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How to Choose a College Essay Topic

The topic you choose for your essay sets the stage for writing unforgettable, unique essays for your college applications. Find out how to select the best college essay topics. There are a variety of unique topics you could pick for your college admissions process. You can write about your grandfather's passing and a trip on the pleasure road that turns into an unimaginable nightmare or riding a carriage.

They are all different and are not able to be comparable. But these subjects are one of the best college essay topics and create a lasting impression in the minds of admissions officers. The choice of a topic in your application to college could be among the most challenging tasks; choosing the perfect topic requires creativity and deep thinking. The toughest question to answer is where and how to start.

Starting with College Essays

The college essay you write isn't similar to the one you wrote in high school. There is no need to follow the five-paragraph structure, and you don't have to use textual evidence to back your assertions. The next step is choosing a topic that best reflects your personality and yours.

Writing the college application essay is a difficult task. You must be memorably personable, charming, memorable and knowledgeable - all in one box. Personal essays are an excellent topic. You ought to be enthusiastic about the subject of your writing. If you're writing about something that's meaningful and serious about you and your personal life, the meaning and passion will be evident on paper and forever in the minds of the readers. It is possible to come up with an essay topic by thinking about an incident from your own life that exposes a profound truth about yourself.

What is the reason why is it that the Essay Topic is so important?

Your application will inform admissions officers about your data and information, including your name, secondary school and your marks and SAT scores. The statistics won't be enough on their own. They must be able to see a genuine slice of you, as their goal is not to create an army to get into their college!

They must be able to feel the persona, character and emotions that define you as the person you are. This will be able to display through the college application. The essay serves as an intro to the colleges and shows your maturity. It is crucial since admissions officers want to ensure that you are able to thrive in college and your job.

Thus, finding a suitable college essay subject is crucial as it allows you to demonstrate the level of maturity that the admissions committees are seeking. This is only possible by having an understanding of what created you as a person and through the capability to discuss your flaws or experiences that define you as well as the capacity to think creatively and problem-solver.

An excellent subject is one that has an event of your own past that you are able to relate to as well as draw conclusions from and describe the effects of. In addition, you must be able to explain the way it transformed you from the type of person you used to be to the more successful person you are today.

If you are able to accomplish that, you're ahead of the competition for the essay. The topic for your college essay is ideal when the subject is significant to you, and you are the sole person that could have written the essay.

Tips on Choosing the Right College Essay Topic

Keep your readers in mind.

This is your admissions officer who is looking through thousands of essays for college. So, do not bore nor offend the reader. Instead, make your essay enjoyable and memorable. Let your readers experience your story, making the moment of your life come alive. Your writing must include specific details, descriptions of sensory experiences and words that convey emotions, perhaps even dialogue.

It is essential to write about something that is personal as well as deeply felt. The emotion you feel is evident in your writing. Readers can quickly discern whether you are in touch with the subject matter you are writing about or not.

Brainstorm Ideas

Take a few minutes to think of the best idea first by engaging in some brainstorming. The goal here is to reminisce about important life events that not just shaped you but have profoundly affected you. By doing this, you'll find a lot of things worth recording as black-and-white. At this point, you can make an inventory of your memories and ideas to narrow your search to the topic to use for the college application essay.

Consider defining moments in Your Life

  • Your most memorable memory. What was the reason it was good, and what did you like about it? Someone or something that was happening around you at the time? What did it mean to you? What does it mean to you?
  • A sad memory that you've had for a long time - any method you can modify the situation or gain knowledge from the moment?
  • What is the most crucial decision you've had to take, and what made it easy or difficult the decision? The result of your decision. Was it in line with your expectations, or was it purely based on instinct? What would you have done differently had you played a different route?
  • What is the most frightening or risky experience you've had? What did you do to overcome it? How did you deal emotionally with the aftermath?
  • What are you the happiest about you? Are you proud of a talent or a skill? A quality or trait of personality? A feat? What is it that makes you proud?

Supper Essay Methodology - Essay that will be used to answer multiple Essay Topic

Take a look at the video in the next video. In this video, Michael Wharton talks about the best way to select a topic that will provide multiple essay questions. He also talks about the idea of a Super-Essay, which should ideally address three essay topics.

Remember influential people

  • You can talk about your grandparents or parents/parents and who you most resemble in terms of character and personality. The traits you admire in yourself. What are you not?
  • Write about the person who has had the greatest impact on you. If they had an influence positive on you. If you'd like to follow their example in any way?
  • You might talk about the negative influences or the environment they are from and the way it is from the one you live in. Your teacher may challenge you and how you respond.
  • Someone once said something to you that stuck with you? What time and place were they saying it? What is the reason why you believe that it's a part of your memory?
  • A friend who you'd swap places with for the duration of a day and why.
  • Of people, you know personally whose lives are more difficult than yours, and the reasons for this. What might you do to assist them? The people you have a personal relationship with who have a life that is more comfortable to live than you, or you're attracted to them. What is the reason or reason?

Things to consider when choosing the topic for your college essay

  • Your focus is only on you, not on another person.
  • The topic is distinct from the other applications I have.
  • The essay's subject is distinct and unique (not many students can write the same essay).
  • Your post is positive about my character and conduct.
  • If you decide to compose an essay about a painful or challenging event, the essay will concentrate on the way you dealt with it or gained perspective.
  • If you choose a typical subject, your essay may be a surprise with a unique story arc, an interesting perspective, or an advanced style of writing.


Your college essay topics give admissions officers the chance to learn about your personality, and not just from your scores and grades. To think of great ideas, you must engage in a brainstorming session. The more thoughts of your life that spill out of your brain and onto paper and onto paper, the greater your chances of coming up with the ideal college essay subject.

Write down everything that pops into your head, even if it means wandering off-topic. Create a list of possible subjects.

