Project Management Dissertation Topics

Project Management Dissertation Topics

The journey of creating a dissertation can be difficult, given its complicated approach and the extensive research and writing required.  Entering the dynamic world of project management, with its emphasis on comprehensive planning and organization, adds another degree of complication. By delving into many different aspects of project management and presenting an array of dissertation topics, we hope to make this academic trip more doable. Your topic selection, paired with extensive research, is critical for a good dissertation. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of "Project Management Dissertation Topics," providing inspiration and assistance for your study journey.

Types Of Project Management Dissertations

  • Waterfall Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Agile Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Kanban Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Lean Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Critical Path Method Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Hybrid Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Event Chain Methodology Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • Adaptive Project Framework Dissertation Topics
  • Scrum Methodology Project Management Dissertation Topics
  • PRiSM Project Management Dissertation Topics


Waterfall Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the Waterfall Process, and how does it apply to modern projects?
  2. What solutions can address Waterfall's inflexibility in dynamic industries?
  3. What are the documentation issues in Waterfall projects, and how can they be analysed?
  4. How does Waterfall risk management detect, assess, and reduce project risks?
  5. How may Agile principles be used in Waterfall projects to balance control and flexibility?
  6. How might a case study approach improve stakeholder communication in Waterfall?
  7. What is the critical assessment of Waterfall's function in regulatory compliance?
  8. How can Waterfall be optimised for small-scale projects while learning from Agile practices?
  9. What are the tactics for minimising the impact of change requests in Waterfall?
  10. How can valuable metrics be created for Waterfall performance measurement?

Agile Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. What is agile project management? Discuss.
  2. Comparing what makes Agile changes work.
  3.  Examine the differences between Scrum and Kanban for successful project management.
  4. How to improve team performance through regular conversations. Explain.
  5. Scaling Agile for Success: Large projects necessitate large solutions.
  6. Using Agile to be creative and flexible in project innovation. Examine.
  7. What lessons might other industries take from Agile? Discuss.
  8. How corporate culture affects Agile success. Explore.
  9. Investigating new approaches to assess performance in Agile projects.
  10. Strategies for dealing with uncertainty in Agile project risks.

Kanban Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Optimising Workflow with Kanban on Visual Management Practices.
  2. Using Lean Principles in a Variety of Project Environments. Discuss.
  3. Discuss effective work prioritisation in Kanban and project success tactics.
  4. The Influence of Kanban Boards on Team Collaboration. Explain.
  5. Kanban in Maintenance Projects: A Framework for Continuous Improvement. 25.
  6. Using Kanban Principles in Marketing Projects.
  7. Kanban and Lean: Using Synergies to Increase Project Efficiency.
  8. WIP Limits in Kanban: Managing Workloads for Optimal Performance. Discuss.
  9. Using Kanban to Assess Team Performance and Workflow Efficiency.
  10. Kanban in Hybrid Environments: Bringing Agile and Lean Practices Together.

Lean Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Improving project-related methods through the application of Lean principles. Discuss.
  2. Construction project reorganization for efficiency using Lean concepts.
  3. Using Lean project management to improve care to patients in healthcare.
  4. Lean principles' significance in increasing sustainability in green project management.
  5. Using Lean Six Sigma to integrate quality improvement into Lean project management.
  6. Applying Lean leadership to influence project success through management approaches.
  7. Lean manufacturing and project management applicability throughout industries. Discuss.
  8. A framework for continuous improvement in project management based on Lean project management.
  9. Investigating the difficulties and potential in Lean project management for government activities.
  10. Lean project management case study analysis in a startup setting. Explore.

Critical Path Method Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Project scheduling optimization: a critical examination of the Critical Path Method. Discuss.
  2. Using the Critical Path Method in Complex Projects: Identifying and Managing Dependencies. Examine.
  3. How resource limitations affect the Critical Path scheduling algorithm. Examine.
  4. CPM Risk Management: Contingency Planning Strategies. Discuss.
  5. CPM evaluation in IT projects: Best practices and lessons discovered. Examine.
  6. A comparison between CPM with critical chain project management. Discuss.
  7. Critical Path scheduling through cost analysis: Overcoming budgetary constraints. Examine.
  8. CPM in construction: Improving timeliness and project coordination. Talk about it.
  9. Measuring project success with CPM: A balanced scorecard approach. Examine.
  10. Dynamic PERT: Combining Critical Path analysis with probabilistic methods.

