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University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa, also known as uOttawa, is a public research bilingual university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is the biggest dual (English-French) school in the world. The admission process into the University of Ottawa has an acceptance rate of 12 per cent, which makes the admissions process for students very difficult.

In order to be accepted into Ottawa, applicants must meet a minimum requirement of a GPA of 3.0, i.e. 83 per cent to 86 per cent. In 2022 the average GPA of accepted students will be 3.11 GPA or more. International students must submit 6.5 bands on IELTS as well as an 88 score in TOEFL IBT for UG programs. Scores for masters are based on the course.

The cost of attending the University of Ottawa is 45,000 CAD (2~6 lakhs) with a tuition charge of 22.85 lakhs. Each year, USD 60 million is spent on bursaries and student scholarships. There are scholarships and bursaries for students. The University of Ottawa offers scholarships that are based on academic grades and scales. And awards are at 4,000 for 95% and above, 3,000CAD that range from 90 to 94.9 per cent and 2,000 CAD from 85- 89.9 per cent 1000 for 80- 84.9 per cent.

University of Ottawa Rankings

The University of Ottawa ranks at #37 in the QS World University Rankings 2023. Below are other rankings achieved by the university through other ranking websites:

  • 162 World University Rankings 2022 by THE
  • 101-200th Impact Rankings 2022 by THE
  • 199 on US News' 2022 list of the best global universities
  • 8 on US News' list of the top international universities in Canada
  • 2113 in the world rankings at the time of CWUR 2023
  • 10 National Rank by CWUR 2023

Linguistics is among the most highly-rated programs at The University of Ottawa at 63 in the QS WUR Ranking by Subject 2022. Below is the program ranking of the University of Ottawa:


Ranking Of UOttawa





Law and Legal Studies




Computer Science and Information Systems


Electrical and Electronic Engineering


University of Ottawa Campus

The main campus at UOttawa is spread across 37.1 acres, and the Alta Vista Campus has 7.2 square hectares of land. The campus has 126 buildings. They are located on campus and used for classrooms, offices, Teaching and research labs, as well as rooms for residential, study and recreation spaces, as well as the open areas, parking facilities and athletic facilities.

  • The campus is home to 302 seminar rooms and classrooms, 263 labs, as well as 823 laboratories for research. The campus has 12 sites located in Morriset hall. Ottawa library houses an extensive collection of books and ebooks.
  • The campus also has an art gallery and museum featuring some ancient artifacts and an assortment of rare items from the world of religion and history.
  • You can pick more than 175 societies and clubs to get involved with your particular. For those interested in sports, you can choose from 45 leagues you can be a part of.
  • You can also take part in comedy shows at Cafe Nostalgica on campus or be part of the university's Got Talent and watch films for free on campus.
  • For the book lover, There are more than 2,425,000 printed books and 74,000+ electronic journals, thousands of digitized French books as well as 13,000 theses and much more available at the uOttawa library.
  • Therefore anyone with any type of interest will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable life when studying at the University of Ottawa.

University of Ottawa Accommodation

This main campus university offers accommodation and six kinds of residences for students.

  • LeBlanc, Marchand, Stanton LeBlanc, Marchand, Stanton and Thompson are residence halls that have a community feel. Rideau and Henderson are classified as Traditional in addition to providing extra amenities for the residents.
  • 90 University offers suites, as well as Friel offers suites as well with studios for students.
  • Annex Annexe, Mann 45 Mann, and Hyman Soloway are apartment-style housing that is open throughout winter and provides all-year accommodation. Students who plan to remain on campus for longer than one year usually would prefer these homes.
  • The campus also houses independent residences that offer the students an off-campus experience. They cater to seniors who have already completed their two years of university.

Residence Hall

Annual Cost (in INR)

Apartment (Annex)

8.54 lakhs up to 15.52 lakhs

Apartment (45 Mann)

9.31 lakhs, up 15.52 lakhs

Apartment (Hyman Soloway)

6.21 lakhs, to 7.76 lakhs

Suites (90u)

7.82 lakhs

Studio and suites (Friel)

5.82 lakhs, to 8.22 lakhs

traditional (leblanc stanton, marchand, leblanc and thompson)

9.71 lakhs up to 10.78 lakhs

the traditional and (henderson)

11.99 lakhs

traditional plus (rideau)

