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York University

York University is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is among the most prestigious universities in Toronto. York University is ranked #456 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022. York University offers programs through its eleven faculties. The university offers 78 undergraduate certificate courses, as well as 92 postgraduate diploma courses and 41 PhD programs, are offered.

The most popular courses that are offered at York University are accounting and finance. Indian students who want to attend York University require a bachelor's degree and an average GPA of 5.0 on an average of 10.0 (65 per cent to 69 per cent), IELTS scores of 6.5, and work for a period of 3 to five years, depending on the specific course.

The cost of attending York University for international students can range from CAD 29,000 up to 37,000, which is approximately 17.55 lakhs - 22.4 lakhs per Indian student. It includes tuition, programs as well as other costs. The cost of housing for students at York University is CAD 7,512per 8 months, i.e. 4.53 lakhs.

York University History

York University was founded in 1959 as a non-denominational university under the York University Act that was given Royal Assent from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on the 26th of March of the same year. Its first class began in September of 1960 within Falconer Hall on the University of Toronto campus, with a total number of 76 pupils.

The idea of university education established in the 1960s was a response to the growing population and the conviction in the idea that education for all levels was a crucial element of socio-economic justice and productivity for the individual and society. The model of governance was based after that on the province-wide University of Toronto Act of 1906 that established a bicameral structure of the university's government, which included a Senate (faculty) with responsibility for academic policies and policy, as well as a board of governors (citizens) with complete control over financial policies and being the sole authority in every other area. 

York University Top Programs

York University offers a plethora of international student courses with a range of levels, from the award of degrees and certificates to graduation. Candidates who are eligible and interested can apply to three distinct levels, which include the undergraduate certificate program, which includes 178 students, as well as 92 postgraduate diploma courses and 41 doctoral programs. The programs are offered in the 11 faculties at York University. 

York University Top Courses & Fees

Course Name

Annual Tuition Fees

Bachelor of Arts [B.A], Actuarial Science

INR 15,23,482

Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Communications

INR 15,23,482

The Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science

INR 14,46,147

Master of Arts [B.A] Psychology

INR 15,23,482

Master of Arts [M.A] Economics

INR 6,14,822

Master of Arts [M.A] Psychology

INR 6,14,822

Master of Accountancy [M.Acc], Master of Accounting [M.Acc.]

INR 18,05,186

Master of Science [M.Sc], Computer Science

INR 6,41,418

Master of Applied Science [M.ASc], Computer Engineering

INR 6,14,822

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]/Master of Arts [M.A]

INR 25,72,841

York University Rankings

York University has secured #456 in the QS World University Rankings, 2023. Below are the other rankings that York University has achieved. York University.

  • #301-500 on the Graduate Employability Rankings from QS World University Rankings, 2022.
  • #401 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 2022
  • #56 on the list of Best Global Universities by US News and World Report 2022
  • 17th place 17 in Best Global Universities in Canada by US News and World Report 2022


York University

English Language and Literature


Business & Management Studies


Accounting and Finance

#101- 150

Engineering and Technology


Social Sciences and Management


Economics and Econometrics

#201- #250

York University Campus and Accommodations

The institute is spread over three campus universities that are spread across Ontario, which include Keele, Glendon, and Markham. The main campus for the institute is Keele Campus. It lies in the northwestern part of Toronto. Keele campus is an autonomous community with approximately 6,000 graduates and 46,000 students. With modern facilities and unlimited opportunities, it's an area of professional and personal development. The majority of the faculties at the university, including Law, Business, Fine Arts, Education, and Engineering, among others, are on Keele Campus. Keele Campus.

Glendon Campus is a bilingual campus of the institute that is located in the heart of Southern Ontario. It is actually the only campus across Canada that requires students to complete courses that are offered in both English as well as French.

Markham Campus is located near Highway 407 in partnership with Seneca College and is still in construction. The campus is set to be completed by the fall session of 2023. The library at the university is equipped with the essentials to educate students, comprising hundreds of journals, books, computers, and wi-fi. The e-journals and ebooks can be downloaded online by students.

York University Accommodation

The school houses more than 4,500 students in 10 residences on its Keele as well as Glendon campuses. The options available include double and single rooms in the dormitories on campus. Students 21 years or older age may also take advantage of personal suites. The facilities for meals in the residencies, as well as in the form of cafeterias/restaurants, are on offer on campus.

Below is the cost of some of the accommodations that are offered at York University.