Hybrid Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Customising project management: Exploring the hybrid method. Examine.
  2. Agile-Waterfall hybrid models: Finding the correct balance for project success. Discuss.
  3. A complete methodology for risk mitigation in hybrid project management.
  4. A hybrid approach to incorporating agile principles into conventional project contexts.
  5. Cultural influences on hybrid project teams: Navigating varied methods. Analyse.
  6. A comparative investigation of hybrid project management in matrix organizations. Discuss.
  7. Balancing control and flexibility in hybrid projects: A case study method. Examine.
  8. Global teams using hybrid project management: Challenges and solutions.
  9. Assessing how well hybrid project management offices (PMOs) are working.
  10. Hybrid Models in Software Development: A Cross-industry Analysis.

Event Chain Methodology Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Managing Uncertainty in Project Schedules: An Event Chain Methodology Approach. Explore.
  2. Case studies and insights into Event Chain Methodology in complex projects. Explore.
  3. Compare and contrast resource allocation in Event Chain Methodology.
  4. Metrics for project performance in Event Chain Methodology: Quantifying risk. Discuss.
  5. Problems and solutions associated with applying Event Chain Methodology in IT projects. Explore.
  6. Event Chain Methodology Integration in Risk Management: A Guide to Best Practices.
  7. Dynamic Event Chain Analysis: Adding to Changes in Project Environments. Discuss.
  8. Application of Event Chain Methodology in Infrastructure Projects. Explore.
  9. Event Chain Planning: Enhancing Project Timelines for Better Results. Discuss.
  10. Using Event Chain Methodology to Improve Predictive Analysis in Aerospace Projects. Examine.

Adaptive Project Framework Dissertation Topics

  1. Evolving with the time frames: Key ideas of the Adaptive Project Framework. Discuss.
  2. Decision-making collaboration in Adaptive Project Framework teams. Investigate.
  3. Scalability Issues with the Adaptive Project Framework: An Examination of a Case Study.
  4. Discuss the Adaptive Project Framework's all-inclusive approach to risk management.
  5. Implementing the Adaptive Project Framework in highly dynamic situations.
  6. Resilience strategies in crisis management within the adaptive project framework. Discuss.
  7. A comparison between stakeholder collaboration and the adaptive project framework. Examine.
  8. Choosing an Agile or Adaptive Project Framework: Which Is Best for Your Project? Discuss.
  9. A Hybrid Approach to Integrating Agile Practices in the Adaptive Project Framework. Examine.
  10. Managing complexity in government efforts using the Adaptive Project Framework.

Scrum Methodology Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Scrum Master Role: Promoting Collaboration and Reducing Obstacles in Companies.
  2. Sprint Strategies: Techniques for Efficient Allocation of Resources in Scrum.
  3. Scrum in Remote Teams: Overcoming Challenges and Enhancing Interaction.
  4. The Impact of Scrum on Project Delivery. Discuss.
  5. The Scrum methodology: Coordinating Large-Scale Projects with Agile Practices.
  6. Scrum Statistics: Measuring Performance and Forecasting Project Performance.
  7. Scrum in Production: Applying Agile Principles to Non-IT Projects.
  8. The Role of Product Managers in Scrum: Maximising Value Production.
  9. Scrum in Creative Sectors: Enhancing Collaboration for Creative Projects.
  10. Scrum Acceptance: Lessons Learned from Successful Deployment Stories.

PRiSM Project Management Dissertation Topics

  1. Sustainable project management: Using PRiSM concepts to have a beneficial environmental impact.
  2. Using the PRiSM framework to be socially responsible in project management.
  3. PRiSM evaluation for balancing sustainability and efficiency in construction projects.
  4. Using project governance and PRiSM to ensure ethical and sustainable behaviours.
  5. Applying a PRiSM approach to green supply chain management to achieve project success.
  6. Evaluating the social impact of PRiSM in community development projects.
  7. Investigating corporate responsibility through a case study of PRiSM.
  8. PRiSM implementation challenges and solutions in renewable energy projects.
  9. Using sustainable project indicators to assess environmental and social performance.
  10. Using PRiSM to navigate green computing and energy efficiency in IT initiatives. Discuss.


We have now thoroughly examined project management, including its complexities and the most often-used methodologies. Your dissertation's success depends on the topics that you choose, and these carefully chosen recommendations are meant to make the process easier for you. Examine these subjects more closely to make the process of choosing the best one for your study easier.