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Western University

Western University is ranked #10 on the Best Global Universities List of Canada. Western University has 12 faculties that offer programs, including the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. It also offers professional programs in Medicine and Business, Law, and Engineering. It has one of the highest first-year student acceptance rates at 91 percent. Western University has a diverse student body, including over 4,493 students from 129 different countries. Western University is moderately selective in admissions, with a 58% acceptance rate.

History of Western University

The Western University in London, Ontario, was founded on March 7, 1878, by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth of the Anglican Diocese of Huron, and its first chancellor was Chief Justice Richard Martin, Meredith. Huron University, which was formed in 1863, was incorporated. Arts, Divinity, Law, and Medicine were the original four faculties (London Medical University). When studies first began in 1881, there were just 15 students.

Despite the fact that the university was established in 1878, it did not obtain the authority to offer degrees in Arts, Theology, and Medicine until June 20, 1881. The university's name was changed to The Western University and University of London, Ontario in 1882. On April 27, 1883, the first convocation of graduates was held. The institution was formerly linked with the Church of England before becoming non-denominational in 1908.

Western University Rankings

Western University, Canada, is one of Canada's top public universities. It is #172 in QS World University Rankings 2023. Below are other ranks attained by Western University by various ranking agencies.

  • #201-250 in Times Higher Education Rankings 2022
  • #52 in Impact ranking 2022
  • U.S News and World Report Best Global University Rankings 2021 ranked #287 and #10 among the top global universities in Canada.
  • According to's 2021 rankings, #183
  • Maclean's Rankings 2021 ranks Canada's top universities at #8
  • QS Subject Ranking 2022 shows that Western University’s Library & Information Management ranks at #23. 


Western University



Anatomy & Physiology


Business & Management Studies


Economics and Econometrics




Accounting and Finance


Western University Campus

  • Western University is Canada's oldest and most beautiful University. The campus is spacious and features a beautiful combination of Gothic-Modern architecture.
  • Western is committed to the safety and well-being of its students. Students can feel safe and secure on campus thanks to the presence of police, fire, and student emergency teams.
  • There are many bookstores on campus, as well as a library that holds 5.7 million books.
  • The campus also has a museum of archaeology and two art galleries.
  • The campus of Western University offers many opportunities for students to develop their talents in Art & Culture, and Athletics. There are also numerous opportunities for health & wellbeing, transportation, and other activities.
  • It is a student-friendly campus that is available for learning, work, and recreation.

Accommodation at Western University

  • To accommodate students with diverse lifestyles, Western University has both on-campus and off-campus housing options.
  • On-campus living offers the advantage of being close to classes and other University facilities.
  • There are three types of housing available on campus: Residence, Western Apartments, and Western summer accommodations.
  • The cost of on-campus accommodation and meal plan expenses can vary between 13,210 CAD and 15,800 CAD.
  • Students may also choose to live off-campus. The University assists with rentals, leases, and landlords, as well as in neighbourhood relations. Here are some options for student accommodation


Double-room (INR/year)

Single-room (INR/year)

Halls in traditional style

5.34 Lakhs

5.76 Lakhs

Halls in hybrid-style

6.23 Lakhs

6.74 Lakhs

Halls in suite-style


6.99 lakhs

Off-Campus Accommodation at Western University

The University Off-Campus team at Western can help. On the website, you can view rental listings and other helpful tools for first-time London renters. You can also get help from the team of off-campus consultants who can assist you with mediation and lease reviews. Below is the average rental price in London, Ontario

Type of room

Average Cost/Month (INR).


0.48 Lakhs

One bedroom

0.63 Lakhs

Two bedrooms

0.78 Lakhs

Three bedrooms or more

0.89 Lakhs

Western University Programs

Western University offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The University is affiliated with AUCC, IAU CBIE, CBIE, and CARL. Western University offers unique programs, and students have the opportunity to study with highly qualified faculty. The University also provides English language assistance to students who need it.

  • Western offers 12 faculties, including graduate and postdoctoral programs, as well as professional programs in Law, Medicine, and Engineering.
  • The University offers 88 graduate programs as well as interdisciplinary programs.
  • Westerns offer 17 undergraduate programs as well as three degrees, including honors bachelor's, three-year bachelor and four-year bachelor's.
  • There are also some concurrent and combined degrees offered by the University, including Engineering and Business, Kinesiology; food & Nutrition; Media Information & Technoculture, and Law.
  • You also have the option of Co-op, student Exchange, and Distance Learning programs.

