Recommended Plagiarism Checkers for Teachers and Students

Plagiarism checkers are a must for academia. Students and teachers both may regularly need them. You must be aware of a reliable and accurate plagiarism detector.

Plagiarism can ruin a student's academic career. As a student, if your assignments are full of plagiarism, you may end up outside the university/college before getting the degree. That's why you must ensure that every work you submit is plagiarism-free. Even if there is any plagiarism in it, that must be below the acceptable limit, which varies from institute to institute.

Similarly, teachers and supervisors should also use plagiarism analyzers to secure their reputations. If they don't check plagiarism before marking an assignment or uploading them to the portals, they are entirely responsible for it. Now the burden is on their shoulders.

That's how duplication checkers can help teachers and students maintain their reputation and the quality of the assignments. The internet is full of plagiarism detectors; some are reliable, others aren't. Unfortunately, even the most reliable options are out of reach of students due to their subscription prices. So, what options does the academic sector (teachers and students) have? This article will answer the question!

Here are some online plagiarism checkers recommended by most professionals!

Students and teachers who are on their own to check plagiarism should try this excellent plagiarism detector. Most of them prefer this plagiarism checker for two reasons. First, this platform provides accurate results as it has a massive database and its in-depth analysis ensures that every sentence or phrase is checked. 

Secondly, this plagiarism checker is free to use for those who only want to check 800 words per query. You can trust this web-based duplication checker if you want to locate plagiarism in a whole thesis or a minor assignment.

Additionally, this website offers other features that make it a better choice for many. For example, it can also locate unintentional or accidental plagiarism that doesn't entirely harm your assignment but can enhance your plagiarism score. Avoiding unintentional plagiarism is also essential as it can question your work's credibility. That's why you should prefer this online utility and remove every sentence the tool highlights.

Similarly, teachers can rely on this online utility as it can help them learn what portions of a student's assignment are plagiarized. That's how they can mark their students based on plagiarism or assist them in knowing where students need to put their efforts. 


Here is another commonly used platform mentioned in this article. You would be aware of it. If not, then check it now. The basic purpose of Grammarly is to remove all the grammatical errors from your assignments and make them more readable. Another distinctive feature of Grammarly is that it can brush up on the text even if it is grammatically correct. That's why this online grammar-checking platform won users' trust in no time, and millions of people use its website or extension daily.

Although this platform isn't built for checking plagiarism, its premium version provides this utility so that users can also check the content for plagiarism. The most significant advantage of using this platform is that you can check unlimited words after purchasing its subscription. If you are a student who regularly needs to compose assignments, you should get a subscription to polish your writings as well as skills.

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is widely known for its utilities that assist SEO experts, web developers, and graphic designers. However, it also provides its users with a plagiarism checker It is one of the most high-quality and accurate detectors on the list. By using SmallSEOTools, you will probably remember it as one of the best tools offered by this website.

Here are some distinctive features of this plagiarism detector!

  • This plagiarism checker is incredibly fast in locating similarities.
  • It can be accessed from almost every web browser and device.
  • Shows the percentage of duplication.
  • Compare results with just one click.
  • Very precise in finding instances of plagiarism.
  • Free for all.
  • Ensures users' data safety.

If you have to check up to 1,000 words per search, this tool is 100% free for you. It won't demand you to pay for it or get subscriptions. However, the students who don't want to break their thesis or assignments into multiple chunks can also get a subscription which is very cost-effective compared to many other checkers.

Another very well-reputed plagiarism checker that many experts recommend to users, especially students and teachers. Students can use it to check plagiarism in their assignments, and teachers can learn whether the students are relying on others to create projects or using their own creativity.

This website offers many distinctive features that help it win trust. However, the best feature is that the students and teachers can also check their assignments written in many other languages. This plagiarism checker supports 12 languages spoken in more than half of the world.

To check duplication in any file, you don't need to convert it first; the plagiarism detector supports multiple file formats. Besides, it is also accurate due to its deep search technology. So, you can easily trust its results and submit your assignment once it gives you the green light.


Here comes the most awaited name. You would probably be thinking about why it hasn't arrived yet. Turnitin is no doubt the best tool when it comes to plagiarism detection in academic writings. That's why over 80 of the top 100 universities in the world use it to find traces of plagiarism in submitted papers or other assignments. However, the downside of this tool is that it isn't available for individuals, whether students, teachers, or content creators.

If you are studying or working in an institution with a license, you can ask the management to provide you with the license or check plagiarism in your content on your behalf. But unfortunately, there is no other way of checking plagiarism using Turnitin.


To Conclude

All the plagiarism detectors mentioned in this article are dependable and can help you locate plagiarism that you can remove. Most of them are free to use. You shouldn't submit or mark assignments without checking their similarity score.