Scholarships for International Students to Study in Australia

Have you ever wished to study in Australia? Are you enthralled by the prospect of spending your student years barbecuing, surfing, and studying at a famous Australian university? With this assortment of Australian scholarships, here is your opportunity.

For International Students, Australia has a lot to offer. While Australian universities continue to advance in the world rankings, superb living conditions and a large number of foreign students contribute to the numerous advantages of Australia as a preferred location, particularly for Indian students. Always seeking for the best value for money, another feature of Australian higher education is the large number of scholarships offered to overseas students — at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. These scholarships are largely divided into two categories: those granted by the Australian Government and those offered by universities.As part of its mission to encourage progressive education, the Australian government provides a range of scholarships to overseas students. The goal is to provide equitable opportunities to talented kids who may not have the financial resources. Here is a comprehensive list of scholarships for Indian students wanting to study in Australia.

The following list includes government-supported, externally sponsored, and university-specific Australian scholarships for overseas students at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

Australian Government-Funded Scholarships for Overseas Students

Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) 

Australia Awards Scholarships allow students from poor nations to study full-time at participating Australian universities and TAFE institutions for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Scholarships are offered at several of Australia's best universities, including Australian National University, Macquarie University, and the University of Sydney, among others.Tuition costs, Economy class flights from and to Australia, an establishment allowance, an introduction academic programme, Student Health Insurance, and initial visa expenditures are all covered by the Australia Awards Scholarship. It also provides a stipend for the applicant's lodging in Australia.

Awards presented by Destination Australia 

The Australian Government funds outstanding international scholarships and short courses known as Australia Awards. They provide opportunities for the next generation of global leaders to study, research, and grow their careers in Australia. Domestic and foreign students can apply for over 1,000 scholarships worth up to AU$15,000 per year to study at regional Australian institutions at all levels.

RTP (Research Training Program)

The RTP is a single source of funds that may be used to assist both domestic and international students pursuing Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees. RTP scholarships are very competitive and awarded on the basis of academic performance. Students should have a strong academic background, and any research papers will be highly valued as well.

Australian University-Specific Scholarships for International Students 

Scholarships at Australian Catholic University - Scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate students, given on the basis of academic performance.

Australian National Institution — The university offers a variety of scholarships for overseas students at various levels of study, which may be accessed using the university's search engine.

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) – Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) offers tuition price scholarships to master's and doctoral students at the University of Adelaide.

Curtin University International Research Scholarships - Curtin University in Perth offers international scholarships to students pursuing master's or doctoral degrees. Three AU$10,000 Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships are also available for overseas undergraduate and master's by coursework students.

Deakin University - Scholarships at Deakin University are awarded to overseas students who have excelled academically and have the potential to contribute positively to the University and its society. To be eligible for an international scholarship, students must be studying full time in Australia or have enrolled to pursue one of the university programmes full time.

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) - Flinders University in Adelaide offers Australian scholarships for postgraduate research. On the basis of merit, awards are given to master's and doctoral research students.

La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) – Student may be eligible for one of La Trobe's excellent scholarships to help you pay for your studies. These scholarships recognise studets accomplishments and reward their dedication to their future by reducing tuition fees or providing cash awards. La Trobe has expanded the number and variety of scholarships available, so whether students are interested in undergraduate or postgraduate study or postgraduate research, La Trobe has a scholarship for them.

Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships - The Macquarie University Vice-Overseas Chancellor's Scholarship is given to international students who have excelled academically. This very competitive prize is granted to future students based on academic performance. This grant will cover up to AUD $10,000 of your tuition costs.

Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) - Scholarships for high-achieving domestic and foreign students to study at the University of Melbourne for a master's research programme.

Overseas Scholarships for Excellence at Monash University - Merit-based scholarships for international undergraduate and graduate students to study at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Rotary Peace Fellowships - Fellowships for master's degree students studying at one of Rotary's Peace Centers in Australia (such as at the University of Queensland, Australia). People who have worked in the domains of peace and development are eligible for the Rotary Peace Fellowship. Members of the Rotary Peace Fellowship are committed to community and global service as well as peacemaking.

International Scholarships at the University of Sydney - A variety of Australian scholarships are available to international undergraduate students studying at the University of Sydney. Postgraduate students can also apply for scholarships.

University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships (UNIPRS) – UNIPRS (University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships) are Australian scholarships for postgraduate students to study at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Greater China International Student Bursary – Undergraduate and postgraduate students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are eligible for five bursaries valued up to AU$5,000 each.