Western University Top Courses & Fees

Course Name

Annual Tuition Fees

Bachelor of Medicine Science [B.Med.Sc]

INR 17,28,829

Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A], Business Administration

INR 14,17,813

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], Computer Science

INR 15,31,270

Bachelor of Arts [B.A], Economics

INR 15,31,270

Master of Science [M.Sc], Computer Science

INR 9,06,740

Master of Science [M.Sc], Psychology

INR 6,07,417

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

INR 60,86,224

Master of Science [M.Sc], Anatomy and Cell Biology

INR 4,56,750

Master of Science [M.Sc], Neuroscience

INR 9,06,740

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Science, Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

INR 6,07,417

Master, Data Analytics

INR 25,65,291

Western University Application Process

Candidates who want to apply for admission to Western University must meet all eligibility requirements and submit any supporting documents required by the University. The application process for Western University is different for part-time and full-time students.

Western University UG Admissions

Admission requirements:

  • Official transcripts from high school
  • Application complete
  • Result for the 12th Grade
  • Result for the 10th Grade
  • Recommendations letters
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Academic Resume/CV
  • Personal essay
  • English proficiency test scores
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT-83

Western University PG Admissions

Admission requirements:

  • Official Transcripts (min. Official Transcripts (min. 70%)
  • a four-year bachelor's degree from an institution with accreditation.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation
  • Scores on GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACTs
  • Working Experience
  • Professional CV
  • English proficiency test scores
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT-86

Western University Cost of Attendance

Below is a table that shows tuition fees and living expenses in Canada for International Undergraduate Students over an academic year. All estimates are made in Canadian dollars.


Annual Cost (in INR).

Tuition Fee

27.93 Lakhs

Residence & Meal plan (8 months)

9.52 lakhs

Personal Items

2.27 Lakhs

Books & Supplies

1.38 Lakhs

Western University Scholarships

Western University offers a variety of scholarships and aids for students. These scholarships are intended to reward students who excel in academics. Students can study stress-free with financial aid and scholarships.




Western Admission Scholarship


Each 2,500 (1,500 for the first year and 1000 for an optional study abroad experience).

Distinction in Western Scholarship


3,500 per year (2,500 the first year, plus 1000 optional).

Excellence in Western Scholarship

High school averages in the top ten

250 scholarships, 8000 each (6000 for the first year and 2000 for an optional experience abroad)

Frequently asked questions

What is Western University famous for ?

The researchers, lecturers, and graduate students at Western University, one of Canada's largest research-intensive universities, are thought leaders in their fields and do ground-breaking research in some of the most fascinating and rapidly developing fields.

Is Western University a good University ?

The Best Global Universities list places Western University at position #294. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognised measures of quality.

Is it difficult to get into Western University ?

Western University admissions are regarded as being fairly demanding and difficult. At Western University, there are more than 40,000 students enrolled. … One of the highest national entry averages for first-year students at Western University is 90.6%.

Is Western University private or public ?

In London, Ontario, Canada, there is a public research institution called Western University. The main campus is situated on 455 hectares of land, with residential neighbourhoods on all sides and the Thames River cutting through the eastern part of the campus. There are twelve academic faculties and schools run by the institution.

What are the best programs in Western ?

Western performed best in the Social Sciences & Management category out of the five subject categories, which also included Life Sciences & Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Arts & Humanities, and Natural Sciences.

Does Western university accept international students ?

Western University is a popular destination for overseas students because of our highly esteemed professors, top-notch research infrastructure and facilities, good graduate financing, and excellent graduate programmes.

Is Western a good University for engineering ?

Due to its outstanding academic curricula, distinguished faculty, and cutting-edge facilities, Western University's Civil & Environmental Engineering programme, which is ranked #1 in Canada and #14 globally by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, is renowned for its excellence on a national and international level.

Is Western University Canada hard to get into ?

Western University admissions are regarded as being fairly demanding and difficult. At Western University, there are more than 40,000 students enrolled. … One of the highest national entry averages for first-year students at Western University is 90.6%.

Is Western University good in Canada ?

Western is one of Canada's top research-intensive universities, with a reputation for success on a global scale and yearly research funding of more than $240 million.

What is Western University ranked in Canada ?

Western University, based in London, Ontario, moves up three spots to 211st in the world in 2020 and ranks 77th among the best Canadian universities for the indicator of citations per faculty member.

How do you get into Western University Canada ?

Candidates must have a Master's degree or its equivalent from a university, college, or institute, and they must demonstrate their ability to do original research. According to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, a Master's degree must have a minimum grade point average of 70%.

What is Western University best known for ?

One of Canada's leading research universities is Western University. Western discoveries, from the most basic to the most practical, advance the economic, social, health, and cultural advancement of Canada and the rest of the world. One of Canada's leading research universities is Western University.

Is Western University well known ?

The Best Global Universities list places Western University at position #294. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognised measures of quality.

How can I get admission in Western University Canada ?

We'll check your transcripts for these particular courses and take them into account while evaluating your application. Students in Ontario high schools: You can find these on your admissions page or on the pages for each programme. All other students: You can find these on the pages for your particular curriculum.

Does Western University require ielts ?

There cannot be no score lower than 80 and a minimum overall score of 85. English language testing organisation ILETS (IELTS). No component may be less than 6.5 and the overall band score must be at least 7.0.