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University of Windsor


The University of Windsor is a private research and education institution located within Windsor, Canada. As the most southern of universities in Canada It was established in 1857. The university provides students 190 undergraduate degrees as well as 65 doctoral and graduate degrees across nine faculties , including those of the Faculty of Education, Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Law, Nursing, Science, Human Kinetics and Odette School of Business. The research department of the university has expanded its efforts to entrepreneurial, health and natural sciences research.

The campus is near the United States covering 51 acres of land and is located near the residential neighborhood. Certain academic programs, including the Executive as well as Professional Education program and Social Work have been relocated into the city's central area. In addition, the CAW Student Center houses the restaurant and bookstore that meet the needs of students. Additionally, St. Denis Center located at the southernmost point of campus houses recreation and athletic facilities, including the gym and pool for students.

It is believed that the University of Windsor has a family of 16,231 students each year, representing more than 100 nations around the globe. In the overall population of students, more than 12,356 are full-time and part-time undergraduates and 4,135 graduate students. 23 percent of them are foreign students. The university offers prizes to students who are selected through a writing contest each year.

University of Windsor Campus and Accommodation

The university is located on an extensive campus that is located situated in the middle of the metropolitan area of Windsor-Detroit, with breathtaking views and numerous opportunities to grow and learn. The campus is situated seven miles away from Downtown Windsor and is located close to the gorgeous Detroit River with nearby restaurants cafes, bookstores and restaurants. The campus is located in a residential area.

The campus also has the small arboretum as well as a massive food court, as well as the campus's main bookstore. The campus is serviced via Transit Windsor which operates buses that run from 5 a.m. until 2.30 a.m. on days off. The campus is home to a variety of sports and recreation activities to students. There is an exercise pool and swimming space that serves the same function. The campus also has the stadium for students in close proximity to St. Denis Center. The library at the heart of the institute, dubbed Leddy Library. Leddy Library comprises nearly 3 million books as well as other things.

Residential facilities

Over 900 students from the institute reside on its moderately-sized campus. It has traditional and suite-style housing for students. UWindsor has four residence halls that students can use. Macdonald Hall Macdonald Hall and Laurier Hall feature traditional rooms. They have single and double occupancy rooms as well as common washrooms as well as lounge spaces.

Cartier in addition to Alumni Halls offer suite-style rooms. These can be single-occupancy rooms. These rooms have shared kitchen facilities and washrooms are located inside the suites of certain suites. Every student in the residence has to select the menu plan from a range of plans, with prices between 3,000 and 4,500 USD.

University of Windsor Programs

University of Windsor is a student-focused University that strives to create an environment that is better by educating, scholarship research, and peer involvement. The university's roots can be traced to the year 160 offers a thriving and inclusive educational facility with its many programs. The university has more than 250 programs across nine faculties that include but isn't only limited to Business, Science, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Social Science and Law.

University of Windsor accredited by the Co-operative Education and Work-integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) also provides internship and co-op courses along with classes to ensure that students are prepared to take on real-world problems. Students within these courses will be given personal attention and receive regular feedback about their accomplishments.

University of Windsor Admission Process

Important deadlines for admission and the basic admissions process are provided for international applicants who are seeking admission at UWindsor.

How to Apply?

Before applying, students must first determine if they meet the admission prerequisites or the program's specific requirements or not. There are three options to apply.

1. Directly via UWindsor: UWindsor website:

  • Create a profile and then fill out their application form.

2. Apply via OUAC, i.e. Ontario Universities Applications Centre:

  • Fill out form 105F from OUAC. This form allows applicants to make an application to multiple schools across Ontario through one application.

3. You can apply through an agent for education:

  • The university has granted permission to certain agents to assist students in looking for UWindsor.
  • Candidates should ensure that they are applying through reputable and authorized agents only.

University of Windsor Rankings

  • 29 in Best Global Universities, Canada by US News and World report 2021.
  • 650 in Engineering by US News and World Report, 2021.
  • 701-750 in QS Global World Ranking, 2022.
  • 601-800 in World University Rankings Times Higher Education, 2021.

University of Windsor Education 

Whether you're a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree candidate, or a part-time certificate or executive education student, you will join an academic community that is completely involved in your success at the University of Windsor.

UWindsor, a medium-sized university with 16,000 students, provides a diverse range of educational options. You may pick from over 120 majors and minors, as well as 55 master's and doctorate degrees in fields like engineering, forensics, and business, as an undergraduate or graduate student.


