University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, also called U of A or UAlberta, is a public research university that is located within Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was established in the year 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, who was the initial premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, who was the first university president. It was created through the Post-secondary Education Act. The university is regarded as to be a "comprehensive academic and research university" (CARU) which means it has various academic and professional courses which typically result in undergraduate and graduate levels of accreditation.

The university has four campuses located in Edmonton and one in Camrose, Augustana Campus in Camrose, and a campus for staff located in downtown Calgary. The north campus was originally constructed of 150 buildings that cover 50 city blocks along the south-facing rim of the North Saskatchewan River valley, directly to the west of downtown Edmonton. The campus is home to 39,000 undergraduates from Canada as well as 150 other nations, are part of 400 courses in 18 faculties.

The university is a key economic engine in Alberta. The economic impact of Alberta's university is estimated to be $12.3 billion per year, which is five per cent of the province's gross domestic product.

University of Alberta Campuses

The university is home to five dispersed campuses, including as well as a north campus, two auxiliary satellites: Campus Saint-Jean in southeast Edmonton as well as Augustana Campus in Camrose, 90 km east of Edmonton. A massively renovated and upgraded historical Hudson's Bay department store located in downtown Edmonton which was named Enterprise Square, serves as an adult student campus who are part of the Faculty of Extension. The university has a collection of large tracts of land that are mostly undeveloped (used for research purposes as an experiment farm and as the site of numerous athletic and agricultural facilities) located to the to the south of its main campus known as South Campus (previously the University Farm) and in which an entire university complex with the same size as North Campus North Campus will be constructed.

The most detailed Google Maps views and 360-degree interactive panoramas of campus are available at the University of Alberta website.

North Campus

North Campus North Campus is the original campus for the University of Alberta. The campus is situated on the southern banks of the North Saskatchewan River; it comprises 150 buildings spread across 92 hectares (230 acres) of land.

The architect Barton Myers completed the long-range campus plan in 1969. Myers was a planner for the university until.

Its distinctive cupola, which is the hallmark of the Dentistry/Pharmacy Center located on North Campus was featured in the commemorative stamp of Canada Post in 2008, the year of the centenary celebrations at the university.

South Campus

Two kilometres to the to the south from that of the North Campus, the South Campus is bigger with regard to land. The two campuses are connected through Light Rail Transit. South Campus station is near Foote Field and the Saville Community Sports Centre creating an excellent connection to the campus's new design, which was completed in the year 2009. Together with Health Sciences, University, and Enterprise Square stations, the LRT connects the University of Alberta A via four stations. In addition to the educational facilities and facilities, the university is connected to six daycare centres that are non-profit with a variety of collaborations, like The Physical Literacy for Active Youth (PLAY) Program, which provides an opportunity for learning and education to the University of Alberta students.

Campus Saint-Jean

It is located in the Campus Saint-Jean is, a francophone campus situated five kilometres to from the campus located in Bonnie Doon, formerly named "Faculte Saint-Jean". The campus is also the sole francophone university campus in the west of Manitoba. Due to the increase in enrollment and increasing demand for French-language courses, Campus Saint-Jean is undergoing expansion by acquiring additional laboratory and classroom space. Students attending Campus Saint-Jean pursue bachelor's degrees in the arts or sciences or finish one year in Engineering, and after that, they typically transfer to the main campus of the University of Alberta. In addition, bilingual Nursing and Business courses are also available.

Augustana Campus

The Augustana Campus is located in Camrose which is a tiny city located in rural Alberta located about 100 km to the south of Edmonton. The university in 2004 old Augustana University College located in Camrose joined The University of Alberta, thus creating the campus known as the satellite Augustana Campus. Students who attend the Augustana Campus currently pursue four-year bachelor's degrees in the arts sciences, music, or science.

Enterprise Square

Enterprise Square opened for business on the 15th of January, 2008, on the north bank of the North Saskatchewan River in downtown Edmonton. It is situated in the historic building that was previously owned by the Hudson's Bay Company. The building was renovated extensively. Enterprise Square houses the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension as well as the professional development initiatives that are part of the Alberta School of Business, the Alberta Business Family Institute, and the Design Gallery. Enterprise Square is also the home of the University of Alberta Alumni Association.

University of Alberta History

The existence of the University of Alberta has been the result of vision and vision and visionary thinking, born of the alliance of two ambitious men: Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first Premier of Alberta, as well as Henry Marshall Tory, a McGill University professor who became the first University of Alberta president.

