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Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University (Chinese: Qing Hua Da Xue; pinyin: Qinghua Daxue) is a major research institution of the public sector located in Beijing and is a part of the C9 League. The University is also part of the Double First-Class University Plan, Project 985 and 211. Since its founding at the time of its founding in 1911, the University has produced many prominent scientists, engineers, business, politics, academics, and the arts.

Tsinghua University Campus

This campus at Tsinghua University is located in the northwest of Beijing within the Haidian district, which was originally designed for universities and other academic institutions.

It is situated on the site of the Qing Dynasty royal gardens and has Chinese-style landscaping and traditional buildings; however, many of its buildings are constructed in the Western style, which reflects the American influence that has shaped its past. Together with its comrade and neighbour, Peking University, it is well-known across China and around the world for having one of the world's most stunning campuses. Tsinghua Its university campus was chosen as among the top ten most beautiful university campuses around the globe by a group composed of campus designers and architects in Forbes in 2010 and was the only one located in Asia that was included on the list. A 1914 graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, helped design the campus grounds of the Tsinghua University with influences of Neoclassical and Palladian architectural styles and architectures. American architect Henry Killam Murphy (1877-1954), a Yale graduate, designed early buildings such as the Grand Auditorium, the Roosevelt Memorial Gymnasium, the Science Building and the east side of the Old Library. Yang Tingbao designed the Observatory, the Life Sciences building, the Mingzhai of the student dormitory buildings and the middle and west side of the Old Library. The University's Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology is on a separate campus in a northern suburb of Beijing. The Tsinghua History Museum covers a construction area of 5,060 m2. An archive of documents from the past, including artworks, photographs and maps, as well as graphics and audiovisual material, tells visitors the history that shaped the history of Tsinghua University. The exhibit also pays tribute to those who played a role in the success and growth of the University.

Tsinghua University Academics

Tsinghua University engages in extensive research and offers 51 bachelor's degree programs, 139 master's degree programs, and 107 doctoral programs through 20 colleges and 57 departments covering a broad range of subjects, including science, engineering, arts and literature, social sciences, law, medicine. Along with its membership in the C9 League, Tsinghua University affiliations include the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, a group of 50 leading Asian and American universities, Washington University in St. Louis's McDonnell International Scholars Academy, a group of 35 premier global universities, and the Association of East Asian Research Universities, a 17-member research collaboration network of top regional institutions. Tsinghua is an associate member of the Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER). Tsinghua is a member of a Low Carbon Energy University Alliance (LCEUA), together with the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Tsinghua University Admissions

Acceptance to Tsinghua for undergraduate as well as graduate programs is extremely competitive. The admission process for undergraduates in the United States is determined through gaokao, the Chinese admissions national test which permits students to choose Tsinghua University among their preferred colleges. While the selection criteria varies from province to province, the large number of college students who apply for college every year has led to overall acceptance rates that are less than 0.1% of all applicants.

Tsinghua University commands a very high matriculation rate for students accepted to the University. According to a study of 2008 215 of 300 students that scored among the top 10, percentiles in the 30 provinces and regions picked Tsinghua as their primary University, and 21 of the top 30 scorers across each region and province selected the University.

The admission process to Tsinghua's graduate school is extremely competitive. Just 16% of MBA applicants are accepted each year.

Tsinghua University Research

Researchers in Tsinghua University is mainly supported by the State through special and national programs. For the sciences and technology, the funding from these sources is more than 20 billion yuan. It provides funding for more than 1,400 projects annually that are conducted at the University. With the prospect of increasing the State's investments in the fields of science and technology research, the University of Tsinghua is expected to receive more funding through the State.

Every year, each year, the University holds an annual Intellectual Property Summer Institute in collaboration with the Franklin Pierce Law Center of Concord, New Hampshire.

