Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Helping students all across the world and enriching their academic experiences, AHEC has come a long way. We believe that interest of each party must be protected, so that we can build a safe and secure environment at AHEC. We keep the information of our clients confidential. AHEC does its best to protect your interest all the time, yet we urge you to once go through all privacy policies mentioned below.

• Personal information:

Students’ name, email ID, contact number are kept confidential unless we are required to disclose it for statutory purpose. We understand that privacy of each individual is important to him/her, and that’s why we never share it with anyone else. If you are below 18 or considered a minor in any way by the laws of the country in which you study, you must seek your parents’ or guardian’s permission before having to share your personal information with us.

• Payment information:

The process we use for monetary transactions is reliable, safe, and trustworthy. We do not store your credit card information in our system. We comply with our policies and never leak any part of your information.

• Copyright issues:

Students who avail our services evince confidence in our services, because we always produce original content with relevant data, facts, and figures. They will not face copyright issues or plagiarism issues in any assignment delivered by us. We have a separate department for quality check which ensures that students are getting high-quality content.

Grievance handling Officer: Ankit Samant
Email id:
Mobile phone: +91-9664182955