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Study in Canada for International Students

About Canada

Each year, a sizable number of foreign students choose to study at a Canadian institution. This is hardly unexpected considering Canada's superior educational system and enhanced employment opportunities. Universities in Canada grant degrees that are respected all around the world. Students also pick Canada as their study destination because of the incredible living circumstances, easy admission requirements, career chances after graduation, and clear road to citizenship.

Major Reasons to Study in Canada

Excellence in Academics:

Why should you study in Canada? A degree from a top Canadian university is recognized globally. A number of institutions from Canada made it into the QS World University Rankings in 2021. In addition, the University of Toronto, McGill University, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are among the top 100 universities.

Immigration Benefits:

One of the easiest immigration policies in the entire world, according to critics, is that of Canada. It is a big nation with a modest population. Upon graduation, students may also apply for permanent residency (PR), and they will soon be able to do the same for citizenship.

Scope of Research:

The primary reason for students to go abroad to study in Canada is the general concentration of the system on research. The Canadian government provides a wide range of assistance in areas like telecommunications, medical sciences, environmental sciences, agriculture, technology, and many other fields.

Comparatively Affordable:

The top study by Canadian consultants highlights the low tuition costs in Canada when compared to schools in the UK or USA. There are numerous scholarships available as also.

Earning Opportunities:

International students can earn money while they study. Students are able to work as much as 20 hours per week during their academic semesters and can work full-time during holidays.

Peace and Safety:

Canada has always found an area among the safest nations in the world. The Global Peace Index ranking saw Canada reaching the top 10 spots in 2022.

Wonderful Campus Experiences:

The campuses of many Canadian universities are extremely busy all year round. Students can look forward to festivals events, cultural, and other events.

Skill Development Emphasis:

The Canadian system provides the opportunity for job seekers in related fields when they are enrolled in their studies. A student studying engineering in Canada may work as an intern at an engineering company while they study.

High Quality of Life:

Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver appear in the top 50 student cities in the world from the QS World University Rankings. They also provide excellent living conditions, with living costs being less than cities in the UK, France, and the US.

Diverse Culture and Natural Beauty:

The diverse society of Canada is friendly toward immigrants. In addition, the natural beauty and the attractions of Canada make it a top choice for students from abroad. There are many activities to enjoy during the winter months, such as skiing, too.

Study Abroad in Canada- Living & Studying Expenses

Learning in Canada is an investment for the future due to the quality of education and job potential. Students from countries other than Canada have to pay for the essential cost of living and tuition in Canada. They must provide evidence of funds sufficient to cover basic costs with authorities such as the CIC (Citizenship as well as immigration Canada).

Universities or colleges generally offer an estimate of expected costs of living. However, you must show CAD 10,000 to cover the 12 months' expenses for living while you study abroad. Additional CAD 4,000 might be required for your spouse, as well as $3,000 for each dependent. This sum covers accommodation, food, clothes, books, transport, and medical insurance. The tuition and associated academic expenses are charged in separate installments.

Medical insurance is essential in Canada because healthcare is expensive in the country. Insurance plans for public health are independently applied to every province. Certain universities might require compulsory healthcare insurance. It is recommended to apply for this coverage in the initial week after your arrival.

Living costs differ across cities and areas. The university also has an important role to play in determining the cost of tuition, whether there is affordable housing on campus and many others.

The estimated costs for studying or living in Canada are as follows:

  • Tuition Fees: Around 18,000-19,000 CAD (Rs 10 - 11 Lakh) per year.
  • Healthcare Insurance coverage: About 800 CAD annually or 70 each monthly (Rs 50,000)
  • Student Fees: CAD 400 (Rs 23,000) per year
  • Books that cost 600 CAD (Rs 35,000) each year
  • Rent (on-campus) If it is available, it could be around 7200 CAD annually or 600 each month (Rs 4.5 million/year)
  • Mobile phone packs that are basic for 360 CAD (Rs 12,000) each year or CAD 30 each month
  • Food and essentials Food and Essentials: CAD 3,600 (Rs 2.25 lakh) per year, or CAD 300 each month
  • Public Transit Passes for CAD 40 per month or CAD (Rs 28,000) for 480 (Rs 28,000) annually
  • clothing & Entertainment: About the equivalent of CAD 996 (Rs 56,000) each year, or CAD 80 every month
  • Cost of fuel for cars 2400 CAD (Rs 1.4 lakh) per year or CAD 200 per month
  • Car Insurance Costs 1500 CAD (Rs 87,000) per year

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for an international student to study in Canada ?

Canada is a highly cheap place to study when compared to many other nations. For tuition, you'll probably need between $20,000 and $30,000 each year.

Is study in Canada free for international students ?

Residents of Canada are entitled to free public secondary or high education. For overseas students, many colleges demand annual tuition that can vary from about 8,000 to 14,000 Canadian dollars.

Is Canada cheap to study ?

Canada offers substantially more reasonable tuition than many other nations.

What are requirements to study in Canada ?
  • basic prerequisites for entrance
  • possess a valid travel permit, such as a passport.
  • be in excellent health.
  • have no convictions for crimes or immigration-related offenses.
  • Persuade an immigration official of your ties.
Is it cheaper to study in Canada or UK ?

In general, studying in Canada is substantially less expensive than studying in the UK.

Can I work while studying in Canada ?

20 hours a week are the maximum you can work. You are in breach of the terms of your study permit if you work more than 20 hours per week.

How much money do I need to study in Canada ?

Canada is a highly cheap place to study when compared to many other nations. For tuition, you'll probably need between $20,000 and $30,000 each year.

Is it easy to get student visa for Canada ?

It can appear like the challenging portion is finished. But the reality is that obtaining a study visa for Canada might be far more difficult than you might imagine.

Is Canadian degree valid in UK ?

A Canadian bachelor's degree is recognized internationally and is comparable to undergraduate programs in nations like the United States and the United Kingdom.

How long is Canadian student visa ?

The student visa is valid for the length of the study program plus an additional 90 days in case you need to make travel arrangements to depart Canada or renew your study permit.

Does Canada student visa get rejected ?

It becomes more challenging to obtain a visa as more individuals apply for student visas. Due of its enormous popularity, it has a strict visa application process. After COVID-19, the rejection rate for Canadian student visas skyrocketed to 40–50%. The rejection rate for Canadian student visas prior to COVID was close to 15-20%.

What is the success rate of Canada student visa ?

According to local education advisors, 2,18,640 Indian students received study visas in 2019 (IRCC data). In that year, the nation's application acceptance rate was 63.7%, which was nearly 3% higher than that of other nations.

How early can I get student visa in Canada ?

There is no deadline for when you must get in Canada before you may start your education. You should just show up so that you have enough time to be ready before you begin studying.

How can I study in Canada for free ?
  1. University of Northern British Columbia.
  2. Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  3. Simon Fraser University.
  4. University of Saskatchewan.
  5. University of Calgary.
What is the cheapest place to live in Canada ?

The most affordable place to live in Canada is Sherbrooke.