post. for youtube, you can raise a request by sending us an email at "" and we will do it for you.

Participate with us in this new conceptual era and become a faith for the rest of the world.


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