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100 Effective Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Next Assignment

Writing an argumentative essay can be difficult at times since it involves a careful presentation of factual data. To ensure that your perspective is heard effectively, this form of essay requires a clear and engaging thesis and a well-structured argument supported by evidence. In this blog, we will discuss how to write an argumentative essay and present over 80 ideas to get you started. Understanding the complex process of building a compelling argument can help you improve your writing considerably. Furthermore, mastering this type of essay writing can benefit you in various academic and professional settings. Let's discuss the fundamentals of writing a successful argumentative essay.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires extensive research to support its claims. The basic goal of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader of a specific point of view. It relies on fact-based evidence and unbreakable logic to demonstrate that its thesis is valid. Unlike other forms of writing that may include the writer's thoughts and opinions, an argumentative essay must focus on facts that support its central claim to provide strong insights.

An effective argumentative essay presents the writer's point of view and then substantiates it with supportive facts. Since the purpose is to engage in a logically structured debate, the essay should be constructed in a manner that allows for the examination of the argument from multiple perspectives, making it debatable yet grounded in factual accuracy.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay, Step by Step

Choosing a Topic

Selecting a topic is the first and most critical stage. Find a topic that interests you and will keep you engaged while writing. Ensure the subject is debatable, so you can easily find facts to support your argument. Also, pick a topic with plenty of research material and one that is relevant to current issues. This will make your essay more interesting and easier to support with evidence.

Research and Gathering Evidence

Research and gathering evidence are crucial steps in writing an argumentative essay. You need to understand what you are writing about and include well-supported facts to support your argument. To do so, you can find reliable sources such as websites, journal articles, and books.

Structuring Your Essay

Structuring your essay properly is essential for clarity and effectiveness. Organise your points logically, starting with an introduction, then body paragraphs presenting your arguments and evidence, and ending with a strong conclusion. Creating a simple outline can help you manage your findings and the material you have noted for your essay, so structure it properly.

Editing and Revising

Editing and revising are important for improving the quality of your essay. Carefully review your work for any grammatical errors, ensure that your arguments are coherent, and verify that all evidence is accurately presented and properly cited. Make sure your essay matches the required format and standards of your university.

Guide to Argumentative Essay Structure


The introduction sets the stage for your essay. It should include a hook to grab the reader's attention, some background information on the topic, and a clear thesis statement outlining your main argument. Make sure to write it so there won't be any problem for the reader to understand what matter you are talking about. Provide a proper overview of the overall assignment.

Body paragraphs

As we know, the argumentative essay works in a three-body paragraph format, so make sure to use them correctly. The body paragraphs present your arguments and supporting evidence. Each paragraph should focus on a single point, beginning with a topic sentence, followed by evidence and examples, and ending with a transition to the next paragraph. Addressing refutation strengthens your argument and ensures that the reader understands what you want them to comprehend.


The conclusion highlights your important points and refocuses your thesis. It should emphasize the significance of your argument and conclude with a concluding thought or call to action. Avoid including fresh information in the end. Make careful to end things clearly to avoid any problems with the matter.


Whether you're writing a short report or an essay, from a standard essay to an argumentative essay, you must always include references that show you've given proper credit to the author. Choose credible sources and correctly cite them to demonstrate to your reader that you have done extensive research and put in a lot of blood, sweat, and effort to compose a brilliant argumentative essay.

100 Effective Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Next Assignment in 2024

Science Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is space exploration worth the cost?
  2. Should vaccinations be mandatory?
  3. Should animal testing be banned?
  4. Should there be a limit to scientific research?
  5. Is packaged food safe to consume?
  6. Is technology making us smarter or dumber?
  7. Would the world be safer if we eliminated nuclear weapons?
  8. Is it possible to grow completely organic food?
  9. Is the overuse of antibiotics dangerous?
  10. Are humans to blame for the extinction of species?


Education Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Single-Sex Schools: Advantages and Disadvantages
  2. Should Mental Health Education be Necessary in Educational Institutions?
  3. The Impact of Music Education on Student Growth.
  4. Are students overburdened with too much schoolwork?
  5. Should colleges and institutions compensate student-athletes?
  6. Are standardized assessments effective?
  7. Is our current educational system beneficial?
  8. Should there be no cost for college education?
  9. Are private schools superior to public ones?
  10. Is a college degree required for success?


Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should individuals take legal action against hate speech on social media?
  2. Is social media making people feel more lonely?
  3. Do smartphones make people rely on one another?
  4. Can technology help people live better lives?
  5. Will conventional textbooks disappear?
  6. Is Internet education more effective than traditional?
  7. Should cell phones be prohibited in cars?
  8. Is social media hurting mental health?
  9. Should data gathering regulations be stricter?
  10. Are self-driving vehicles safe?


Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do electric vehicles reduce pollution overall?
  2. Is climate change the cause of frequent natural disasters?
  3. Should disposable bags be prohibited?
  4. Is recycling successful? Discuss.
  5. Should petroleum and petroleum products be banned?
  6. Are we doing enough to protect our planet from destruction?
  7. Is urbanization harmful to the environment?
  8. Does conserving water make sense?
  9. Should single-use materials be banned?
  10. Does maintaining natural environments have any significance?