Tsinghua University Ranking

  • World University Rankings: #16 in 2022

  • QS World University Rankings: #17 in 2022

  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #28 in 2021

  • Best Global Universities Rankings: #28 in 2021

Tsinghua University Student services

The Student Services Center is located in the student living area and is made up of a number of support facilities, including the post office, a bank supermarket, copy shop photo studio, bookstore optical shop as well as a barbershop. Additionally to that, you can find the Front Desk of the Student Dormitory is situated within the Student Service Center, which offers a 24-hour "one-stop" service.

Tsinghua University Services for housing

The Zijing International Student Apartments of Tsinghua University offer three kinds of dormitory rooms for international students Single room (private bathroom and bedroom), RMB 80/day; A room (private bedroom with bathrooms shared), RMB 80/day/person; double room (two beds in one room, bathroom shared at each level), RMB 40/day/person. The rooms are equipped with bedding, air conditioning, phone, Internet access, and furniture.

Tsinghua University Library services

The first library at Tsinghua University was set up in 1912, and it combines equally Chinese and Western styles.

The library of the University currently includes The Old Library, the Yifu Library and, the Mochtar-Riady Library and the Humanities and Social Sciences Library as well, as The Arts Library, the Finance Library and the Law Library, Economics and Management Library and the Architecture Library.

Tsinghua University Life on campus

The Tsinghua University campus Tsinghua University is situated in the northwest of Beijing in the vicinity of the imperial gardens that were once part that were part of the Qing Dynasty and surrounded by numerous historical sites.

Tsinghua University Sports facilities

Tsinghua is a place with a long sports tradition and encourages students regularly participate in sports activities. The campus is equipped with numerous sporting facilities. There are over 10 sporting fields accessible to students, as well as six courts with lighting to use at night.

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to get in Tsinghua University ?
The admission percentage for qualified overseas students applying to Tsinghua or Peking University who are suggested through China Admissions' services is around 95%. The least competitive programmes are Chinese language programmes, while MBA and MBBS degrees are the most competitive.
What is Tsinghua University famous for ?
Tsinghua University is ranked among the top five universities in the world in "Telecommunication Engineering," "Instruments Science & Technology," "Civil Engineering," "Chemical Engineering," "Mechanical Engineering," "Nanoscience & Nanotechnology," and "Energy Science & Engineering," according to the ARWU's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020.
How can a foreigner get into Tsinghua ?
  1. Foreign citizens, in good physical and mental health, and awarded a certificate of graduation from high school.
  2. Academic performance.
  3. Language proficiency.
  4. Aged 18 or above (by September 1, 2022). For the applicants under 18, please bring the relevant supporting documents to the official registration.
How many students does Tsinghua University accept ?
it has less than 2% acceptance rate.
Can foreigners go to Tsinghua University ?
Tsinghua University in China has recently altered its admissions rules for international students. Foreign students who have completed high school and passed the HSK Level 5 Chinese language test are now eligible to apply without completing any admission exams.
What GPA do you need for Tsinghua University ?
How is Housing Service at Tsinghua University ?
Tsinghua University's Zijing Overseas Student Apartments provide three types of dormitory rooms for international students. RMB 80/day/person for a single room (private bathroom and bedroom); RMB 80/day/person for an A room (private bedroom with shared toilets); RMB 40/day/person for a double room (two beds in one room, bathroom shared on each floor). Bedding, air conditioning, a phone, Internet connection, and furnishings are all included in the rooms.
How is Campus life at Tsinghua University ?
The Tsinghua University campus Tsinghua University is situated in the northwest of Beijing in the vicinity of the imperial gardens that were once part that were part of the Qing Dynasty and surrounded by numerous historical sites.
What Is the History at Tsinghua University ?
Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 and was initially known as "Tsinghua Xuetang." In 1912, the school was renamed "Tsinghua School." In 1925, the university section was established. In 1928, the name "National Tsinghua University" was chosen.
How Is Library Service at Tsinghua University ?
The Old Library, the Library, the Mochtar-Riady Library, and the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, as well as The Arts Library, the Finance Library, and the Law Library, Economics and Management Library, and the Architecture Library, are all part of the University's library system.