6.67 lakhs, up 8.16 lakhs

University of Ottawa Off-Campus Accommodation

The Off-Campus Housing team at the University of Ottawa is always ready to assist students in finding off-campus housing in the Gatineau-Ottawa region. Rents per month for students studying at the University of Ottawa are mentioned below:

Strategies for applying for off-campus housing for students are provided below:

  • When to start looking when you are looking for an apartment or bedroom in September, begin exploring in June or July. Students are advised to begin their search at least two months before the date they need to start.
  • Cost Are you able to afford it? Think about all the additional costs: electricity, heating, utilities, parking, Internet etc.
  • Deposit amount: Never make a deposit to secure an apartment unless there is an agreement written in writing stating the possibility of it being returnable.
  • The location: Is it secured? Are you comfortable cycling or walking to campus? Are public transportation services easy to access?

University of Ottawa Programs

Ottawa provides more than 450 courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. It also offers numerous Doctorates or Certificates and Associate programs in its ten faculties. The most highly rated programs offered by the University of Ottawa, according to US News & World Reports, are #19 in Public, Environmental and Occupational Health, 40 in Optics and #74 for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems and #98 in Clinical Medicine.

University of Ottawa Top Courses & Fees

Course Name

Annual Tuition Fees

Biomedical Science - Neuroscience Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.]

INR 18,33,760

Bachelor of Applied Science [B.ASc], Civil Engineering

INR 26,37,335

Bachelor of Applied Science [B.ASc], Computer Engineering

INR 26,37,335

Bachelor of Arts [B.A], Psychology

INR 18,32,907

Master of Applied Science [M.ASc], Chemical Engineering

INR 14,58,494

Master of Computer Science [M.C.S]

INR 14,58,494

Master of Arts [M.A], Philosophy

INR 13,59,227

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

INR 31,44,389

Master of Science [M.Sc], Neuroscience

INR 11,63,312

Biomedical Sciences - Medicinal Chemist, Bachelor of Science

INR 18,33,760

Master of Education [M.Ed], Counselling Psychology

INR 15,31,757

Master of Arts [M.A], Public Administration

INR 13,67,205

University of Ottawa Admissions

Online applications to be admitted into the University of Ottawa are accepted by the university via OUAC request and UOZone from all international students.

Admission Requirement for UG Program:

  • Official transcripts
  • The SAT Score is required
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Audio tape (music programs)
  • Portfolio (Arts programs)
  • English proficiency scores

Admission Requirement for PG Program:

  • Original transcripts (Min. 70 per cent academic percentage)
  • Standardized exam scores
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • English scores for proficiency
  • Interview (by invitation)

University of Ottawa Cost of Attendance

Candidates can take an overview of the number of costs it will cost to go to college by looking at the table below. The cost varies from one program to the next because of this; applicants are advised to check the specifics of each program for the exact amount to be paid.


Yearly Fee in INR

U Pass

0.34 lakhs

Health Insurance

0.19 lakhs

Room and Board

5.82 lakhs- 15.52 lakhs

Materials and books

1.01 lakhs

Student Services

UG- 0.12 lakhs | PG- 0.07 lakhs

Tuition Fee at UOttawa


Tution Fee


14.24 Lakhs


13.56 Lakhs


32.53 Lakhs


15.52 Lakhs


13.18 Lakhs

Social Science

13.31 Lakhs

University of Ottawa Scholarships

The university provides Admission Scholarships based on academic grades, and the award and scale amounts are 4000 CAD when you score 95% or more and 3,000 95% CAD, 3,000 CAD from 90 to 94.9 per cent, 2,000 CAD that ranges from 85- 89.9 per cent with 1,000 of them for 80- 84.9 percentage. The school also assists students in applying for scholarships from the government and state and provides financial aid based on need. The scholarships offered by Uottawa to international students include:




President Scholarship valued

30,000 CAD

For those with a score of greater than 92% on their academic records

Chancellor Scholarship

26,000 CAD

students with a top academic and general record

Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship


Students who qualify will receive the scholarship at the time they are enrolled.

Award for student mobility

1000 CAD per term

to students who sign up for study abroad programs.

Work-Study at the University of Ottawa

The Work-Study Program at the University of Ottawa is a great option to work alongside education. Students can work as part-time students during the academic term and full-time during the summer. Students who are on campus do not have to travel to and from school and enjoy the flexibility of their schedules that allow students to concentrate on their studies.

