SOAS University of London welcomes the most brilliant minds to attend their central London campus. It is home to like-minded people who are passionate about current global issues.

SOAS programs are taught by highly respected experts involved in research and fieldwork, that influence government policy and the lives of the people all over the world. SOAS researchers debate current issues like human rights as well as migration, development as well as identities, legal systems as well as religion, poverty and social change. They also participate in a variety of global research projects that influence the economics, culture, and the politics of communities across the globe.

SOAS provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in addition to foundation degrees, distance education as well as summer schools.

SOAS is among the top institutions worldwide to study Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.Its library is among the national five research libraries located in the UK. SOAS also is home to its Brunei Gallery, which hosts an array of rotating exhibits, both historical and contemporary, that focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East with the aim to showcase and promote the cultures that originate from these regions.

SOAS is split into 3 faculties: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Languages and Cultures and Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. It houses SOAS School of Law. SOAS School of Law which is among the top legal schools within the UK. The school offers more than 350 bachelor's degrees as well as more than 100 master's degrees , and PhD programs in almost every department. The university boasts a staff-student ratio of 11, which is one of the highest within the UK. SOAS has produced a number of heads of state and diplomats, ministers of the government and central bankers Supreme Court judges, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and numerous other prominent leaders from around the globe. SOAS is an affiliate of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Student Life

SOAS Students Union is a lively and vibrant environment that gives support and representation to everyone SOAS students. It is our responsibility to ensure that every one of our students' home, international or part-time, their voice is heard. This is accomplished by two methods, the first, through members of our own elected office from the Union. There are four co-presidents who have sabbaticals who are full-time employees in your behalf. They sit on school committees as well as lobbying management on issues directly by students. Additionally, there are ten part-time officers with a variety of portfolios to tackle.

Representation is also available on a course-level. SOAS is one of the most effective Class Representative programs across the nation (the scheme is also used by a lot of other universities). Every class has a representative who attends departmental gatherings and plays a crucial role in the process of decision-making processes at the lowest levels. It is not just a way to ensure that students can be heard at every level, but also that more students are able to participate in a way that is democratically influenced by the direction students' union decides to take. We are aware that we are only effective by engaging people.

There are a variety of ways that students can be involved in the Union. There are around two hundred societies and clubs which cover dining, sports and dining, debates on politics as well as cultural and social issues between. We aim to get young people engaged, and if your particular passion isn't covered, then it's easy to put together your own group. It is our responsibility to make your time in London simpler, more enjoyable and filled with activities to do. The Union organizes a variety of events, both within as well as outside SOAS.


In 2020, the QS World University Rankings placed SOAS 13th worldwide with regard to Anthropology and 18th in the world for Politics. The rankings of 2021 put it fifth globally in Development Studies and 44th for Arts & Humanities. SOAS is ranked as 21 globally for international Students in addition to 48 overall in the category of International Faculty in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. It was ranked 391 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

The SOAS's Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS) is placed in the top ten of Business Studies in the 2013 Complete University Guide's League Table. The department's research strengths department was previously acknowledged in an exercise in 2008 called the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) in which 90 percent of the research was classified as internationally recognized as excellent, internationally renowned or world-leading excellence.

The findings of the RAE in 2008 United Kingdom RAE took the form of profiles that were spread across four grades. Therefore, there are a variety of methods of presenting them and rank the departments. In their tables published, The Times Higher and The Guardian Education used an average of their profiles or the GPA (Grade Point Average) Both rankings put SOAS's Department of Anthropology SOAS Department of Anthropology equal second, just in the middle of Cambridge and LSE. In the year 2008, according to United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise, SOAS is the national research leader in studying Asia.


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