Torrens University

Torrance is a private university that is a member of Laureate International University, a global network of 70 approved higher education institutions including over 1 million students. Through its field of work framework, Torrens provides courses in Business, Design, Health, Hospitality, and Education in five fields of study.

Torrens University began teaching in 2014 after being founded in 2013. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane are all home to campuses. Torrens University currently has around 10,000 students enrolled. It is ranked 36th among Australia's most recognised institutions. You may apply for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Torrens University with ease and convenience.

They refer to the learning earned at the institution as 'formal learning' in their Credit Policy. Torrens University lecturers urge students to use their cognitive abilities while also making an influence on the outer world. The institution pays close attention to students and ensures that they have a positive academic experience.

Top Reasons to Study in Torrens University

  • Torrance University Australia is a member of Laureate International University, a recognized international network of outstanding universities.
  • You may use the state-of-the-art Torrance campus in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, whether you are studying on campus or online.
  • Dynamic Online Learning: We provide you on-demand access to your course content and materials so you may study whenever you choose.

Torrens University Education 

  • Torrens University Australia is Australia's fastest-growing university, with a national presence and an international concentration on business, design, hospitality, education, health, and other fields. Torrance University offers a new, distinctive, career-focused viewpoint to higher education, whether you study on-campus or online.
  • 03389E is a CRICOS Provider Code.

Torrens University Research

Torrance University Australia is an Australian university with a nationwide presence, part of the Laureate Education Network's Asia, Africa, and Middle East (AMEA) region. Our research takes significance from the social, economic, cultural, and environmental contexts of our unique physical position in the globe, in addition to being connected to a worldwide network of scholars.

We provide specialized research and research training that have a long-term global and national effect. We strive for excellence in transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to address long-term solutions to pressing social issues.

Torrens University Career

At Torrens University, we provide customized success coaching, small class sizes, and internships, allowing our students to graduate with important industry contacts and job experience.

We also provide optional weekend touch-point sessions where you may hear from industry experts, interact with lecturers, and build your interdisciplinary network in a face-to-face setting. You may quickly expand your network while studying by attending one session every quarter for one of our national campuses.

Torrens University Services

Student Service

All face-to-face and online students registered in Australia can receive free and confidential counseling at your school. This non-judicial services does not diagnose; instead, we listen to you and assist you identify areas of concern so that you may develop plans to address them.

Housing Service

Residential institutions, student residences, and private rentals are among the alternatives available to students in Adelaide. Torrens does not own or run any of its own dwellings. The Student Services staff, on the other hand, can assist you in locating an appropriate lodging alternative.

The Australian Homestay Network has also registered with Torrens University (AHN). Colleges with Residential Programs Residential colleges offer secure, well-equipped, and fully catered housing with a strong emphasis on the student community. They provide opportunities for peer networking through social, recreational, and sports activities.

Library Service

Our on-campus and online library services provide you with a diverse choice of learning and teaching tools to supplement and enhance your learning and study experience.

You will get access to the following resources:

  • Learning Resource Center on Campus in Torrance
  • Torrance Public Library has an online library.
  • The University of Adelaide's Barr Smith Library (available to Adelaide campus-based students only)

ICT Services

For equipment rental, a laptop station, and a break out zone, visit the Learning Resource Library and Media Lab.

  • Digital media lab
  • Photo imaging studio
  • Free Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Communal Apple Desktop
  • On-site cafe and student kitchen
  • Shared student lounge and dedicated study area
  • Friendly Student Services Support Team On Site
  • Mobile Pods for Meetings, Business Launches, Project Showcasing

Medical Service

At Torrens University Australia, student health and well-being is a top emphasis. If you have a health condition that is interfering with your academics, our Student Services staff is here to help.

Torrens University Student Life

Campus Life

Sydney is known for its beautiful beaches, which are surrounded by natural beauty. Sydney, Australia's largest city, is known for its beautiful harbor and coast vistas. Many foreign students call Sydney home, taking advantage of the city's excellent public transportation, numerous work options, art galleries, museums, world-class restaurants, and shopping. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are pleasant. In New South Wales, Torrance University has seven campuses.

Student Club

Our large new student community will assist you in better comprehending your learning environment.

It is available to all students, but it is especially beneficial to those who learn remotely. You'll find out about:

  • Making a study room at home (or at work, or at a friend's place).
  • Your Information Technology Requirements
  • Learning Resources and Libraries
  • The abilities you already possess and how they should assist you in achieving your goals
  • Support Services Dedicated to You

• Admission criteria

Regardless of which course you plan to take admission in, you must excel at speaking English. It is mandatory for students to enroll in Torrens university. International as well as domestic applicants who have not learnt English at any point of time in their life, must learn English to meet the basic standard of spoken as well as written English defined by concerned authorities at the university. Once you have met this criterion, you will be able to apply for Torrens university.

Frequently asked questions

Is Torrens University nationally Recognised ?

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) oversees the country's vocational education and training (VET) sector. Take a look at our ASQA profile. The Australian Qualifications Framework regulates and accredits Torrens University Australia's programmes (excluding short courses) (AQF).

What is Torrens University known for ?

Torrance Institution stands on the shoulders of giants as Australia's top international university. Thousands of great professions have been created by our reputable industry-focused universities, which have a long history. Start your career in design and creative technologies by gaining real industry experience.

Is Torrens University a private university ?

Torrance is a private university that is a member of Laureate International University, a global network of 70 approved universities and higher education institutions with over 1 million students.

Why should I study at Torrens University ?

The university has developed a dynamic online learning paradigm that allows students to succeed on their own schedules. It gives students with on-demand access to course materials and materials, allowing them to study whenever and wherever they choose.

Is Torrens University good ?

Torrance University was placed 12th in student satisfaction among all Australian institutions in the 2019 Student Experience Survey, with an overall satisfaction rating of 80.4.

Is Torrens University good for Counselling ?

Academics are the most knowledgeable in the field. You can acquire positions in your desired field with their help and direction. Our partnership with the Jensen Newman Institute guarantees that you benefit from more than 40 years of consulting expertise.

How many students go to Torrens ?

The Torrance University Network now has over 19,000 students from 115 different countries enrolled (which includes the School of Media Design and Think Education). This implies our student diversity is higher than the national average.

How old is Torrens ?

Torrens University Australia was founded in 2013 as a result of collaborations with some of Australia's most prestigious education providers, all of which share a purpose-driven and passionate approach to teaching, in order to offer courses that are relevant to their chosen vocations. Designed to keep employees who are enthusiastic about what they do in the workplace.

What is The Ranking of Torrens University ?

UniRank classified Torrens University Australia as the 40th top college in Australia in 2019 and 3,425th internationally. In CEO Magazine's 2022 Global MBA Rankings, it was placed 27th in the world for online MBA degrees.

How is Medical Services at Torrens University ?

Torrens University Australia prioritises student health and well-being. If you have a health condition that is interfering with your academics, our Student Services staff is here to help.