Seoul National University

Seoul National University (SNU; Korean: seouldaehaggyo; Hanja seoulDa Xue Xiao (RR: Seoul Daehakgyo, colloquially Seouldae) is a major national research university that is located within Seoul, South Korea. It is among the top Korean nation's universities.

Established in 1946, Seoul National University is considered the most prestigious college in Korea. The University is home to three campuses that include the main campus located in Gwanak-gu as well as two additional campus in Daehangno as well as Pyeongchang. The University is comprised of 16 colleges as well as one graduate school, and nine schools for professionals. The student body comprises approximately 17,000 undergraduates and 11,000 master's students. Based on data collected by KEDI, The University invests more money on its students per pupil than any other university in the nation that has a minimum of 10,000 students.

Seoul National University holds a memorandum of understanding with over 700 academic institutions in 40 countries, the World Bank, and a general academic exchange program with the University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, the University is part of Washington University in St. Louis's McDonnell International Scholars Academy. In addition, the Graduate School of Business offers dual master's degrees that are offered with Duke University, ESSEC Business School, Hitotsubashi University and Yale School of Management and MBA-, MS- and PhD-candidate exchange programs that connect universities in the ten nations of four continents. Additionally, there is the Graduate School of International Studies provides a dual master's degree in conjunction together with The Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo, ESSEC Business School, KU Leuven's Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Tubingen and Peking University's School of International Studies, and exchange programs with top universities in 17 countries to MAand PhD candidates. In response to a mandate from the government to promote globalization in Korean universities in 2010, the international faculty headcount reached 242 which was 4% from the overall total of 2010 however it declined thereafter.

Seoul National University Ranking

  • QS World University Rankings: #36 in 2022
  • World University Rankings: #54 in 2022
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #101 in 2021
  • Best Global Universities Rankings: #129 in 2021

Seoul National University History

The genesis of Seoul National University dates back to the latter part of the nineteenth century when the Korean Emperor Gojong established modern higher education institutions that were later incorporated into SNU. In 1895, Emperor Gojong promulgated Imperial Order 49 and established the Legal Training School as the first modern University in Korea. It graduated 209 students, which included Yi Jun, the Martyr Yi Jun.

Seoul National University Campus

There is a problem with the SNU Gwanak Campus is not located within walking distance of Seoul National University. Seoul National University station. However, there's no need to be concerned, as there is a shuttle bus that connects on building on campus (Administration Building) to the subway station. Another bus operates in between campus as well as Sillim-dong (Nokdu Street) the area that is popular for housing students who are preparing for national exams. If you are taking a 9:15 am class in the morning it is recommended to arrive early to the bus stop for shuttle buses. Otherwise, you'll end up waiting in line even though the shuttle bus is available often.

Seoul National University Sports Facilities

Its POSCO Sports Center has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a weight area, golf courses squash courts, racquetball courts, and multi-purpose fitness rooms. A variety of instructional courts and sauna and shower facilities are readily available. Additionally, other facilities for fitness, sports, or health centers are found close to the SNU Campus.

Seoul National University Student Clubs

SISA (SNU International Students ' Association) is the official representative of all foreign students attending Seoul National University.

Seoul National University Library Services

The SNU Library maintain a collection of 4 million books, more than 10,000 academic journals, 31,000 digital journals and 167,000 non-print resources that support research and academic activities at the University.SNU Libraries: Central Library7 Subsidiary Libraries across campus- Business Administration Library- International Studies Library- Agricultural Studies Library

Seoul National University Medical Services

The team of health professionals at the SNUHSC is comprised of physicians and registered nurses as well as counselors. The facility is outfitted with a radiology laboratory, a lab services, a pharmacy and support personnel. The center provides a broad array of services for students, faculty and employees at Seoul National University.

Seoul National University Career

Career Counseling Division offers various counseling programs that help students create successful career plans and to examine their personality and interests in the field through several exams that are standardized and mentoring programs that help students to meet alumni who are in their own areas.

Career Development Center (CDC) Project Mentoring Program: Students have the chance to interview and meet with alumni mentors who work in their field of interest and complete actual projects that are related to their job. This program is available to junior and senior undergraduate students for eight weeks every semester.

Seoul National University Research

Intercollegiate Research Institutes:

  • Intercollegiate Research InstitutesInstitute for Peace and Unification Studies

  • Bio-MAX/N-Bio

  • Institute for Research in Finance and Economics

  • Asian Institute for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

  • Green Research Complex

  • Big Data Institute

Seoul National University Education

A symbol of high education and renowned for its academic rigor that is unrivaled, Seoul National University has strived to meet its obligations to strive for the highest degree of excellence. In the process, Seoul National University has gained an international reputation for excellence in academics as it joins the ranks of the most prestigious universities in the globe.

