University of Dundee

University of Dundee History 

The University of Dundee was established in 1967, following a long relationship with St Andrews. Dundee was therefore allowed to develop at its own pace and become the world-class institution it is today.

The University of Dundee is a public research institute that was established in 1881. The university was an affiliated body that was part of the University of St Andrews for many years prior to its founding. It experienced significant growth later and was granted its own status as an institution in the year 1967. It also retained a lot of its past and the governance structure. It is the one which has been rated the best every time in Scotland according to the annual survey on student experiences conducted by Times Higher Education. Additionally, it has been included in the top 300 universities worldwide and among the top 40 UK universities under the national university rankings.

University of Dundee Education

The University of Dundee is divided into 10 schools that cover a wide range of subjects, each with its own research centre or unit. there are schools;

  • Duncan of Jordan stone School of Art and Design is a private art and design college in Jordan Stone, Scotland.
  • School of Business
  • Dental school
  • School of Education and Social Work
  • Humanities school
  • School of life sciences
  • Drug school
  • Health science school
  • School of Science and Engineering
  • School of Social Sciences

In a wide range of areas, each school provides a selection of undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research courses. The majority of courses are research-based, with students studying from experts at the forefront of their fields.

University of Dundee Research

Outstanding research necessitates excellent ideas, and at the University of Dundee, some of the world's top researchers are producing ideas that have a beneficial influence on the earth, the economy, and the lives of people all around the world. The university's expertise ranges from artificial intelligence to global sustainability, and 76 percent of the university's research was ranked as world-leading in the most current Research Excellence Framework.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is possible due to the vast range of study fields, which allows academics to address a variety of local and global concerns. You will be a member of a varied and brilliant community of specialists in various fields as a student at Dundee.

University of Dundee Career

The University of Dundee offers some of the best graduate employment rates in the UK, ranking fourth in the Graduate Results Survey for graduates entering skilled jobs (excluding specialty providers).

Dundee University has a dedicated Professional Service that offers a variety of services that can help students and alumni improve their employability and achieve their career aspirations.

With one-on-one visits, CV clinics, and practice interviews, career advisers are available to help students at every step of their degree and then after they graduate.

There's also an online job shop where students may look for part-time jobs, internships, volunteer organizations, and graduate positions.

University of Dundee Rankings

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World University Rankings by Times Higher Education



The World Rankings are a valuable resource that compiles authoritative lists of the world's greatest institutions. They can see how frequently they generate new ideas, how well-known they are across the world, and how much they contribute to science and academia. After calculating and evaluating these factors, the universities are ranked according to their performance.

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The World University Rankings is one of the most prestigious international rankings that assesses university popularity and performance throughout the world. They assess a university's repute based on higher educationists, corporations that hire graduates, and the quality of its teaching. The amount of foreign professors and students at institutions, and the time studies shows research articles, are all factors considered by QS. QS rates institutions based on these factors after evaluating the relative them.

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Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University



The ARWU Academic Ranking of world universities Rankings is the first of its kind in the world. It uses objective measures to rank the top 1000 schools and institutions in the world. They look at how many Nobel Laureates (Field Medalists) are headquartered there, how frequently their research is cited and referenced throughout the globe, and how much they have done to other academic sectors. ARWU grades the universities based on these parameters after evaluating the relative them.

University of Dundee Services 

Student Service

The University of Dundee provides a number of services to help students succeed in their studies, including:

  • The Inquiry Centre, located on the city campus, is a one-stop shop for any and all questions, as well as assistance and guidance for students.
  • The Academic Skills Center is a place where students may improve their academic skills.
  • The Student Finance Unit provides assistance, information, and advise on student financial problems.
  • Peer Connections, a mentorship and friend-making programme, assists students in adjusting to university life.
  • Overseas Mentoring Services provides expert advice, practical counsel, and support to all international students and families.

Housing Service

Heathfield, Belmont, Seabrace, and West Park are four housing options on or near the city campus. At the University of Dundee, all student housing consists of 5 or 10 students in identity flats with single occupancy bedrooms and attached toilets and showers.

Each apartment features its own kitchen, dining, and living area, as well as access to the university's fast Wi-Fi network.

Students can seek guidance and assistance from the Student Support team to help them have the best possible residential experience.

Library Service

Dundee's Library and Leaning Center (LLC) includes four physical locations as well as a virtual library. Dundee's main library, located in the heart of the city, has everything you'd expect from a contemporary university library, including a café and leisure area, group study rooms equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and flexible, creative space.

ICT Service

For students to utilise on campus, the institution provides approximately 750 computers in its library, study rooms, and specialized IT suites. Wi-Fi is also provided on campus and in student housing, allowing students to connect their own devices to the network.

The University Service Counter provides IT help to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Service

Students may use university healthcare on campus, which offers a variety of healthcare care and guidance. A counselling service, sexual health clinics, and information about registration with a doctor or dentist when visiting Dundee are among the services available.

