RWTH Aachen University Ranking, Course, Campus, and Fee Structure

The Rheinisch-Westfälisch Technische Hochschule Aachen is an elite German public research university located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is Germany's largest technical university, with over 47,000 students enrolled in 144 study programmes. RWTH Aachen advanced to the finals of the Third federal and State Excellence strategy in 2019. for the next 7 years, the University will be funded as a University of Excellence. In 2007 and 2012, RWTH Aachen was already a part of federal and state excellence initiatives. Since the year 2007,The DFG and the German Council of Science and Humanities have continuously funded RWTH aachen as one of eleven (previously nine) German universities of Excellence for its future concept. RWTH 2020: Meeting Global Challenges, as well as the follow-up concept The Integrated Interdisciplinary University of Science and Technology: Knowledge, Impact, networks is also receiving grants for associated graduate schools and excellence clusters. The university consistently accounts for the most 3rd funds among all German universities, ranking first per faculty member and second overall in the most recent survey from 2018.

RWTH Aachen University Campus

The 620-acre (250-hectare) campus of RWTH Aachen University is located in the city of Aachen's northwestern outskirts. Midtown and the melaten district are the two main areas. The Aachen Cathedral, the audimax (largest lecture hall), and the main refectory are all 500 meters From the city centre, while the Super student center and the Kármán Hall are 200 meters away. The university's botanical Garden is another point of interest (Botanischer Garten Aachen). In 2017, a new building, the Central Auditorium for research and Learning (CARL), was dedicated.It replaces audimax as the largest lecture hall building, with a capacity of 4000 students. The Name of the new central auditorium, which will house various lecture halls, is a nod to charlemagne, who ruled his Empire from Aachen in the Middle Ages. RWTH has outdoor facilities in Jülich and Essen, and it owns a house in the Austrian Alps with the University of Stuttgart. The university is currently expanding into the city center and Melaten district. supersea, the new central service building for students, opened in 2008. In 2009, the new Campus-Melaten was laid the Groundwork.

RWTH Aachen University Ranking

  • World University Rankings : 108
  • QS World University Rankings : 165
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: 201
  • Best Global Universities Rankings : 184

RWTH Aachen University Services

Student services

RWTH also provides special assistance to students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Two community service volunteers are on hand to deliver meals, Accompany students to their classes, and provide other assistance as needed.

The Conference focused on ways to improve equal access for students with disabilities, as well as raising Awareness among teaching staff about issues of concern for Disabled and/or chronically ill students, as well as their special needs.

Housing services

Furthermore, a special room was created in 2009 for students with disabilities to study or rest, and in November, the RWTH Integration Team Human Resources, Gender, and Diversity Management organised a conference on "barrier-free university teaching" in collaboration with the student union representative for students with disabilities and chronic Diseases.

Library services

RWTH Aachen University Library

  • Help with literature searches
  • acquisition request
  • Course on Literature Searches and Purchases
  • Reference management knowledge with the Endnote and Sitavi programs funded by campus licenses
  • Information on fees for printed and electronic dissertations
  • Equipment and access to the library for persons with disabilities
  • internet workstation

Medical services

In Germany, you usually choose and register with a General Practitioner (GP) who serves as your "Family doctor" (Hausarzt). The GP will refer you to other specialists, such as eye doctors, dermatologists, and etc.

RWTH Aachen University Campus Life

The region around the Meuse River has a laid-back way of life. High Culture and subculture, past and present, science and the arts are not diametrically Opposed here, but rather interesting facets of the same city. Aacheners take living in one of the most densely populated and greenest city centres for granted. In a region known for both science and the arts.When the paths of academic disciplines cross inadvertently, the housewarming party with flatmates becomes a great place to discuss the sociological significance of mechanical engineering or the finer details of business studies techniques. In an open, non-threatening Environment among friends, as it should be.

RWTH Aachen University Sports Facilities

The Center has a variety of leisure and sports facilities, including gyms, fitness rooms, weight rooms, a pool, a beach sports area, a football field, a modern running track, and tennis courts. The Sports Center collaborates with various sports hubs in and around Aachen for activities such as climbing and horseback riding. The majority of the water sports courses offered by the Sports Center take place at Wilden of, a university-owned property on the Rursee lake.

RWTH Aachen University Student Clubs

Furthermore, RWTH Aachen University has an active staff sports association that offers a variety of sports and activities ranging from volleyball, football, and table Tennis to water Sports and even the card game skat. Participating in sports is a great way to Meet colleagues from various disciplines and departments. RWTH employees' partners are also welcome to participate in the available sports. Aachen has numerous private sports centres and gyms, as well as tennis, squash, and badminton courts, an Ice rink, and a climbing wall. There are also several golf courses within easy reach of the town, as well as five indoor swimming pools and one Outdoor pool.