University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS) – Scholarships for overseas students pursuing research degrees (master's or PhD) at the University of Sydney (USydIS). The University of Sydney assists students throughout their academic careers and offers a number of scholarships to overseas undergraduate students. Every year, the University of Sydney offers hundreds of scholarships to students in order to assist them complete their studies and share what they've learned to society. Scholarships are provided to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships at the University of Western Australia - The University of Western Australia offers research scholarships to master's and doctoral candidates who wish to study in Australia. Tuition, a biweekly living allowance, and health insurance are all included.

UTS International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship - For the term of the scholarship, UTS will cover each recipient's tuition costs for the accepted bachelor's degree. On the basis of a full-time study load, the scholarship will endure for the normal number of sessions necessary to complete the recipient's registered undergraduate course. A postgraduate scholarship is also available.

International Scholarships at Victoria University – International students can apply for a variety of scholarships, including the VU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

Other International Student Scholarships in Australia

International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students - Australian scholarships for international students enrolled in the University of Queensland's Master of Integrated Water Management programme in Brisbane.

The Northcote Graduate Scholarship - A three-year scholarship for UK students to study for a postgraduate degree in Australia. On behalf of the Northcote Trust, the Britain-Australia Society administers it.

Fulbright Program - The Fulbright Commission of Australia and the United States of America awards scholarships to Americans at various phases of their careers. Awardees take part in an academic and cultural exchange, performing research or studying at an Australian institution, living in Australia, and then returning to the United States to share their knowledge and experience.

So keep these scholarships in mind as you prepare your applications to make the most of your study abroad experience. If you have any issues about your application, you should contact the scholarship sponsor before submitting it to check that you have filled out all of the required fields.

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Frequently asked questions

How hard is it to get a scholarship in Australia ?
Obtaining an Australian scholarship is quite difficult. Hundreds of scholarship applications are received each year from overseas students all across the world. These scholarships, however, are only awarded to the finest pupils.
Is India eligible for Australia Awards scholarship ?
Applicants must be students or recent graduates from target institutions in the 10 Indian states specified by the India Economic Strategy. These universities will be offering scholarships starting in 2021: Andhra University is a public university in Andhra Pradesh, India.
Which Australian university gives the most scholarship ?
Monash University has one of the most substantial scholarship programmes in Australia. The scholarships range in value from $ 1,500 to $ 40,000. Both international and domestic students are able to apply.
Can I study in Australia for free ?
Because most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, you must supply extensive information about your past education and grades in order to study in Australia for free with a scholarship. English language requirements are also required for certain scholarships.
What is research training program ?
The RTP is a single source of funding for both domestic and international students pursuing Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees. RTP scholarships are very competitive and are offered based on academic achievement. Students should have a solid academic background, and any research papers they submit will be highly recognised.
Which country is best for scholarship ?
Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia are some of the most promising study abroad destinations, attracting a great number of students from all over the world owing to their excellent educational systems and post-study employment prospects.
Does Australian Government gives scholarships for international students ?
Meritorious international students can apply for a range of awards from Australian universities and colleges to help fund their study. Apart from that, the Australian government, as well as public and private organisations, continue to give a variety of scholarships, grants, and bursaries to overseas students in Australia.
Why choose to study in Australia ?
Many overseas students choose Australia to study for a variety of reasons, including top institutions, great wildlife, thriving cities, and many oceans. While studying abroad might be intimidating, the benefits in terms of academic and personal growth can be enormous.
Is Canada or Australia better for international students ?
It depends on the field of study you want to go into as an international student searching for post-secondary admission in any country. For students planning to study abroad, both Canada and Australia are popular choices. Although, as compared to Australia, studying in Canada is less costly.
Is Australia Award scholarship for undergraduate ?
Australia Awards Scholarships allow students from poor nations to study full-time at participating Australian universities and TAFE institutions for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Merit-Based Scholarships are awarded to students, and all international students are eligible.
Does Australian National University give scholarships ?
The Australian National University (ANU) is offering 600 fully funded ANU scholarships to international and domestic students wishing to pursue master's and doctoral degree programmes. This is the highest-rated scholarship in the world. ANU is a National University. Canberra, Australia's capital, is home to ANU.
Can international students get full scholarships in Australia ?
The Australian Government, leading Australian universities, and certain public and private organisations provide bursaries, grants, and scholarships to outstanding overseas students in order to support their studies, training, and research in Australia. Obtaining an Australian scholarship is quite difficult.
What is Australian award Pacific scholarship ?
Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships give chances for persons from Pacific developing nations to study at chosen educational institutions in the Pacific area.
How do you get a high school scholarship in Australia ?
You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Come from a poor family, such as a low income or a lack of parental education. They should have proof of academic potential from their school administrator. Participation in extracurricular activities in the community demonstrates leadership potential.
Does USYD offer scholarships ?
Every year, the University of Sydney offers hundreds of scholarships to students in order to assist them complete their studies and share what they've learned to society. Scholarships are provided to students from a wide range of backgrounds.