University of Dundee Student Life

Campus Life

City, Ninewells, and Kirkaldy are the three campuses of the University of Dundee. Classes are never far away because most student accommodation is on or near campus.

The Dundee College Students Union (DUSA), the Institution of Sports and Exercise (ISE), and the Global Room, a social area that holds events throughout the year reflecting tradition from around the world, are all accessible on the city's campus.

The City Campus is located in the center of Dundee, close to wonderful shopping, cafés, restaurants, and pubs. Museums, art galleries, theaters, sports facilities, and gorgeous green places are all nearby.

Sports Facilities

The Institute of Sports activities (ISE) has a gym, an exercise studio, a squash court, a 25-meter swimming pool, a sauna, a playground, and a tennis court, among other amenities.

The ISE works collaboratively with the Dundee University Sports Association, which has over 40 clubs ranging from classic sports like netball and golf to extreme sports like skydiving and Ultimate Frisbee.

Student Club

The University of Dundee Student Group (DUSA), which is located on the city campus, has pubs, cafés, a nightclub, and even a convenience shop.

Over 250 student clubs are supported by DUSA, bringing together student groups who have common interests. Students can retain current activities or try something altogether new by engaging a variety of groups.

University of Dundee Placements

The University of Dundee is committed to providing students with a high-quality education that will enable them to expand their practical experience and establish themselves as working professionals.

Legal department experts with the highest salaries earn around 150,000 GBP per year. The University of Dundee's primary activities and the high rewards achieved by alumni are shown below:



Salaries of the Alumni(GBP)

Legal Department




IT & Software Developments


Finance Control and Strategy


Healthcare and Alternative Medicine


Financial Services


Including the profile, overseas students want to discover what the institute's highest-paying degree is. The following are the highest-paying degrees at the University of Dundee in terms of emoluments:


Top Degrees

Alumni Salaries(GBP)





Masters in Science


Masters of Arts


Masters in Finance


University of Dundee Academics

The University of Dundee is organised into ten Schools, each with multiple disciplines, each of which has an affiliated Research Centre or Unit. The Schools include:

  • Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
  • School of Business
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Education and Social Work
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Science and Engineering
  • School of Social Sciences

The University houses over 3000 employees as well as 18000 plus students from 145 nations. The university offers a wide range of opportunities for students who are interested in enrolment in postgraduate and undergraduate courses. According to the International Student Barometer 2019, measuring the satisfaction of students each year The university has been named one of the best among the universities with the highest rankings within the U.K.

University of Dundee Alumni

The University of Dundee is happy to say that it has around 100,000 graduates from 178 different countries. They are still participating in numerous events to keep the spirit alive as part of the large university community, and the institution maintains a solid relationship with them via great support. Sir James Black, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, is a noteworthy alumni of this university. Other prominent University of Dundee alumni include:

  • Nobel Laureate and economist Ronald Coase
  • Sir James Alfred Ewing was a well-known physicist.
  • Margaret Fairley was the first female professor in Scotland.

The University of Dundee has earned the title of University of the Year, according to a study published by The Times and Weekly Times Good University Guides 2020. In general, the institution is noted for its efforts to mold brilliant young people and educate them to fight in a world today among EU and foreign students.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the University of Dundee famous for ?

Dentistry, Environmental Sciences, Children's Nursing, and Education are among the most well-known programmes at the University of Dundee (National Student Survey 2021).

How do I apply to the University of Dundee ?

Graduate students can apply for enrolled at the University of Dundee through the online portal, and undergraduate students can apply through UCAS.

How long does it take to hear back from the University of Dundee ?

It takes around 14 days to finish the communication procedure.

How to pay accommodation fees for University of Dundee ?

Log in with eVision and follow the University of Dundee's instructions.

If I fail to pay the fees of the University of Dundee within 28 days ?

If a student fails to make a payment within the specified time frame, he or she will be charged 3.5 percent of the real tuition amount.

How much study is involved in the University of Dundee ?

Each academic course is projected to take between 40 and 60 hours of total student work.

What is the total number of faculty in the University of Dundee ?

The University of Dundee has a total of around 953 faculty.

What are the basic tuition fees of the postgraduate students at the University of Dundee ?

The University of Dundee charges a baseline tuition price of GBP 8,995 to 10,995 for postgraduate students.

What grades do you need for Dundee university ?

A bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60–70 percent or 3.0–3.49 from a well-ranked public university is comparable to a UK 2.1, whereas a score of 50–59 percent or 2.5–2.99 is equivalent to a UK 2.2. Depending on the programme you're applying for, admission standards may be more stringent.

What is The Ranking of Dundee university ?
Rank by Rank Year
World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 201 2022
QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities 322 2022
Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University 301 2021