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What is the length of a dissertation

What is the length of a dissertation? You're likely to inquire about this question when you're just beginning the doctoral degree. However, the question isn't new, as many students have asked the same question. Perhaps, the most simple answer is that your dissertation should be sufficient in length to be able to answer the question adequately.

How long is a dissertation?

There isn't a single response to the issue of the doctoral dissertation's length. However, most dissertations run between 100 and 200 pages long. Someone can say that the dissertation should have 146 pages, while someone else could say 90 pages. A third person could suggest that it is 200 pages. The length of this crucial academic paper should be determined by the subject, the writing style, and the creator's objectives.

Students are required to compose dissertations while studying for masters and Ph.D. degrees. The dissertation forms an important element of these academic courses at well-known educational institutions. This is why a majority of undergraduate students are concerned regarding the amount of the document, as it's an important aspect of their academic experience.

There are general guidelines regarding how long dissertations be. In particular, the area your dissertation research focuses on will affect the length. For example, a dissertation that is based focused on history would likely be larger than a typical dissertation on chemistry. It is because your subject of study will determine how long your thesis is.

What is the length of a Ph.D. DISSERTATION?

The majority of academics say that the Ph.D. dissertation's length shouldn't exceed 80 000 words. Therefore, your dissertation should be at or near the length of this. The word count is inclusive of appendices but not references, footnotes, and bibliographies. The footnotes of dissertations must not exceed 20 percent of the total text.

Students are not allowed to include the use of footnotes with a discursive nature. In addition, it is not recommended to make use of footnotes to add information that belongs in their primary text. By doing this, they will be reducing the standard length of the dissertation.

The tables that make up a statistical dissertation are regarded as approximately 150 words per page. However, it is the Degree Committee that can allow learners to go over the limit after the application process and in exceptional circumstances. So, applicants should apply for the exception as early as possible prior to the date they plan to present their dissertation. It is the Graduate Committee that evaluates the application and decides whether or not to permit students to modify the average length of the dissertation.

The committee reviews the dissertation proposal along with an official statement that attests to the length of their proposed dissertation. If they do not and their dissertation is longer than the average length, the dissertation will be sent back to be revised before it is passed on to the examiners of the institution.


A variety of factors must be considered when deciding on the issue of how long the length of a Ph.D. dissertation is. But, it is recommended that students limit their writing to between 100,000 and 80,000 words. In general, the document should be about 200 pages. The length of the Ph.D. thesis will also depend on the school and the area of study.

In essence, universities can determine the specifications for dissertations, which includes the length. But, most universities choose to use approximately 100,000 words. Studies have shown that STEM dissertations are of a median length of about 159 pages. Non-STEM dissertations, on the contrary, have a median length of 223 pages. Therefore, there's a huge distinction in the length of STEM as well as non-STEM research.


Another query that may be on your mind is: how long should dissertation chapters be? It varies as every chapter is a distinct section that must address specific issues. If you provide the correct details in a concise and efficient manner, the final draft must be the proper length. How long, then, is an individual doctoral dissertation section? Here's a rough estimation.


The dissertation's first section must explain why the subject is crucial. The dissertation should also provide pertinent information about the subject. The introduction should inform readers why you picked the subject or topic and the reason why it is important. In general, the introduction should comprise between 10 to 15 pages. This is an ideal length since it allows you to describe everything in a short manner. Make sure to entice the reader without divulging or discussing any information in depth. Therefore, your dissertation's introduction is more of an introduction.

Review of literature

This is the part in which you review the relevant sources you've chosen to write your dissertation. The list should contain only those sources that are suitable for writing your dissertation. This section will review and highlight your strengths as well as weaknesses in the chosen sources. Your literature reviews should run between 20 and 25 pages in length.


This section of a dissertation varies between 10 and 15 pages. The focus is on the method used in the conduct of the research. This section explains the exact method and the methods of data selection employed. The section also outlines ways of reaching out to the sample and the collected data. Furthermore, any problems can be listed.