University of Alberta Rankings

  • #126 in QS Global World Rankings, 2022

  • #87 in Graduate Employability Rankings by QS Global World Rankings, 2022

  • #81 in Canadian Universities Ranking by CWUR, 2021-22

  • #125 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, 2022

  • #135 in Best Global Universities by U.S. News and World Report, 2022

  • #5 in Best Global Universities in Canada by U.S. News and World Report, 2022

University of Alberta Career

The university offers a range of internships and works experience opportunities as, along with mentorship and job shadowing opportunities. University of Alberta graduates are ranked first among graduates in Canada and 31st globally in terms of job-seeking.

University of Alberta Research

The search for truth drives the research conducted at The University of Alberta. In asking the question of the why what and what, our researchers are pushing the limits of knowledge. They uncover discoveries that enhance our lives and the world at large.

University of Alberta Education

It is believed that the U of A is one of the world's most prestigious research universities. It ranks fourth on the list in Canada and eighty-first globally for research impact. In the process of discovering answers to fundamental questions, establishing new industries and businesses and improving the health of people and promoting social change our scientists are at the forefront of developing knowledge to everyone's benefit.

University of Alberta Medical services

To ensure the healthiest campus environment, We strongly believe in the benefits of integrating health-promoting strategies listed below into the work we conduct on campus:

  • Health care collaborations are expanding and collaborating closely with partners

  • The development of health-related knowledge and abilities

  • Conducting research with students to guide evidence-based practice

  • Creating healthy, supportive campus environments

University of Alberta Life on campus

It is the University of Alberta has 18 faculties spread across five campuses: four located in Edmonton One located in Camrose. North Campus has 150 buildings that span 50 city blocks at the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. The campus of Saint-Jean is a French-speaking campus that is a unique treasure situated in Edmonton's French-speaking community. Augustana is a landmark campus located in a thriving rural community that offers a cosy educational environment that is residential. South Campus contains extensive land to conduct research on agriculture and houses a variety of facilities for recreation. Enterprise Square forms a hub in the downtown of Edmonton for students in all stages of their lives and entrepreneurs who are creating companies based on the latest research findings.

University of Alberta Sports facilities

The only thing unique to our Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Unique to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport Recreation is the fact that it houses the University of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics teams are housed within our department. Athletics provides students with the opportunity to integrate their studies and research into practical and interdisciplinarity experiences both in and out of the classroom.

University of Alberta Student clubs

Over 425 students organizations offer students the opportunity to pursue their academic, cultural, political and recreational interests. Students are also involved in the university's governance as part members of the Student Union and the Graduate Students Association.

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to get into University of Alberta ?
Obtaining a place at the University of Alberta. The admittance rate at the university is roughly 51%. This indicates that around half of the students that apply get accepted. Apply Alberta makes the application process simple.
Is University of Alberta good for international students ?
The University of Alberta is home to a welcoming community of nearly 7,200 foreign students, many of whom are graduates of Canadian high schools. At our inviting and varied campuses, over 40,000 Canadian and foreign students study together.
Is University of Alberta cheap ?
The University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Athabasca University are the most affordable universities in Alberta. These colleges' tuition prices are calculated depending on the number of enrolled units or credits every semester and range from CAD 2,440 to CAD 15,442 (USD 1,933 to USD 12,238).
Is University of Alberta prestigious ?
"One of Canada's top institutions... UAlberta is a Top 5 Canadian university with over 500 graduate programmes, 200 undergraduate programmes, and 450 active student clubs... and one of the greatest in the world."
Is the University of Alberta good ?
The University of Alberta is regarded as one of Canada's and the world's best teaching and research universities. It has been ranked among the top 150 institutions in the world by reputable rating organisations.
. What is the rank of the University of Alberta ?
In the QS World University Rankings, the University of Alberta is ranked #126, while in the Times Higher Education world university rankings, it is ranked #125.
What is the University of Alberta best known for ?
The University of Alberta is one of Canada's leading research-intensive institutions, including programmes in the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences.
What GPA is required to get into the University of Alberta ?
To get into the University of Alberta, students need have a minimum GPA of 3.5-3.75 on a 4.0 scale (90-92 percent).
Does the University of Alberta offer accommodation to international students ?
International students will find plenty of accommodation alternatives on campus and across Edmonton.
What is the acceptance rate of the University of Alberta ?
The admittance rate at the University of Alberta is around 58 percent.