University of Kent

University of Kent History 

The University of Kent (formerly known as The University of Kent at Canterbury) is a well-known semi collegiate public research university that is located within Kent within the United Kingdom. It was founded in the years the year 1965 and is known as a Beloff's glass university. In the year 1960, the sponsors for the University of Kent presented to an University Grants Committee an idea to establish the first University within Canterbury. After the committee's acceptance of the idea an Interim Committee was set up in 1962 and the University was given the name. In 1965, the university received it's Royal Charter. The university was established in the year 1965, with only 150 students and 500 staff members. Princess Marina the Duchess of Kent was chosen as the first chancellor of the university. The university currently has six colleges, and its academic structure consists of three academic centers and the 18 schools of academics. The university has been awarded 2 Queen's Anniversary Prizes over the course of eleven years, to be awarded for higher as well as Further Education.

The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in a variety of areas like arts, environment, architecture media, English, philosophy, history, social sciences pharmacy, music, science and finance, sports as well as law, medicine journalism, psychology economics and anthropology. The school has more than 20100 students and over 2000 faculty members. 16 percent of the student body comprises international students. The school has the ratio of faculty-students of 1:12. More than 6,700 students and 132 companies were engaged with the nationally-recognized Employability Points scheme of the university in 2015-16. Kent has partnerships with 388 institutions around the globe.

University of Kent Education

Kent University is a prominent UK and international university noted for its outstanding teaching and multidisciplinary programmers and research. They recognize the need of flexibility for postgraduate students, which is why many of our teaching and all of our researched degrees start in September or January. Many of our courses accept candidates with a 2:2 UK Bachelor's or equivalent, or an approximate 2:2 UK Bachelor's degree; they also offer remote learning and short courses.

A few of our master's degrees will begin in January. This may be the ideal option for you if you are having a professional break to pursue your education. For international students, the start of January is ideal since it allows them more time to satisfy visa requirements.

University of Kent Education Research

Their research is interdisciplinary, multinational, and extremely influential, focusing on some of the most serious challenges of the day, such as treating cancer, reducing plastic waste, increasing UK productivity, and developing new forms of poems and creative writing. Kent has always taken a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to research, and its distinctive research themes reflect this.

Join a community that already is influencing tomorrow's world and see where it may lead you.

University of Kent Education Career

In terms of employment, Kent has a stellar track record. You will have access to Kent's complete career support in addition to building job skills as part of your curriculum. One-on-one mentorship, training, and services from their career and jobs service are all included.

Their initiatives are designed to take use of the relationships and resources they've developed through time at the local, national, and global levels. Some of their programmers allow you to go to a job area where you can put what you've learned to the test, or you may study or do research in another nation to acquire experience living in another culture.

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University of Kent Education Services

Student Service

Whether you have returned to study after a break, studying components to advance your career, or have recently finished your undergraduate degree, their Graduate and Research University helps to create a caring, boosting intellectual and social environment in which you can prosper and enjoy the challenge which a postgraduate study offers.

Their specialized Graduate and Research College guarantees that their students have access to the tools they require, including postgraduate study centers that provide a variety of training programmers, workshops, and programmers to assist you in developing your research and employability. To assist the development of transferable and specialized skills.

Housing Service

Students who chose Kent as their first option for their first year or postgraduate studies are assured a spot in university housing.

Most rooms on the Kent campus are connected, and several offer food possibilities. Rooms are normally arranged in a college format and are offered as flats, studio apartments, or shared homes in a local student town.

All of the rooms at Medway are suites, with apartments for five to eight people. They are maintained by Unite Students, a non-university organization, and are shared by students in two other local institutions.

There is a sufficient supply of off-campus student housing in general, and they are delighted to give additional advice to students on off-campus student housing if necessary.

Library Service

The Templeman Library in Kent and the Great Hall Library in Medway both offer substantial print and online holdings.

For various forms of study, there really are hundreds of study facilities and specialized regions. If needed, specific topic librarians and IT assistance can be consulted, and a laptop can be borrowed. For incoming students, there are library orientation seminars.

ICT Service

Kent offers training and assistance to help you improve your IT abilities, and you'll also earn credentials to add to your resume. The institution provides free antivirus software for PCs and laptops, as well as a variety of reduced and free software. Using a VPN network, you may work on or off campus. On their campuses, as well as on campus buses, Wi-Fi is provided.

Medical Service

The Medical Center is a specialty GP office on the Canterbury University campus that provides treatment to students. The University Medical Service offers in-patient care, minor accident services, and student assistance during the school year. On the grounds, there is a pharmacy.

Medway students can apply at a Gillingham practice.

University of Kent Education Student Life

Campus Life

Kent University includes campuses in Kent and Medway in the United Kingdom, as well as European locations in Brussels and Paris.