This part of a dissertation is not required to be more than ten pages. It includes a list and explanation of the results. Research findings are listed along with the hypotheses in detail. In particular, you must declare whether the findings were rejected or proven. In addition, you should include the conclusion of everything that you have done so in the manner your investigation is related.


The section for debate is another name for this. The length of the discussion section should be between 15 to 20 pages. This is where you present the findings of your study. Give a more current and comprehensive view of your research. Additionally, you should diversify the evidence base that is currently available on the subject. Additionally, offer suggestions but acknowledge some limitations in this area.

How long should the length of a dissertation chapter be? It boils down to the subject, the learning institution, and the goals of the research. Each segment is distinct in its length according to the nature of the study that was conducted and the collected data.

What exactly should a dissertation be? There isn't an exact answer to this. But, a history, psychology communication, nursing, and management dissertations could be as long as 300 pages. Education, Environmental Health, and Political Science dissertations can be about 100 pages. The length is determined by the type of research as well as the information to be included in the dissertation.


There's no need to know how long the word count of a dissertation is because this question is addressed. However, you may like to be aware of the length of the proposal. There isn't a particular length for this piece of work. It should, however, be considered a lengthy formal document.

Most faculties suggest between 15 to 20 pages. The length of your proposal will be determined by the issue to be tackled as well as the motivations for solving the issue, the source of solutions that will be derived from, and why you'll search for certain sources.

This document suggests the research to be carried out. The primary focus of this document must be convincing your thesis committee professor that you have an interesting research topic that is worthwhile to pursue. Therefore, you should provide a persuasive document to your faculty in order for them to approve you to continue with your dissertation writing task.

How long should an ABSTRACT BE?

Finally, you might be interested in knowing how long the abstract portion of your dissertation must be. This is a distinct page in the whole document. It's an outline of the dissertation. It summarizes the findings and the goals of the research. In essence, the reader should be able to understand the contents of your paper about through the abstract. Therefore, this part is to be included at the close. It should include the goals of the study, the issue methods, the key findings, and the conclusion.

The length of the abstract for dissertations ranges between 150-300 words. However, just like the primary sections of a dissertation, there is a specific limit on the number of words that may be included. So, make sure to check with the journal or institution to whom you're creating your dissertation.

The Bottom Line

There is no set amount of words or pages which determine the length of a dissertation. So, consult your faculty, university, or journal for the requirements specific to your dissertation's length.

After you have completed you following the completion of your dissertation, you should, however, prepare a rough draft of your dissertation or take the introduction of your proposal as a model since it includes the majority of things you'll need.

Frequently asked questions

How long is a doctoral dissertation ?
around 60,000–80,000 words
How long is the longest dissertation ?
Joachim Schuhmacher, a historian, wrote the longest PhD dissertation on the history of sailing. His thesis was cut from 2,654 pages to 2,200 pages and is even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. At the German University of Konstanz, the thesis was turned in.
How many pages is a 50000 word dissertation ?
100 single-spaced pages or 200 double-spaced pages equal 50,000 words.
How many papers should be in a dissertation ?
Model of "three papers"
How difficult is dissertation ?
A dissertation or thesis is perhaps the lengthiest and most challenging assignment a student has ever taken on.
Can you fail a dissertation ?
Usually, you will be offered the chance to submit it again by the predetermined deadline.
Can I write my dissertation in one day ?
You can, is the response. However, a lot of preparation work must be done first. For example, if you are just beginning to choose a topic for your PhD dissertation, then no.
Can I write a dissertation in 3 days ?
You can finish a dissertation in just three days and still get top scores.
How do I finish my dissertation quickly ?
  • Be organized, use time management, and fulfill deadlines. Effective time management is crucial.
  • Be in the company of intelligent and encouraging individuals. Bring your life partner along for the ride.
  • With your chair, establish a professional connection.
How do you pass a dissertation ?
  • op dissertation writing advice
  • begin early.
  • Note the sources you used.
  • Be truthful.
  • Be certain about your message.
  • Conserve your efforts.
  • Put your goals in writing.
  • Consider the future, and support your choices.