After you have compiled your list, then relax for a couple of days or perhaps longer. After that, choose those that look the most appealing. Write the ones that create a story which reveals the most intriguing aspect of you as a person.

At each step of writing your essay, seek out opinions from others or ask your teachers or parents to review the whole essay, not to write it for you but rather to give you assistance in the event that you run into problems.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pick a topic for my college essay ?

Here are some recommendations for selecting an excellent essay topic:

  • It is concentrated on your experience and you.
  • It has a characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of your application.
  • It's particular and unique (not many students could write a similar essay)
  • It gives you a chance to showcase your best traits and accomplishments.
What topics are good for college essays ?

Approaching the Common Application Essay Prompts

  • First prompt: Tell us a tale.
  • Second prompt: Acknowledging setbacks.
  • Third prompt: Questioning a belief.
  • Fourth prompt: Fixing an issue.
What are 3 good topics for an essay ?

Here are some excellent topics for your essay:

  • your most beloved childhood memory
  • most recent experience traveling.
  • the passing of a friend or family who had an impact on you.
  • your life is affected by the loss of a pet.
  • your relationship with your best buddy.
  • your very first flight.
  • your very first book.
  • one of your worst memories.
How do I choose a personal essay topic ?

Keep it focused.
Instead, pick a more narrowly focused topic, instance, or narrative to discuss so you may go into greater detail without running out of room. Keep in mind that what makes an essay compelling is the specifics and breadth of the concepts. You can only scratch the surface if your topic is too wide.

Do and don'ts of college essays ?

Dos and Don'ts for College Application Essays

  • Don't rehash your resume in your personal statement essay.
  • DO share a personal moment.
  • DON'T copy and paste.
  • DO demonstrate your familiarity with the university.
  • Don't state what you believe the admissions office wants to hear.
  • DO make vocal use of.
What are some hard essay topics ?

Topics for Argumentative Essays

  • Must plastic be prohibited
  • from urbanization-related pollution?
  • Free education is a good idea.
  • Should Internet access be restricted for students
  • Selling tobacco ought to be prohibited.
  • Public smoking should be outlawed.
  • Facebook ought to be prohibited.
  • PUBG should not be permitted for students to play.
What is the most common essay topic ?

Topics for Common Essays with Subtopics

  • Money & Business Large vs small businesses.
  • Personality & Communication. telecommunications and technology.
  • Punishment & Crime. vs. rehabilitation vs. prisons
  • Cash vs. credit cards: economics.
  • Children, education, and education
  • Environment. animals.
  • family roles. Family & Children.
  • Nutritional diets.
What should you not include in a college essay ?

Topics for College Essays to Avoid

  • Contentious subjects.
  • Highly Private Subjects.
  • Personal accomplishments and achievements.
  • Most Important Location or an Example.
  • Writing for the Arts.
  • Sports Topics.
  • Topics or Jokes that are Funny.
  • Tragic Occasions.
How personal should a college essay be ?

The majority of admissions experts concur that your essay must represent who you are. I had access to student's academic records and extracurricular pursuits when I examined applications. We will both be wasting our time if you use your essay to rehash your CV or transcript.

How do you write a good essay ?

The best six essay writing suggestions

  • Examine the query.
  • Define your position.
  • Make use of argument, scholarship, and evidence.
  • Construct a logical essay.
  • Write with clarity.
  • Provide references and proof.
What are 5 things to write about ?

Fictional topics for writing

  • 1 Allow the music to inspire you.
  • 2 Recreate an early memory.
  • 3 Describe a person you see frequently but don't know well.
  • 4 Suppose your pet was a human
  • 5 Describe your ideal career in a brief essay.
How many pages should a college essay be ?

We often believe that a paper of 4-5 pages will be sufficient length to highlight your analytical skills. Although larger articles can be submitted, they typically shouldn't go beyond 8 to 10 pages. " Because of this, even though there is no word restriction, they prefer between 4 and 10 pages.

How do I start my college essay ?

Start with something eye-catching. Your essay's opening line ought to be a "hook" or "grabber." Readers are "hooked" or "grabbed" by this statement, which makes them want to read more. This first paragraph should be detailed, pique the interest of the reader, or somehow stand out from the rest.

What is a typical college essay ?

Your college application's main essay, often known as a personal statement, should be 400–600 words long. More than 800 institutions utilize the Common App personal statement as their main application essay.

How do I make my college essay stand out ?

Essay Writing Advice for College Applications

  • Write about a subject that is significant to you.
  • Reflect instead of just reliving!
  • Funny is hard to do.
  • Write numerous drafts and get started early.
  • No reruns
  • Respond to the query made.
  • Edit your essay with at least one additional set of eyes.
  • Learn More About College.
How can I get good marks in essay ?

If you want to get the best grades, your essay should start with a succinct introduction, followed by a thorough description of the subject. The arguments you make in the body should be correctly acknowledged and referenced. To wrap up the essay, the conclusion section should briefly summarize all of the results.

Can I write an essay in one day ?

It is by no means simple or pleasurable to write an essay in a single day, especially if your school has rigid criteria, but it is possible. However, the circumstances you find yourself in call for unique approaches; it is not sufficient to just understand the fundamentals of essay writing.

What are the 4 types of essays ?

Essays come in various formats, but they are frequently divided into the following four groups: argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays.

What college essays are looking for ?

Colleges request personal essays from potential students as part of the application process so they can get to know them better. They want to know more about each applicant's history, the beneficial attributes they may offer to the university, and instances of them exhibiting such qualities.

How long does it take to write a college essay ?

Plan to spend at least 1-3 weeks thinking and writing the initial draft of your college applications essay, and at least 2-4 weeks rewriting across numerous revisions. Individual student schedules may vary.