Torrens University

Torrens University

Having Established in 2013, Torrens university started teaching in 2014. It has campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane. At present, Torrens university has over 10,000 students enrolled in it. It stands at the 36th position in the list of the most accredited universities in Australia. You can easily and conveniently apply in Torrens university for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

In their Credit Policy, they referred to the learning gained in the university as ‘formal learning.’ Lecturers at Torrens university encourage students to harness their cognitive skills and to create an impact on the outside world as well. Students are given due attention to by the university in such a way that they experience stellar academic life.

This university makes students feel at home and offers a congenial environment in which students can freely use their talents to obtain desirable outcomes. Torrens university has been fostering students’ creativity, so that they can develop an unrestricted outlook toward the world and can make learning as an integral part of their life.

• Admission criteria

Regardless of which course you plan to take admission in, you must excel at speaking English. It is mandatory for students to enroll in Torrens university. International as well as domestic applicants who have not learnt English at any point of time in their life, must learn English to meet the basic standard of spoken as well as written English defined by concerned authorities at the university. Once you have met this criterion, you will be able to apply for Torrens university.

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