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Top 10 Computer Science Universities in Germany

One of the most renowned countries for books, Germany, is a popular destination for students from all over the globe. The top universities in Computer Science in Germany are included in the most prestigious universities around the globe. Computer science is one of the most sought-after areas that are studied in Germany and not just for students from the country but also for international students. The rate of employment is very high in this area of study.

With its top-quality education, the diversity of culture, and, in general, no-cost education options, it's no surprise that so many foreigners are keen to complete their education in Germany. With its beautiful streets, affordable recreational activities, museums, and galleries, the country is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and incredibly comfortable life.

Additionally, for those who want to pursue a degree in Computer Science, below you will see a list of the most prestigious universities in Computer Science in Germany.

1. Technical University of Munich

The Computer Science Faculty at the Technical University of Munich is one of the most prestigious faculties in Germany and has around 5,400 undergraduates. It's For a number of years been ranked as the top Computer Science faculty in Germany in the world rankings. This faculty is covered by a vast number of subjects, ranging from Software Engineering, Scientific Computing, Knowledge-Based Systems, as well as Robotics.

There are Master's degree programs at the Technical University of Munich, which include programs in Automotive Software Engineering, Biomedical Computing, Computational Science and Engineering, Robotics and Cognitive Systems, Data Engineering and Analytics, and Informatics Games Engineering.

2. RWTH Aachen University

The university is situated in the town of Aachen in Germany. It is renowned as a leader in academics and its high standing among the world's best universities. With a total of 57 programs in study and more than 10,455 students from 125 nations, the university is highly regarded for the number of graduates and the employability of its students. In the year 2018/2019, the number of 45,256 students enrolled at the university. RWTH Aachen University is committed to creating a positive and collaborative environment through the development of a vibrant and innovative environment.

There are a lot of programs offered by this university. The Computer Science course is quite impressive.

3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The institute of Technology concentrates on developing and transferring knowledge to the environment and society. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology excels in a variety of fields, including engineering, natural sciences, humanities, economics, and social sciences. The areas of mobility, energy, and information are the main reasons that make this institute so unique.

The study programs based on research prepare students for leadership positions in the workplace, society as well as in science. The achievements of each student are acknowledged as an individual, as are equal chances provided to all.

4. Technical University of Berlin

The school offers a vast selection of study options that include Computer Science. It has around 35,000 students, over 130 classes, and more than 40 institutes. The Technical University of Berlin is one of the top institutions in Germany. When it comes to internationalisation, this university has strategic partnerships with some of the leading universities abroad.Throughout 23% of its students come from more than 130 countries around the world.Its outstanding achievements in the field of research and teaching are what make this school distinguish itself, not just in the area of Computer Science but also in any other area of research.

5. LMU Munich

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen is widely regarded as one of Europe's most prestigious academic and research institutions. It was founded in 1472 and has since become an educational destination for a variety of students, including international students, across the globe. The university is a source of inspiration for well-known scholars and students from across the world. In order to build an improved future, the university strives to achieve excellence in all its areas of study. The majority of the 50,000 students who attend are from countries other than Germany. It is regarded as one of the continent's best universities while collaborating with numerous partner universities in Europe.

6. University of Freiburg

The university was founded in 1457. The University of Freiburg offers undergraduate as well as graduate degrees and courses in the most prominent disciplines of today, including the humanities, engineering and natural sciences, and law, theology, and medicine. Students from around the globe are enrolled in the university's 180-degree degrees with 11 faculties.

The university is regarded as a place that encourages international exchange, openness, and the highest level of excellence. It is the role of curiosity that plays an important part in ensuring that the students and this university excel in their studies, as well as on the job market. The University of Freiburg gives equal opportunities to all students and maintains a respectful approach to diversity.

7. Technical University of Darmstadt

The Technical University of Darmstadt was established in 1877, thus beginning its highly-regarded tradition of achievement and innovation. It has been extremely successful in the area of research, teaching, and transfer. It also creates opportunities that shape society for the better. The Technical University of Darmstadt is one of the best tech universities in Germany. However, it is not just. It also has a high standing for its international standing. It focuses specifically on engineering and natural sciences, along with sociology and humanities.

