Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Before to use any of AHEC powered by A2G Ventures PVT. LTD. facilities, read the following terms closely. All customers of our products and subscribers to our website shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. "we," "us" and "Ahecounselling" mean and "you" mean parents or guardians and professors and everybody who uses our services or our webpage. We use these terms.

The way teachers pass the skills to the students and also how students acquire them is highly inconsistent. We've come up with this innovative undertaking to fill this huge void, whereby we employ qualified teacher, experts in their various areas. Our goal is to promote the learning experience easy for students and no other reason apart from this.

Governing LAW

If any kind of proceeding or case is processed legally from the client's end against A2G Ventures PVT. LTD. in future, the established court area for its hearing will be Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Copyright Statement

The material of this location is it has by Copyrighted materials. However, for non-commercial use, you can obtain print of this material.

Nobody shall have authorization to use or change the content of this website for commercial purposes.

Limitation on Use

By joining and using resources, you accept the use of the tutor's data only for research purposes, and that you are unable to use any available solutions, responses, resources or data on and through the services to cheat. For example:

Give any Resources textbook solutions to any classroom as your own.

Use our answers to test or do research if you are told not to use external assistance.

The details will not be given for credit or degree as the initial school projects.

Any breach of the college of your teacher

We consider rapid action against any person who has been found to be violating these terms. If proof is submitted that Ahecounselling services were used pursuant to this or any part of these Terms of Use, Ahecounselling may delete materials at its absolute discretion, removing the accounts of the users concerned.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

There are a variety of problems with multiple solutions, so you can have several techniques for your approach if you're not told before then your intended solution would be unique from our method, but both are right methods.

The cost will be agreed on each other upon receipt of a query. We will submit solutions before the deadlines once the payment has been made. Any follow-up queries will help you to understand the approach format.

We will do our best to support you every time, but we can't guarantee it at times, so you can make a reservation in advance for a limited duration at a certain time.

For any facility that we use, we reserve the ability to demand membership fees or payment.

If any of these provisions become in full or in part unconstitutional, the validity of other contractual obligations shall remain unchanged.

We reserve the full right prior notice to alter terms of service. The most recent edition of the terms of service replaces older versions

We have the exclusive right to terminate the sales contract in full or in part at a certain time.

Complete accord
All previous agreements will be replaced and terminated by service terms entered into by the current agreement among student and Ahecounselling.

By visiting or signing up for our services. The customer agrees to receive the product updates service address or other attractive schemes.