University of Szeged

The University of Szeged (SZTE) has a long history that dates to 1581. It is situated in the hottest city in Hungary that draws hundreds of students due to its lively city-lifestyle and colourful celebrations.

When you look at the international rankings SZTE typically ranks in the 550th spot globally. In 2020 it was listed as the top Hungarian University (QS).

Excellent professors have taught at the University, among them Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937), who was the first person to isolate Vitamin C by extracting the vitamin by removing it from Szeged paprika.

The number of international students is growing constantly and now it is 14 percent of the student body. A mentor system helps them in settling down in Szeged and navigate their way around the University.

University of Szeged Degree Programmes

The university offers more than 60 full-time degrees from around the world at the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels in English and also courses in German in addition to French. Students are who come from around the globe and the number of students from abroad exceeds 4,000 students from around 130 countries.

Full-time degree programmes designed for students from abroad at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the fields of:

  • Agriculture
  • Business & Economics
  • Humanities
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Law & Political Sciences
  • Math & Informatics
  • Music
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences

University of Szeged Education

Szeged University provides a variety of educational programmes, including undergraduate, master's, undivided, PhD (doctoral), and postgraduate speciality study.

University of Szeged Research 

The 2,500 professors and researchers of Szeged University are actively participating in international research initiatives. There are 19 doctorate schools on campus, as well as numerous globally known research groups. In four faculties, the institution has 14 research groups financed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

Szeged Institution is a research university with a strong research, development, and innovation programme. The necessity of continuing strategic, fundamental, and applied research cannot be overstated. At all levels of training, talent management is a top emphasis.

University of Szeged Rankings

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QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities



The World University Rankings is one of the most prestigious international rankings that assesses university popularity and performance throughout the world. They assess a university's repute based on higher education experts, corporations that hire graduates, and the quality of its teaching. The amount of foreign professors and students at institutions, as well as the time studies shows research articles, are all factors considered by QS. QS rates institutions based on these factors after comparing the calculated them.

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University of Szeged Services

Housing Service

International students with a scholarship program, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum, are given priority for student residency. Students share rooms with one or two other students and have internet access in each room. Sports, cultural, and other social events are also held at these hostels.

Library Service

With its collections, conventional library facilities, electronic information and material providing services, and competent and dedicated employees, the University of the University of Szeged is a fundamental supporting institution of university teaching and research.

University of Szeged Student Life

Campus Life

It is believed that the University of Szeged has an urban campus. This means that the buildings of the university are scattered across the city's centre, without forming the campus as a whole. However, the Health Centre bears a close likeness to a campus with the hospitals that teach within one location. The administrative headquarters and The Rector's Office is located on Dugonics Square, while the 12 faculties are located in a variety of buildings located situated in the city of Szeged.

The most important university buildings are the research institutes that surround Dom Square in a U-shape as well as the Attila Jozsef Study and Information Centre on Ady Square. The building is home to the KlebelsbergLibrary and The Career Centre, the Students Service Office, as well as several spaces for studying. The university also houses 10 dormitories for Hungarian as well as international students. Other facilities and sites associated to Szeged's University of Szeged include the Biological Research Centre, the ELI-ALPS Research Institute , and the Health Centre.

It is the SZTE Botanic Garden covers 24 acres located outside of the city center and houses more than 40 species of protected species which are native to the habitats only located in Hungary. It is primarily a research garden the main objective is to keep its gardens, including the rose garden, and taxonomical collection and to host science-related lessons.

Sports Facilities

Attending athletic events and festivals, visiting balls, and spending nights at university club parties, as well as attending lectures and laboratory sessions, are all part of Sejed's vibrant university life.

The University of Szeged, as a sports institution, offers such a diverse range of sporting events that even four years at the university are insufficient to attempt them all.

University of Szeged Accreditation

Hungary holds EU accreditation since it is a member of the European High Education Area (EHEA). According to the worldwide QS World Institution Rankings, SZTE has been Hungary's finest university for several years.

Frequently asked questions

Is Szeged University good ?

Top Universities has rated University of Sejed 551st in the QS World University Rankings, with an overall score of 4.3 stars. The QS World University Rankings is the greatest way to find out which students are studying at universities throughout the world. What are your thoughts about your studies and living experience.

Is University of Szeged accredited ?

The Ministry of Education and Science has authorised all degrees provided by the University of Szeged, and they are recognised in the United States, the European Union, the European Economic Area, and many other countries. The investigations are completely aligned with the Bologna process.

What is University of Szeged known for ?

It has been dubbed Hungary's safest city and Europe's most popular university city. The institution provides more than 60 full-time international degree programmes in English, German, and French at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels.

Which city is University of Szeged ?

Sunshine is home to Sejed University (SZTE), which has a history dating back to 1581. Thousands of young people flock to it because of its dynamic, urban student life and safe surroundings.

Why is University of Szeged ?

The University of Suez is one among Hungary's greenest higher education institutions, according to the UI Greenmetric World University Rankings for 2021. SZTE has moved to 85th place in Universitas Indonesia's top ranking this year, second only to Hungarian universities.

How many students go to University of Szeged ?

The University of Szeged has 22,000 students from 130 countries, around 5000 of them are foreign.

How is Campus Life at University of Szeged ?

The University of Szeged does not have a campus, yet its setting is charming. Around every corner in the city centre and across the river are antique, eccentric, or modern university buildings.

What is The Ranking of university Szeged ?
Rank by Rank Year
QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities 501 2022
World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 801 2022
How is Housing Service at university Szeged ?

International students with a government scholarship, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum, are given priority for student residency. Students share rooms with one or two other students and have internet access in each room. Sports, cultural, and other social events are also held at these hostels.

What is The GPA Requirement at university of Szeged ?

In order to be considered for admission to the University of Sjed in Hungary, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students should participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, projects, and community service to boost their chances of admission.