Tufts University

Tufts University

Tufts University is a private university that was established in 1852. It has an undergraduate student population in the range of 6,114 (fall 2020) Its location is in the suburbs, and its campus is spread across 150 acres. The university follows the semester-based academic calendar. Tufts University's rank on the edition 2022 of Best Colleges has been ranked as National Universities, #28. Tuition and fees for the institution are at least $63,000.

The school has campuses situatedin Medford in Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts and has the primary campus situated at Walnut Hill which is about 8 km away from Boston. The campus is home to undergraduate programs in sciences and arts, and engineering. Furthermore, it is divided into 11 schools. It offering a variety of academic programs that draw students, faculty and employees who thrive in an atmosphere that encourages curiosity, imagination and collaboration.

Tufts University offers a number of bachelor degree programs, comprising bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as Master of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Interdisciplinary art. In addition the 5-year combination BFA with BA/BS degree undergraduate are available at the university. Students have the option of choosing from more than 150 majors and minors offered by the School of Arts and Sciences as well as the School of Engineering, including 30 inter-disciplinary programs and the distinctive options of the Experimental College. Additionally it also provides opportunities for pupils in high schools to learn and learn about the university in the summer.


It is a medium-sized establishment with a student population of over five thousand undergraduate students. The school is renowned as an international institution that provides various study abroad opportunities. It also emphasizes the importance of active citizenship and public service throughout its academic disciplines. With the ratio of 9:1 between faculty and students as well as an average student-teacher ratio of 20, Tufts offers its students an array of resources that are typical of top research institution and the attention that comes from a liberal arts school.


Tufts University admissions is most selective, with the acceptance rate being 16 percent. The majority of applicants accepted at Tufts University have an SAT score between 1380-1530 and an ACT score between 32 or 35. But, one-quarter of the applicants who were admitted scored higher than these ranges, and one quarter had scores below the scores. The deadline for applications is January. 1. The cost for applying at Tufts University is $75.

Admissions officers of Tufts University consider a student's GPA an extremely important academic aspect. The applicant's the class of their high school if available, is considered to be extremely significant and letters of recommendation are considered crucial for admissions officers for Tufts University.

In addition, the majority members of the academy's studentsare Nobel laureates governors, billionaires and governors heads of states, Emmy and Academy Award winners Senators, representatives, along with National Academy members. There are also Marshall, Fulbright, Truman, Rhodes, and Goldwater scholars. In addition, many graduates work as CEOs or founders of Fortune 500 companies.

University Ranking

Tufts University rankings both nationally as well as globally indicate the fact that it is among the of the top-ranked universities. US News & World Report puts it in the top 40 nationally in 2021, and globally, it is ranked at #82. Tufts University manages to be among the top 100 colleges in the USA nationally and among the Top 500 Universities in the world. National rankings are based upon admission-related figures. Tufts University Admissions is extremely selective, as the most recent admissions had an admission rate of 15 percent. There are additional prerequisites for very high ACT and SAT results, GPA and high class grades, as well as recommendation letters. Therefore, you can lower the accept rate as well as the range of rank for all universities.

Tufts University ranks #155 as according to THE The University Ranking 2021. The rankings have fluctuated in a significant manner throughout the years. It began with a rank that was #135 at the end of 2017. It was further elevated to #169 in 2018, before a decrease by 17 percentage points during the year 2019. The QS World University ranking 2021 for Tufts University stand at #260 which is a decrease of 7 points from 2020. QS's scoring the criteria used to rank Tufts University are elaborated further Faculty student ratio: 73.9, citations per faculty 50.7 International students proportion: 35.7, academic reputation: 19.6 and an overall score of 36.5.

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