Cost: 8 months (in INR)


Traditional - 5.65 lakhs up to 6.29 lakhs

Suite (4 Students)Suite (4 Students) 6.39 lakhs

Suite (12 Students)12 Students 6.11 lakhs


Suite (6 Students)6 Students 6.74 lakhs

Suite (6 Students)Suite (6 Students) 7.04 lakhs

Tatham Hall

Traditional - 5.65 lakhs, to 6.29 lakhs

York University Admission Process

The first step to take the first step to gain admission first step of gaining admission to York University is choosing a program and observing its requirements for admission. The process of applying for an admission is explained below in a few simple steps:

Access Portal to Admissions: University Portal

Application fee: 99 USD

Academic Requirements for PG Programs:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Standardized Exam Scores
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of the purpose
  • English Language Proficiency Score
    • TOEFL (iBT) 90-100
    • IELTS: 7- 7.5

Academic Requirements required for UG Program:

  • High-School Certificate.
  • Documents from any previous academic achievement
  • Resume/ CV,
  • Personal letter,
  • IELTS/ TOEFL Score.
  • Immigration and citizenship documents.
  • English proficiency scores for language
    • TOEFL (iBT) TOEFL (iBT): 83
    • IELTS: 6.5

Cost of attendance at York University

To make it easier for international students to staying to make it easier for international applicants to stay in Canada. It is essential that they know of their expenses prior to applying to the institution. A rough estimate of the price of living in Canada during the term at the institution is given below.

Cost of Participation in UG Programs


The Annual cost (in INR)

Tuition Fee + additional charges

22.25 lakhs - 23.78 lakhs

Textbooks and materials

0.90 lakhs - 1.12 lakhs (varies depending on the program)


4.45 lakhs

Meal program

2.52 lakhs- 3.76 lakhs

Personal expenses for living on campus

1.88 lakhs

Living off the campus

8.27 lakhs

Costs of living if you live outside the campus

3 lakhs

Dental and health treatment

0.67 lakhs

Cost of Attendance to Programs for PG


Yearly cost (in INR)

The tuition and fees for additional services.

11.53 lakhs - 47.97 lakhs

Textbooks and supplies (may be higher in certain programs)

0.98 lakhs- 1.96 lakhs

Food and housing

0.736 lakhs

Dental and health insurance (UHIP and Supplementary insurance)

0.92 lakhs- 1.91lakhs

Other (transportation and entertainment, clothing,)

2.26 lakhs- 2.45 lakhs

York University Program & Fees 




Rs18.4 L/Yr

CA$30,059 /Yr

M.A Business Analytics

Rs51.5 L/Yr

CA$84,100 /Yr


Rs17.9 L/Yr

CA$29,201 /Yr

B.Sc Computer Science

Rs16.2 L/Yr

CA$26,428 /Yr


Rs18.7 L/Yr

CA$30,457 /Yr


Rs27.2 L/Yr

CA$44,425 /Yr

Certification Human Resource Management

Rs16.4 L/Yr

CA$26,761 /Yr

Certificate Management

Rs16.4 L/Yr

CA$26,761 /Yr

York University Scholarships

In order to provide quality education to students from all over the world, The university offers financial assistance in the form of different international scholarships that allow students to study in Canada. Candidates should note that in order to take advantage of these scholarships, applicants must submit their International Student Scholarship and Award Application. The deadline for submissions is February 1. It is important to note that the Faculty of Graduate Studies are fully operational and will be able to process all applications and awards in relation to financial aid and scholarships. The studentships that are open to international students are listed below:

Name of the scholarship

Awards Amount (in INR, per calendar year)

No. of Awards


Minimum Eligibility

International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction

26.33 lakhs


4 years old


International Students Receive the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award

11.43 lakhs


4 years old


Glendon International Scholarship

5.71 lakhs


1st year only


International Circle of Scholars Scholarship

8.57 lakhs


1st year only


The TU is a large institution which allows you to pick from many courses with no limitations. With its top-quality education and numerous sports and clubs to be part of, The institute guarantees that your experience at university will be the result you get out of it.

Work-Study Program at York University

The Work/Study program at York University provides qualifying students (domestic and international) with on-campus paid job opportunities that help them develop their professional skills and also contribute to the campus.York University provides three options for work/study programmes:

  • General Work-Study provides an array of possibilities for students to participate in various support positions while gaining important, relevant skills and experience in work.
  • The Leadership Engagement, Ambassadorship and Program (LEAP) Jobs in LEAP are designed to help engage undergraduate students in positions within faculties and colleges, as well as programs or even the university in general, that can improve the overall experience for students at York University.
  • Researchers at York (RAY)The RAY positions enhance the research culture at York and enhance the academic experience of undergraduate students by providing opportunities for qualified and eligible undergraduate students to take part in research projects alongside colleagues and faculty members.