Economic Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Would you support national basic income?
  2. Is it appropriate to waive student loans?
  3. Should all people have access to free electricity?
  4. Should authorities regulate the economy?
  5. Should the salary of Directors be capped?
  6. Is open trade advantageous?
  7. Is border-free taxation a good concept?
  8. Is income disparity a big problem?
  9. Should employers have to provide paid maternity leave?
  10. Is working from home more efficient than a workplace job?


Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should sports that involve violence be prohibited?
  2. Do collegiate athletes deserve compensation?
  3. Are sports vital in educational institutions?
  4. Should sports betting be legalized?
  5. Should high schools have mandated athletic programs?
  6. Should the Olympics include more sports?
  7. Are sports overly competitive for young children?
  8. Is e-sports a true sport?
  9. Are pro athletes overpaid?
  10. Should women be allowed to play games for men's teams?


Travel and Tourism Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it safe to travel to disputed nations?
  2. Should travel blogs be trusted?
  3. Is it preferable to travel by air or train?
  4. Should travel prohibitions be implemented during epidemics?
  5. Is it worth spending money on luxury travel?
  6. Travelling domestically or abroad: which is a better choice?
  7. Is travelling alone secure?
  8. Should tourism be limited to popular locations?
  9. Is tourism beneficial for the local economy?
  10. Is tourism beneficial to local economies?


Philosophy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is there an afterlife?
  2. Does life exist in a black hole?
  3. Is it acceptable to consume creatures?
  4. Is there a moral code that applies universally?
  5. Should we be afraid of intelligent machines?
  6. Should we favour science over feelings?
  7. Is enjoyment the end purpose of life?
  8. Are individuals accountable for their happiness?
  9. Should wealthy individuals be compelled to assist those in need?
  10. Is it appropriate for parents to influence their children's beliefs?


Law and Justice Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should we abolish the death penalty?
  2. Should marijuana be made legal?
  3. Is the criminal justice system just and fair?
  4. Are mandatory minimum sentences beneficial?
  5. Should the voting age be reduced?
  6. Is the war on drugs achieving its goals?
  7. Should laws on cybercrime be stricter?
  8. Is the legal system biased against minority groups?
  9. Are privacy laws excessively stringent?
  10. Is capital punishment morally acceptable?


Politics and Government Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is democracy the best form of governance?
  2. Should political parties be abolished?
  3. Should the government provide free healthcare?
  4. Is nationalism helpful or harmful?
  5. Should voting be made mandatory?
  6. Is socialism an effective political system?
  7. Is conservatism a threat to freedom of speech?
  8. Should the government be able to control family size?
  9. Should the national government repeal all laws that criminalize drug manufacture and use?
  10. The government should restrict the pricing of medicines.


In conclusion, in this blog, We have discussed how to write an argumentative essay, including its structure and essential components. We also covered the importance of a clear thesis statement, logical transitions, well-supported arguments, and a compelling conclusion. Additionally, we explored various potential topics for an argumentative essay. Remember to follow these guidelines to ensure your essay is coherent, persuasive, and exceeds the 80+ mark. By adhering to these principles, you will be well-equipped to craft a high-quality argumentative essay.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write an argument essay ?
  • Selecting a topic is the first and most important stage.
  • Research and gathering evidence are crucial steps in writing an argumentative essay.
  • Structuring your essay properly is essential for clarity and effectiveness.
  • Editing and revising are important for improving the quality of your essay. Carefully review your work.
What makes a good argumentative essay ?

There are three key elements of a good argumentative essay:

  • Start with a strong Argumentative essay.
  • Add a formal and specific message or your thesis.
  • For an argumentative essay to be convincing, it needs to be based upon and cited by comprehensive research.
What is the main goal of an argumentative essay ?
The purpose of argumentative writing is to convince the reader that your point of view is just as valid and deserving of consideration as another's. Argumentative Writing Technique: Provides the reader with relevant reasons, credible data, and unequivocal proof of the author's justified and qualified point of view.
When do I write an Argumentative Essay ?

The majority of university essays are argumentative essays. Unless otherwise stated, you can presume that the purpose of every essay you're required to write is argumentative. To prove to the reader of your position through evidence and reasoning.
In composition classes, you may be assigned assignments that particularly assess your ability to produce an argumentative essay. Look for prompts with directions like "argue," "assess," or "discuss" to see if this is the purpose.

What is an Argumentative Essay Structure ?

Argumentative Essay Structure Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
How to find an argumentative topic ?

Here are some strategies to help you find an argumentative essay topic:

  1. Reflect on your interests and passions
  2. Brainstorm around a general theme
  3. Explore online resources
  4. Consider the following criteria when choosing a topic
What is an argumentative essay example ?
An argumentative text is any piece of writing that employs evidence and facts to support a specific point. Thus, an argumentative essay fits the criteria of argumentative writing. An essay suggesting that the Four-Day Work Week Should Be the Standard is one example of an argumentative essay.