University of Rochester

The University of Rochester (U of R, UR, or U of Rochester) is an independent research university located situated in Rochester New York.The university offers bachelor and master degrees as well as graduate ones, as well as professional and doctoral degrees.

The University of Rochester enrolls approximately 6,800 undergraduates as well as 5,500 graduate students. The 158 buildings are home to more than 200 academic departments. Based on the National Science Foundation, Rochester has spent over $397 million in developing and research by the years 2020 which ranks it as 66th among the US universities. With around 28,000 full-time employees The university is the largest employer of private sector of its kind in Upstate New York and the seventh largest in the entire state of New York State.

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering is home to divisions and departments notable. In the Institute of Optics, which was founded in 1929. Institute of Optics was founded in 1929 by an investment from Eastman Kodak and Bausch and Lomb as the first education programme in the US that was solely focused on optics. It confers approximately 50% of all optics degrees across the country, and is acknowledged as the top optics school in the country and among the top of its kind in all of the world.The Departments of Political Science and Economics have had an impact that has been consistent and significant on the field of positivist social science since the 1960s, and historically have been among the top 5 of their respective fields.The Department of Chemistry is recognized for its contribution to the field of synthetic organic chemistry including the first laboratory-based synthetic synthesis from morphine.The Rossell Hope Robbins Library serves as the institution's source in the field of Old as well as Middle English texts and expertise.The University also houses the Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics, an institution that is funded through the US Department of Energy.

University of Rochester Campus

  • University of Rochester campus is located on 600 acres that is divided into three campuses, which include River Campus, Eastman school of music, and South Campus.

  • The URMC fitness centre is a 24-hour fitness center that is available to all staff, students as well as former alumni from the school. It is the University Health Service (UHS) offers affordable, high-quality health care for students.

  • In addition to off-campus restaurants, large-scale restaurants Subs, restaurants and Starbucks are on campus as well.

  • Wilson Commons Students Activities at River Campus Wilson Commons Students Activities at River Campus registers over 275 student clubs and groups that cater to the various desires of the students.

  • In addition to academic classes, there are night out with friends the school offers an active social scene beyond the classroom to its students year-round.

  • In the western part of New York, the city of Rochester is known for being a center of culture for arts, music, and the movement for women's rights.

The University Rochester Accomodation

  • Housing on campus in the USA at the university can be found with residence halls and sororities or fraternities. They also have apartments and townhouses. Students in their first year are typically expected to live within one of university's suggested residence halls.

  • The University provides guaranteed accommodation for undergraduate students. About 4100 students are housed in the residence facility of the university.

  • There are 36 distinct kinds of residence halls available to students.

  • Most rooms are provided on a shared basis. There are rooms that have a single or triple bed. are available.

  • The rooms are all equipped with mattresses, beds as well as desks and chairs as well as dressers, bookcases cabinets, wastebaskets, and closets. Students are allowed to bring a mini-fridge, microwave, etc. subject to the necessary restrictions.

  • Certain services offered to students enrolled in boarding schools include internet access, linen as well as cable TV access. cooking facilities, mail facilities and dining plans, among others.

  • The Office of Disability Resources helps students with disabilities to find appropriate accommodations and also provides other assistance.

University of Rochester Rankings

  • 34th place in National Universities (tie) by US News 2022

  • #13 in Best Colleges for Veterans by US News 2022

  • #26 in Top Value Schools by US News 2022

  • #179 among the Top Performers for the Social Mobility according to US News 2022

  • #154 QS World University Rankings 2022

  • #142 World University Rankings 2022

  • #52 US College Rankings 2022

University of Rochester History

In the year that the University was established at the time of 1850 Rochester took on its own motto, which was a Latin translation of "ever more improved." A couple of years after Rochester's first campus was constructed over eight acres of the dandelion-loving grass. Our mantra and our famous dandelion remain present to pay tribute to our past and a symbol of Rochester's unique spirit.

University of Rochester Scholarships/Financial Aid

  • The University of Rochester offers financial aids like loans, grants and scholarships to international students who want to study within the USA. About 30% of students receive merit-based scholarship with an average in the range of 15124USD. 99 percent of students receive financial aid that is based on need in the amount that is 42,106 US dollars.

  • Students from abroad who attend the school are eligible for financial aids that are based on merit. Community scholarships that are 100,000 USD annually for those whose family's income is lower than

  • Most scholarships start at 2500 USD. Some of the merit-based institutional scholarships include such as the Dean's Scholarship, Genesee Scholarship, Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship.

  • Students in the undergraduate program are automatically qualified for scholarships and do not have to apply for additional scholarships. Students are able to take one scholarship at a time. The scholarship can be renewed on the basis of academic progress and attendance that the student maintains.

Some of the studentships students applying to the university may be eligible for are described below.

  • Merit-based scholarships The amount of the award varies from 2,000 USD per year, up to tuition for full time. All undergraduates are automatically eligible for this award if they prove that they don't receive any other scholarships from the institution.

  • Simon Scholars Case Award: An award of 20,000 dollars is given to the winners of a case competition event. Students enrolled in Simon Business School after completing their undergraduate programs to pursue a full-time MBA are able to continue receiving this scholarship from Simon Business School.