The courses offered to undergraduate students in the area of computing science are interactive and current. This helps to bring into focus the challenges of digital Technology faced by students and attempt to solve them.

8. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University defines itself as an international-oriented research and education institution. It covers a variety of fields of study that pay particular focus on knowledge and abilities and a non-judgmental approach. Its Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science isn't the only notable faculty in the university. It is also renowned for its faculties in other areas, including Physics as well, Astronomy, Biosciences, Arts, Theology, and more.

Heidelberg University offers some of the ideal conditions for a relaxed learning and teaching setting. The ease of learning for its students, along with its academic achievements and its expertise, makes this university among the top universities in Germany.

9. University of Bonn

Established in the year 200 years ago, the University of Bonn is now considered to be an innovative research university that covers numerous disciplines. It also has a reputation for world-class research at the highest level. The University of Bonn has a population of 35,000 students. Five thousand of them include international students around the globe. There are around 200 distinct courses and degrees as well, with a large number of doctoral students. It is important to know that the university has established transdisciplinary research areas in which experts from various disciplines pool their expertise to come up with solutions to scientific and social problems.

10. Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

The mission of this institution is to apply information to advance the future of students and improve the quality of life for the next generation. Established in 1743, It now has around 4000 students who attend its campuses in Erlangen, Nuremberg, or Furth.

In the year that the Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1966. The school was the first German university that combined an old-fashioned university with the advantages of a technical one. Its Faculty of Engineering is now recognized internationally for its high quality. The faculty comprises five departments, which includes the Department of Computer Science, which focuses on fundamental and technology-related subjects.

Frequently asked questions

Is Technical University of Munich is free ?

The bulk of TUM's academic programs are normally tuition-free, with few exceptions, such MBA programs. We invite you to go through our selection and get more information about the various programs.

Is Technical University of Munich a good University ?

According to student reviews on Studyportals, the best resource for learning how students rate their study and living experiences at universities from around the world, Technical University of Munich is ranked 38 in the world according to Times Higher Education's rankings of universities, and it has an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

Is RWTH Aachen University free ?

At RWTH Aachen University, there are no tuition costs—this is true even for overseas students! However, there is a student body and social contribution charge that applies to all students.

What is RWTH Aachen known for ?

Although it added schools of philosophy and medicine in the 1960s, it is still best known for its natural sciences and engineering programs. In fact, since 2014, it has partnered with the city to present a distinguished Engineering Award every year to a notable member of the profession.

Is the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology a public university ?

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a publicly funded research institution, yes.

Is Karlsruhe Institute of Technology a good college ?

On October 1, 2009, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was established. It is ranked 141 in the QS World University Ranking for 2023. The KIT is now ranked 180 worldwide by THE World University Ranking 2022.

How many students are in TU Berlin ?

Over 33,000 students were enrolled at the institution in 2015 for the academic year. TU Berlin has roughly 31,702 students enrolled in 2016—6,106 (19.3%) of them were foreigners.

What is TU Berlin famous for ?

TU Berlin fosters student exchanges between top technical schools as a member of TU9. Technical industrial academic programs including Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Transport Systems are also well-known at the institute.

Is Ludwig Maximilian university good ?

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich is ranked #32 in Times Higher Education's World University Rankings and has an overall score of 4.2 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to learn how students rate their study and living experiences at universities around the world.

Is Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich free ?

Yes. Both local and foreign students are not charged tuition to attend LMU Munich. However, there will be a little semester charge that students must pay to fund office expenses.

What is the University of Freiburg known for ?

In national competitions, it has received multiple awards as one of Germany's top institutions for its excellent research and instruction. For its around 25,000 students, the university offers a creative and inspiring environment in which to learn, do research, and live.

Does the University of Freiburg teach in English ?

At the University of Freiburg, they enthusiastically welcome students to take part in their English-Taught Programs. They guarantee a good learning atmosphere while also delivering top-notch instruction in contemporary disciplines.