Our primary goal is to support and promote research across all faculties, schools, research institutes, and organisations at the University of Windsor. This is performed in a variety of ways. Employees at the Office of Research and Innovation Services help with:

  • Finding sources of financing and research opportunities for academics
  • Information about funding sources, programmes, deadlines, application materials, restrictions, and policies is available.
  • On behalf of researchers, acting as a contact with funding agencies.
  • Examine research grant applications for compliance with agency requirements and institution standards.
  • Assist with grant proposals and contract creation, presentation, and tracking.


Career planning, job search tactics, resume writing, interview preparation, and labour market knowledge are all areas where our team of experts excels. They are here to assist you in bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace by assisting your career development and connecting you to resources and opportunities that may be relevant to your goals once you have completed your studies at the University of Windsor. Skills and values, as well as how to connect them to possible vocations. Examine what job possibilities are available and get answers to frequent career concerns like "What can I do with my major?" and "Where am I heading with my career?"

Student Life

Life on Campus

Your class has ended, but your day has just just begun.

For a short workout or a Pilates class, come to The Forge, our beautiful new fitness centre. Lunch at the market with pals (Baja Shrimp Tacos or Curry Lamb Stew?)

This is what it's like to be a student at the University of Windsor. You will make new acquaintances from all around the world at our living halls and restaurants. At our finest athletics facilities, you'll offer your best game. Don't be concerned if you join too many clubs and student groups.

Sports facilities

From ballroom dance to martial arts, cardio and aerobic exercises to intramural sports, the campus leisure programme offers a wide selection of health and fitness activities. This will enhance your educational experience while also promoting long-term health.

Fitness center Forge

  • Cardiovascular and Resistance Equipment for Life Fitness
  • Services for personal training
  • Conditioning and performance in sports
  • A licensed personal trainer will provide a free orientation to all students.
  • fitness courses on a bicycle
  • counseling on nutrition

Student clubs

Undergraduate students at the University of Windsor can join a variety of organizations, clubs, and societies on campus. Academic organisations, faculty societies, frats and sororities, sporting clubs, and a wide range of other specialty activity groups are among them.

The University of Windsor Students' Alliance, which represents graduate students from all of the University of Windsor's faculties, is open to all students.

There are clubs in practically every academic discipline that are unique to Odette.

  • AIESEC International is a non-profit organization that promotes international
  • Windsor, anectus
  • A bright future
  • The Odette Marketing Association is a non-profit organization that promotes
  • Leadership roles for women
  • Toastmasters
  • Future Entrepreneurs Association (FEA) is a non-profit organization
  • Odette Athletic Club is a sports club based in Odette,
  • Assisting students
  • Association of human resources

The Ontario University Council on Quality Control has fully certified all of the University of Windsor's programmes. This third-party council ensures that all programmes are of the greatest quality, are internationally recognised, and will help you advance in your profession.


Frequently asked questions

Is University of Windsor a good University ?

According to student evaluations on Study Portals, the greatest way to find out if students are engaged in their professions at universities around the world, the University of Windsor is placed 601 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and has an overall score of 4.0 stars. What are your thoughts on the study and living situation? World.

Is University of Windsor ranking in Canada ?

According to a study published by the Center for Universities Worldwide (CWUR), Canada's University of Windsor is ranked 859 globally and 26 nationally. According to US News, the institute is rated 1049th in the world.

Is University of Windsor hard to get into ?

With an acceptance rate of 60-70 percent, this Canadian higher education school is one of the few privileged ones. Applicants from all around the world are welcome to apply.

What GPA do you need to get into University of Windsor ?

Graduates of approved high schools who have a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or better are usually eligible for admission. Applicants are also urged to submit SAT or ACT results as a supplement to their application.

Is Windsor good for international students ?

US According to News' 'World's Best University Ranking,' it is placed #992. Windsor is the only Canadian city in the United States' southern half (except Alaska, of course).

What is University of Windsor famous for ?

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-centered university with approximately 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes, including several professional schools such as law, business, engineering, education, nursing, human kinetics, and social work.

How many students go to University of Windsor ?

16,491 (2019)

How can I get admission in Windsor ?

You can apply directly to UWindsor via the UWindsor International Applications website (powered by OUAC) or the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) website. All foreign students have access to this option.

What is the Ranking of Windsor University ?
Rank By  Rank Year
World University Rankingsby Times Higher Education 601 2022
Academic Ranking of World Universitiesby Shanghai Jiao Tong University 701 2021
QS World University Rankingsby TopUniversities 701 2022
How many backlogs are allowed in University of Windsor ?

In a four-year undergraduate degree programme, applicants cannot have more than three failures or backlogs.