Refund and Return

Refund policy

AHEC diligently and efficiently deals with your assignments. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we never compromises the quality of the content we deliver for anything. Still, if you feel that the content delivered by us is not up to par and has failed to meet your quality standards, you can claim a refund. We have a separate team at AHEC which specifically deals with payment and refunds. Below are conditions under which we feel that your refund is due on us:

If you want to cancel the order once you have placed it, how much amount you can claim as a refund will depend upon how much content the writer has written. So, it is important that you finalise beforehand whether or not you want us to confirm the order.

Our entire team collectively works to help you score excellent grades. We do not guarantee A grades, because how generous the professor is while giving you marks depends upon multiple factors. Yet if you get poor grades in any of your assignments made by us, the amount you have paid is will be refunded within 7 working days from the declaration of your result.

In case you get multiple feedbacks on your assignment, we will rectify all the errors and also rewrite a certain part of the assignment (if necessary). You need not pay any additional amount to have these errors rectified. However, if you want us to include additional content in the assignment, you are obliged to pay the additional cost, depending upon how much more content you need us to add.

If you want to cancel the order after having placed it and confirmed it, you must have a valid reason to do so. In case the investigation team finds out that the reason you have pleaded is not valid or does not make much sense, then AHEC is not obliged to refund your amount. Besides, we need a proper documentation which supports the reason you are pleading to cancel the assignment.

If AHEC fails to deliver the assignment within the deadline, then you can claim the refund. However, if the team at AHEC has to extend the deadline on account of any additional instruction or information given by you which you omitted to tell us before, then you cannot claim the refund.

Generally, we do not hand over the assignment to you until and unless we are certain that it does not contain plagiarised content. However, in case you come across any part of the assignment which contains plagiarised content, we will remove that part and replace it with original and authentic content. We do not ask for additional amount for doing this, as it is our responsibility as well as an absolute claim made by us to deliver plagiarism free content. No refund will be entertained in such a case, because we will remove the plagiarised content within a short pace of time.

Most importantly, if you claim a refund— whether it is on account of poor marks you get, or for any other reason you want to cancel the order— you shall provide an authentic proof, so that we can entertain your request and further the process of refund.