University of Rochester Education

Rochester's graduate and undergraduate students are pursuing their academic goals within an the environment that is designed to encourage them, help and inspire them.

Our more than 200 programs of study span the entire spectrum from the traditional to self-designed. Alongside bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree We also offer a variety of double degrees as well as certificates.

University of Rochester Student services

The International Services Office (ISO) offers services to international employees, students, scholars and guests to University of Rochester, as and the departments that house and support the visitors. We are responsible for issuance of visas, providing information on pertinent immigration issues and also ensuring compliance with U.S. reporting requirements.

The office also functions as an information source to aid foreigners in their transition to United States, the University as well as in integrating into the Rochester community. Visit this website for extensive information on a variety of topics as well as common queries from our international population!

University of Rochester Services for housing

No matter if they reside in the campus or off the campus, our students call Rochester the home they call. Residence halls on campus include as well as fraternities and sororities, townhouses, apartments and townhouses.

University of Rochester Library services

The core of every research institution is its libraries. The Rochester University Libraries offer unique resources and spaces to stimulate research, inspiration, and collaboration.

River Campus Libraries includes six libraries, as well as an extensive collection of databases and journals, in addition to the University Archives and the Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation.

University of Rochester Life on campus

located in the western part of New York, Rochester is our name and home. It is home to the main campus as well as it's River Campus, and the Medical Center located about two miles to the south to downtown Rochester. Its Eastman School of Music and the Memorial Art Gallery are pillars of the art scene and festival circuits within the town's East End and Neighborhood of the Arts.

The River Campus is the main campus for the university and home to River Campus Libraries River Campus Libraries--is located about two miles to the south of downtown Rochester through an incline located in the Genesee River.

The campus of the Eastman School in downtown is the heart of the city's cultural district which is known as"the East End.

University of Rochester Sports facilities

The Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center is the central piece that makes up the River Campus Sports Complex. The major overhaul of the Athletic Center was inspired by the vision of Board of Trustees Chairman Robert B. Goergen 1960 Advisor friend, mentor, and generous contributor to the University for many decades.

The Brian F. Prince Athletic Complex was created through the leadership, support as well as the generosity and support by Brian F. Prince, BS 1986, MBA '89

University of Rochester Placements

Students at the University of Rochester have access to various online career services such as access to Handshake, The Meliora Collective etc. Offline services available include walk-in job interviews on campus, guidance in choosing career paths etc.

Job Title Average Salary (USD)
Software Engineer 81,646
Optical Engineer 85,248
Data Analyst 66,092
Research Scientist 71,719
Mechanical Engineer 65,735
Data Scientist 92,447

Located in western New York, the city of Rochester has the distinction of being a cultural hub of music, arts and also women’s rights movements. The institute has an employment rate of about 92%, two years post graduation. The average salary earned is 61,200 USD/year about 6 years after graduating.

Frequently asked questions

Is the admission deadline extended for University of Rochester ?
Yes, the Early Decision II and Regular Decision deadlines have been extended from January 5 to January 20.
What are the application deadlines for freshman applicants at University of Rochester ?

the application deadlines for freshman applicants are:

  • Early Decision I - November 1
  • Early Decision II - January 5
  • Regular Decision - January 5
How many letters of recommendation are required for University of Rochester ?
Three letters of recommendation are necessary at most.
How can I apply for admission to the University of Rochester ?
Applicants can apply online using the Coalition Application or the Common Application.
What is the application fee for admission to the University of Rochester ?
Admission to the University of Rochester requires a $50 application fee.
What is the average tuition fee for undergraduate programs at University of Rochester ?
For undergraduate students, the expected tuition price is $57,188.
What are English proficiency requirements at the University of Rochester ?

the English proficiency requirements at the University of Rochester are mentioned below:

  • TOEFL iBT - 100(Writing: 25; Reading:26; Speaking: 24 & Listening: 25)
  • IELTS - 7.5
  • Duolingo English Test - 120
What is the acceptance rate of the University of Rochester ?
The University of Rochester has a 35 percent acceptance rate.
What is University of Rochester famous for ?
This prestigious "Little Ivy," founded in 1850, is a private research institution with a diverse range of world-class disciplines ranging from the humanities to STEM to music. Every year, students from all around the world flock to Rochester.
Is it hard to get into University of Rochester ?
Rochester admissions is extremely selective, with a 30% acceptance rate. The average SAT score for Rochester students is 1310-1500, while the average ACT score is 30-34. Rochester's normal admissions application date is January 5.
What is the History of University of Rochester ?
Rochester's renowned motto, Meliora–Latin for "ever better"–was adopted around a year after the University was founded in 1850. The original campus was erected on eight acres of dandelion-covered meadow a few years later. Today, our slogan and dandelion serve as reminders of our heritage and symbols of Rochester's independent spirit.
How Is medical Service at University of Rochester ?

The health, wellness, and safety of our community members is a top priority.

  • Counseling Center
  • UHS Health Promotion Office
  • Well-U Employee Wellness
  • Public Safety
  • Health Service
  • Mindful University Project
How is Housing Service at the University of Rochester ?
Our students call Rochester home, whether they reside on or off campus. Residence halls, sororities and fraternities, apartments, and townhouses are all available on campus.