Placement at York University

It is situated in Toronto, which is a city renowned for its nightlife and clubs. The university offers its students the highest quality of entertainment choices, gorgeous beaches to spend weekends at as well as some excellent shopping spots. In a time when safety concerns are being discussed as a matter of serious concern to authorities, the university has introduced a variety of adjustments and modifications to its security policy to prevent further inconvenience to students. The offering of a one-year fully paid internship within the study field ensures that its students have the right experience in the field and provides full support for CVs as well as a successful interview process and employment, making the effort of the university to study in Canada worthwhile.

Frequently asked questions

What is York University famous for ?
York University is home to Canada's largest liberal arts program, the only Space Engineering program in the country, a new Global Health program and a unique cross-discipline Digital Media program.
What is York University acceptance rate ?
There is no defined acceptance rate for York University. However, according to some data, York University Toronto has an overall average acceptance rate of 27%. That is, out of a total of 206,297 applicants, 55,700 were welcomed, with 57% of them that are females and last 43% men. Using York University's prior student enrolment data, 49,700 students were accepted out of 55,843 applicants.
How many programs run at York University ?
York University provides a wide range of courses for international students, ranging from certificates and degrees to diplomas. Students who are interested and skilled can apply at three levels: 178 undergraduate certificate programmes, 92 postgraduate diploma programmes, and 41 doctorate programmes. The programmes are available across the university's 11 faculties.
What is York University careers option ?
According to York University Website, The Work/Study Program at York University provides eligible undergraduate students (domestic and international) with the opportunity to develop professional skills and contribute to the University through paid, on-campus employment opportunities.
How many Libraries does York University have ?
York University have a large library system in Toronto, Ontario. University There are four main libraries and one archive with over 2,500,000 volumes, the majority of them can be borrowed. William Pearson Scott was the inspiration for the library's name.
What is York University ranking ?
York University has been ranked in several post-secondary rankings. The university was ranked 301–400 in the world and 13–18 in Canada in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities. The university was ranked 494th in the world and seventeenth in Canada in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.
Is York University a good University ?

The Best Global Universities list has York University at position 456. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognised measures of quality.

Is it hard to get into York University ?

This university will consider courses done in Grades 11 and 12 for applicants who have graduated from high school. Meeting the minimum admission standards and deadline dates does not ensure admission to York University because of its high level of selection. The best prospects only will be taken into consideration.

What is York University best known for ?

York is renowned for fostering excellence in teaching and research through cross-disciplinary programming, creative course design, and chances for experiential learning.

Is York good for international students ?

The globe over, a York degree is valued and acknowledged. Teaching at a Russell Group university is supported by ground-breaking research.

Does York University accept everyone ?

On average, just 27% of applicants are accepted to York University Toronto. In other words, out of 206,297 candidates, 55,700 persons were accepted, with 57% being women and 43% being men.

What grades do you need for York Uni ?

A total score between 70 and 85 (plus 70 in each of the three 5-unit subjects) (plus 80 in three 5-unit subjects).

How long does it take to get offer letter from York University ?

The processing of your application could take 4–6 weeks. The time it takes for each programme to analyse graduate applications before making an admissions decision varies.

What subjects is York University good for ?

Popular undergraduate curricula

  • science of computers.
  • Economics.
  • Psychology.
  • Law.
  • Medicine.
  • Business.
Is York expensive for students ?

According to a recent report, YORK is among the top 10 most expensive cities for students to rent in.

Is York University private or public ?

In 1959, York University was established as a public institution. The campus is 457 acres in size, and it is located in an urban area.

Does York University give scholarships to international students ?

International students enrolling at York University may be eligible for scholarships and bursaries. It is advised that you look at the funding options for overseas students and submit applications for all of the programmes for which you are eligible.

Is SAT required for York University ?

Students must complete the SAT with a minimum score of 1290 in order to be admitted to York University in Canada. g) Scores on a language test (TOEFL/IELTS) if the applicant's first language is not English. Each programme may have different requirements.

Is York a prestigious University ?

In a famous national ranking table for universities, the University of York has risen two spots, and it is also considered the best university in the area.

Can I get into York University with a 70 average ?

These specifications may include a particular GPA, an additional requirement, or a list of prerequisite courses from high school. Most faculties require an average between the high 70s and the mid 80s for programmes in science and engineering. Faculty will require a mid-70s academic average for Humanities and Liberal Arts.

How do I get a scholarship to York University ?
  1. Accept admission to York University's bachelor's programme.
  2. Fill out the online form to apply for this reward.
  3. Send in the following paperwork: Resume. references in writing. individual statement Transcripts. Diploma of English Proficiency.
  4. Send in your application.