Frequently asked questions

Can foreigners go to Seoul National University ?
Seoul National University is one of the major institutions in the country, with about 27,000 students. Foreign candidates are not barred from participating in the admissions process. Foreign students account for 7% of all students. The university employs about 3,000 teachers
Is it difficult to get into Seoul National University ?
It is said that getting into Seoul National University is more difficult than getting into the top institutions in the United States. Seoul National University has a 15% admission rate at the moment. To get admitted here, one must be more intellectually qualified
Is Seoul National University taught in English ?
Choose from over 400 English-taught courses. Korean-taught coursework is accessible in a variety of subjects. Enjoy a broad cultural interchange with local Korean students as well as international students
Is Seoul National University free ?
SNU scholarships allow you to study in Korea for free. Following acceptance, a student may apply for the Glo-Harmony Scholarship, which is available to students from poor nations
Is SNU good for international students ?
According to student evaluations on Studyportals, the greatest source to find out how students assess their study and living experiences at universities across the world, Seoul National University is placed 36 in QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 3.7 stars
What GPA is required for SNU ?
In order to be considered for admission to Seoul National University SNU in South Korea, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.6
What rank is Seoul university in the world ?
Does SNU give scholarships ?
For international students, SNU provides a number of funding opportunities. Internal scholarships are given out each semester, while external scholarships are usually given out till graduation if all prerequisites are met. Scholarships are offered for overseas students who are presently enrolled at SNU
Does SNU have online courses ?
Students benefit from online degree programmes because they may learn at their own pace. Every component of SNU's online curriculum is geared to assist students in mastering new abilities so that they may be successful in whatever they choose to do
How can I get scholarship in Seoul National University ?
Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate programme at SNU to be considered for the award. SNU Global Scholarship I provides one year of tuition or up to four semesters of study, as well as a monthly allowance of KRW 1,200,000 ($1,000) and an economy airline ticket for freshmen only
How competitive is SNU ?
Admissions. Seoul National University admissions are exceedingly difficult. Between 1981 and 1987, when an applicant could only apply to one institution at a time, more than 80% of the top 0.5 percent of the yearly government-administered scholastic achievement test scores applied to SNU, with many of them being rejected
What is the tuition fee for Seoul National University ?
International tuition 63.3 lakhs KRW
Is Seoul National University Expensive ?
The annual cost of tuition for bachelor's degrees is around $6,775 USD. SNU's master's programme is not inexpensive; a year of study will set you back $4,303 USD
Is Seoul National University private or public ?
Seoul National University, founded in 1946, is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the huge metropolis of Seoul (population range of over 5,000,000 inhabitants)
How many semesters are there in Seoul National University ?
SNU's academic year runs from March to February of the following year. A standard school year is divided into two 16-week semesters, Spring and Fall
What is the History at Seoul National University ?
"Seoul National University was founded in the late 1800s by Korean Emperor Gojong, who created sophisticated higher education institutes that would eventually become part of SNU. Imperial Order 49, issued by Emperor Gojong in 1895, established the Legal Training School as Korea's first modern higher education institution. There were a total of 209 graduates, including Martyr Yi Jun."
How is the Library service at Seoul national university ?
In support of the University's research and academic activities, the SNU Library maintains a collection of 4 million volumes of books, over 10,000 scholarly journals, 31,000 electronic journals, and 167,000 titles of non-print resources. The Central Library at SNU is one of the university's libraries. 7 Campus-wide Subsidiary Libraries Agricultural Studies Library - Business Administration Library - International Studies Library
How is the housing Service at Seoul national university ?
If you wish to live off campus, you must pick a kind of residence as well as a payment method. Apartments, officetels, and one-room studios are all popular options
How is the medical service at Seoul National University ?
Physicians, registered nurses, and a counsellor make up the health team at SNUHSC, which also has a laboratory, radiological facilities, a pharmacy, and support personnel. This facility provides a variety of services to Seoul National University students, teachers, and employees
How is the campus life at Seoul National University ?
The Seoul National University station is not within walking distance of the SNU Gwanak Campus. However, there is no need to be concerned because a free shuttle bus travels from the Administration Building on campus to the metro station. Another runs between the college and Sillim-dong (Nokdu Street), a popular destination for students studying for national exams. If you have a 9:00 a.m. class, you should arrive early to the shuttle bus stop to avoid having to wait in a big queue, despite the fact that the shuttle bus runs regularly.