RWTH Aachen University Career

The University's innovative force is also reflected in the high number of start-ups in the area: over the last two decades, approximately 1,250 spin-off businesses have been founded, creating approximately 30,000 jobs in the greater Aachen region. Excellence in teaching and research serves as the foundation upon which our university collaborates with other leading institutions and technical universities around the World: for example, RWTH is a member of the IDEA League, a Network of Europe's leading universities of Technology that defines standards for degree courses and academic training.

RWTH Aachen University Education

RWTH Aachen University is one of Europe's Leading science and research institutions, with 260 institutes spread across nine faculties. Approximately 31,400 Students are currently enrolled in over 100 academic programmes. Over 5,000 of them are international students from 120 different countries.

RWTH Aachen University Research

The work done in RWTH Aachen University's research centres is strongly oriented toward the current needs of industry, commerce, and the professions. This has resulted in a slew of innovations, patents, and licences. Individual competence centres at RWTH Aachen collaborate very effectively across departments and faculties in interdisciplinary groups and forums, while maintaining a strong focus on their own department specialisation. For example, the Computer science and biology departments, as well as the social sciences, all have a clear connection to the school's engineering Focus.

Frequently asked questions

What is RWTH Aachen University Ranking ?
  • World University Rankings : 108
  • QS World University Rankings : 165
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: 201
  • Best Global Universities Rankings : 184
How many campuses RWTH Aachen University Have ?

RWTH Aachen University have only 1 campus and that 620-acre (250-hectare) campus of RWTH Aachen University is located in the city of Aachen's northwestern outskirts.

Is RWTH Aachen hard to get in ?

With an admittance rate of around 10%, RWTH Aachen is one of Europe's most selective universities, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence. As a result, you must also meet a number of other requirements in order to be considered for admission.

Is RWTH Aachen tuition free ?

At RWTH Aachen University, there are no tuition expenses - this includes overseas students as well! However, students must pay for housing, general expenses, health insurance, a monthly social contribution fee, and books and supplies.

How much does RWTH Aachen University cost ?

Monthly ExpenditureMinimum Costs per Month
Accommodation and associated costs, such as electricity, heat, water, Rundfunkgebühr, and internetapproximately 470 euros
Food and general expensesapproximately 400 euros
Health insuranceapproximately 95 euros
University fees (monthly proportion of the student body and social contribution fee)approximately 50 euros per month
Book and materialsapproximately 80 euros (but this depends on the chosen course of study)
Totalapproximately 1095 euros per month

What are the living expenses at RWTH Aachen University ?

According to RWTH Aachen University that A single student living in Aachen is estimated to require at least 1000 euros per month to cover basic living requirements.

How to contact RWTH Aachen University ?

Any student can contact RWTH Aachen University with their querries no. +49 241 80 94050 or with mail address from 8:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4pm.

What language do they speak in Aachen ?

With a few exceptions, German is the language of instruction in all Bachelor's and Master's programmes at RWTH.

Is GRE necessary for RWTH Aachen ?

Although a GRE score is not required for admission, but nevertheless it is recommended.  Accepted students have an average GRE score of 151 in the verbal section and 162 in the Quant meaning that students with lower marks have also been allowed.

What is the benefits of IT center at RWTH Aachen University ?

The IT Center at RWTH Aachen University offers a wide range of services to assist students with their RWTH Aachen activities. Example like information on the various IT Center services, Your Own E-Mail Address, HPC Methodological Support, Identity Management, IT Academy Program, IT-ServiceDesk, News from Science and Research (in German), Software and Software Manuals at a Discount and many more.

What are the semester date of RWTH Aachen University ?

Genral Dates Of Every Semester

 Winter Semester 2021/2022Summer Semester 2022
Start of SemesterOctober 1, 2021April 1, 2022
First Day of LecturesOctober 11, 2021*April 4, 2022*
Last Day of LecturesFebruary 4, 2022*July 15, 2022*
End of SemesterMarch 31, 2022September 30, 2022


How many master programs are running at RWTH? ?
  • M.Sc. Applied Geophysics
  • M.Sc. Software Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics
  • M.Sc. Communications Engineering
  • M.Sc. Software Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Simulation Sciences
  • M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering
  • M.Sc. Communications Engineering
  • M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Automotive Engineering
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science
  • M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science
  • M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science
  • M.Sc. Media Informatics
  • M.Sc. Applied Geophysics