Here are the conditions for eligibility to enrol in the work-study programme offered by University of Ottawa: University of Ottawa:

  • Complete the Work-Study Navigator's financial form to show financial requirements to the University of Ottawa.
  • They must enrol in a minimum of nine units of classes as undergraduate students or full-time as graduate students.
  • Maintain a high academic standing.

There are more than 1,700 positions in faculties and facilities at the University of Ottawa for the work-study program. With a variety of opportunities open, students are able to locate one that is relevant to their field of study. Supervisors of work-study are aware of the schedules of students' classes and are able to work with their schedules. The jobs that are available on campus include:

  • Student Ambassador
  • Assistant fundraising officer
  • Assistant Editor
  • Student mentor
  • Assistant to the costume department in the theatre
  • Research Assistant

University of Ottawa Placements

The school has a career centre that is available to students. It assists students in finding suitable jobs via offline and online sources. The centre operates every day between 8.45 and 4.30 after 4.00 pm. It is a resource for information about job opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities. It helps to improve professional abilities through the conduct of Resume writing workshops, Mock Interviews and career coaching.

The university has an employment rate of 97% for its graduates. MBA at the University of Ottawa is the most highly paid degree, with graduates receiving an average in the range of INR 8,213,000. Below is the median salary of some of the highest programs at the uOttawa campus:

The university is one of the top fifteen research institutions in Canada and is part of the U15 group. Additionally, UOttawa has the distinction as the pioneer of the first French immersion undergraduate program. Additionally, their co-operative educational program has been ranked as one of the top 5 programs in the nation. With an Alumni network with more than 180,000 members spread around the globe, the University of Ottawa is widely acclaimed for the vast number of subjects it has to offer.


Frequently asked questions

Is uOttawa hard to get into ?

The University of Ottawa has an admittance rate of roughly 13%. In the Fall of 2019, the institution accepted 10,547 students across all programmes out of 80,025 applications. As a result, getting into uOttawa is challenging, and achieving the prerequisites does not ensure admission.

Is uOttawa a good University ?

The University of Ottawa is now ranked among the best postsecondary institutions in the world after moving up 49 ranks in the prestigious QS World University Rankings for 2022. In the top 20 percent of global higher education institutions, uOttawa shot up to number 230.

Is Ottawa a prestigious University ?

One of the best public universities in Ottawa, Canada, is the University of Ottawa. In the 2023 QS World University Rankings, it is rated #237.

Is University of Ottawa cheap for international students ?

For international students who desire to study in Canada, the University of Ottawa is one of the most affordable colleges in Ottawa. There are roughly 40,712 students enrolled in the institution. There are several economical course options available.

What is uOttawa best known for ?

One of Canada's top 10 research-intensive universities is uOttawa. Scientific, social, medical, and humanities breakthroughs draw attention from around the world and make it possible for campus to host

Does University of Ottawa accept international students ?
exciting events and interdisciplinary conferences.

Every year, a sizable population of international students is welcomed by the University of Ottawa.

How do I apply to Ottawa University ?

To apply, adhere to the instructions.

  1. Select an application arrow drop down.
  2. Check the arrow drop down for application deadlines.
  3. Verify that you comply with the entrance requirements arrow drop down.
  4. assemble the necessary papers arrow drop down.
  5. assemble any letters of recommendation that may be required.
How much is UOttawa application feeHow many programs can I apply to at uOttawa ?

$90 charge
payment for undergraduate admission

Does University of Ottawa require SAT ?

You are allowed to submit applications to as many Ontario universities and programmes as you like, but you are only allowed to submit applications to 3 different universities.

How can i apply for msc program in university of ottawa ?

Although Ottawa University doesn't have a strict SAT requirement, they truly like to see at least a 900 to be considered.

How much does a MBA cost at uOttawa ?

The University of Ottawa offers short-term master's and master's programmes, doctorate degrees, graduate diplomas, and microprograms. Decide which of our numerous programmes is best for you by exploring them all.

Is IELTS required for University of Ottawa ?

In addition to the tuition costs owed to the uOttawa Faculty of Law, they have the option of choosing the Intensive ($28,000) or Professional ($30,000) programme.

Is it easy to get in University of Ottawa ?

Provide evidence of one of the following to demonstrate that your English skill is at the level needed for university studies: English postsecondary studies;

What is Ottawa University best for ?

The University of Ottawa has an admittance rate of roughly 13%. In the Fall of 2019, the institution accepted 10,547 students across all programmes out of 80,025 applications. As a result, getting into uOttawa is challenging, and achieving the prerequisites does not ensure admission.