The Canterbury campus is within a 25-minute walk from Canterbury's historic center, with plenty of green and peaceful open areas. The Gulbenkian Arts Center, which comprises a cinema and theater, the Colyer-Fergusson Music Building, a sports center, two convenience stores, and a bookshop are located on the premises.

Both Medway and Chatham are bus rides away from the Medway campus. Deep End, which is part of their student center, hosts events on campus.

In both complexes, there are various cafés that serve a broad range of cuisine at moderate costs. During the academic year, you can utilize the campus shuttle service to travel between their campuses for free.

Sports Facilities

Kent is a place where everyone may participate in sports. Kent will support you whether you are a member of one of the varsity sports or just joining for pleasure.

The sports facility, which is located on the Canterbury campus, has a workout suite, a fitness and dance studio, three multi-purpose courts, an indoor tennis center, a cycling hub, 3GX, astroturf, and many sports grounds, including grass pitches.

There are a variety of fitness and dance sessions available in addition to traditional sports. There are a number of subscription choices available that provide excellent value for money as well as a number of advantages.

Staff, students, alumni, and the general public have access to all facilities.

Student Clubs

Society is a fantastic place to meet new people. Most professions have a student-run group, and there are organizations dedicated to celebrating cultures where you may meet people from other countries or your own. To mention a few, there are over 40 athletic organizations, as well as investment societies, Quidditch, dance, circus skills, and a gospel choir.

You can form your own society if your favorite hobby isn't covered.

The Kent Unions and GKSU (Greenwich and Kent Student Union) support the societies by providing facilities, representing student concerns, and providing aid when needed.

All postgraduate students are supported and served by the Kent Graduate Student Association.

University of Kent Education Accreditation

Many of our degrees are recognized by professional organizations or institutions, such as:

  • Engineering and Technology Institute;
  • Council of Engineers;
  • The National Council for Journalist Education and Training is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and training of journalists.
  • The Royal Society of Biology is an organization dedicated to the study of biology.
  • The Chartered Society of Forensics Scientists is a professional association of forensic scientists.
  • Psychological Society of the United Kingdom;
  • Professional accounting body, the Organization to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB);
  • The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of management.
  • The Chartered institute Financial Analysts is a professional association of chartered financial experts (CFA),
  • The Institute Of Chartered Marketing (CIM) is a professional organization dedicated to marketing.
  • The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is a professional organization dedicated to sports medicine.
  • The British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainer is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and training of athletes (BASRaT).

Master's degree programmed

  • The Chartered Organization of Business Schools is a member of Kent Business School (CABS).
  • The European Foundation for Organizational Development is a member of Kent Business School (EMFD).
  • Kent Business School has partnered with the Chartered Management institute (CIM) to provide students with the option to earn professional credentials through the CIM Graduate Gateway programme.
  • The MBA Association has accredited the Kent MBA program.
  • The Chartered Personnel and Development has accredited our MSc Human Resource Management programme (CIPD).
  • The British Psychological Society has recognized our MSc in Forensic Psychology at Kent.
  • The Council for the Education of Journalists has granted the Journalism Center professional accreditation (NCTJ).

Frequently asked questions

University of Kent Is a good university ?

Yes. It is a world-class university as well as a vibrant institution in the country.

What is its position of University of Kent in the UK ?

In the UK University Rankings 2021, it is placed #48.

What are the top-most subjects at University of Kent ?

It is a world-renowned institution in the fields of Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, Law, and Psychology.

How hard is it to get admission into the university of Kent ?

It is simple to gain admission to a university. Last year, 86% of students were accepted.

Does the university of Kent provide scholarships to international students ?

It certainly does. It does, however, have some requirements. A £8,000 scholarship is available.

What are the minimum required scores in English proficiency for undergraduate applicants in University of Kent ?

The following are the minimal requirements: • TOEFL 90 overall • IELTS 6.5 • PTE 62 • CAE/CPE 176

University of Kent Is a good for the law ?

In the year 2021, this university's law received a 93 percent in the entire university guide. The Solicitors Regulation Authority also recognises the bachelor's law degree.

What GPA do you need to get into Kent ?

To get admitted to Kent State, applicants must have above-average high school grades. On a 4.0 scale, the average high school GPA of incoming freshmen at Kent State University in Kent was 3.31, showing that B+ students are accepted and eventually enroll.

Why should I choose Kent university ?

All students studying in the United Kingdom get outstanding academic and personal assistance from the University. While obtaining their degree, the University guarantees that each student is treated properly and that their needs are met.

What is The Ranking University of Kent ?
Ranking List Ranked By Rank Year
World University Rankings  Times Higher Education 351 2022
QS World University Rankings  TopUniversities 383 2022