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Part Time Jobs for Students in Dubai

Are you seeking work that pays well to students in Dubai? Find part-time or remote jobs. Apply now! Are you a college student overseas in Dubai and need some additional cash? If yes, then you're in good company. Students from other countries have been able to work part-time in school since the year 2016, according to the Dubai government. Dubai:

"Students now have the opportunity to work part-time while studying in Dubai," the Dubai Development Authority announced in a statement. "Students enrolled at the 23 academic institutions in Dubai's creative clusters can benefit from DDA's new student part-time employment regulation, a first for Dubai's creative clusters and the region's free zones."

This is piece of great news for international students in Dubai who are looking to earn an income while attending school to help pay for their lifestyle and expenses for living. In this article, we'll go over everything you should know about qualifications for students looking to work in Dubai and the best paying jobs for part-time students in Dubai, and how you can begin your journey working part-time in Dubai.

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What are the Top 10 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs for Students in Dubai?

Before we look into these lucrative and part-time jobs available in Singapore, It is important to consider the importance of previous experience. Some of these jobs definitely require prior experience, and the quantity of experience required varies between positions and industries. Rank.

Some of these positions don't call for prior experience.. However, on the other hand of this, a lot of part-time jobs will require special permits to be employed, particularly for drivers for rideshare, coaches, and tutors. If you're looking to start a new career and are looking, to begin with, for good-paying part-time jobs, we're sure you'll be able to get the perfect job for your first job. We also created a comprehensive guide to starting your new job with no prior experience, so make sure to check it out!

Cab Driver

Part-time work as a taxi driver means picking up clients and transporting them using your personal car or with a vehicle supplied by the taxi company to different places around Dubai. This is why being a taxi driver is suitable for individuals older than twenty-one. They can earn a salary of 4,000-6,000 AED each month, contingent on the number of hours they work. The most common requirements for this kind of work are the possession of a valid driver's license and the ability to speak and read English and pass the driver's test, as well as the ability to obtain a Dubai visitor's visa.

There are plenty of advantages to this job, such as the fact that there is no need to have a degree from a university, and you can schedule your time to be as short as you want. The downsides and pitfalls of this position are the need to drive for a long time and the risk of accidents in traffic.

It is possible to get started in this industry by applying to companies such as Uber and Dubai Taxi Corporation.

Grocery or Retail Cashier

Part-time work as a cashier in Dubai includes customer service, taking purchases, stocking stock, and many other duties. Students can anticipate a pay between 1,500 and two thousand AED (USD) per month. There are generally no job specifications for this career, apart from minimal knowledge of retail.

This job has many positives, including job security, benefits, decent pay, and a fairly easy list of tasks to complete daily. A few of the disadvantages and issues of this job include the absence of hours and other problems that arise when dealing directly with the public.

It is possible to get started in this area by looking at the large corporations which are always hiring in Dubai, including Al Ghazi and Azadea.

Waiter or Host

A part-time job as a host or waiter includes greeting patrons at restaurants by seating them, taking orders, cleaning as well as bussing tables. Students can expect to earn a salary between 1500 and 2.500 AED per calendar month based on their hours of work. The most common requirements for this kind of job are some prior working experience at waiting tables; however, certain restaurants might not require any qualifications whatsoever. This is a common option for students studying in Dubai.

This job has many positives, such as a lack of demand for technical knowledge, numerous and sometimes flexible working hours, and the chance to interact with new people. There are downsides as well. Problems with this job often include strenuous work and an excessively crowded market; as we've already mentioned that this is a popular choice for college students studying in Dubai!

You can begin your journey in this industry by researching hotels and restaurants that are well-known within the cities, like Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Jumeirah.

Professional Packer or Packing Laborer

If you're healthy and aren't afraid of working hard, then this might be a suitable option for you. Part-time employment in packing includes performing assembly line work and packing boxes for shipping. Students can expect to earn a salary of between 1,000 and 2500 AED monthly, placing this position at the lowest end of the earnings range. However, they can earn good money working as a packer on a part-time basis. There aren't many prerequisites for this job, and it's a sought-after job for foreigners, international students as well as those with no previous experience in the field. It is required to submit an Objective Certificate note prior to starting work, however.

There are many positives to this position, such as relatively straightforward work requirements and no requirement for formal education or experience, and an abundance of opportunities. The downsides and drawbacks of this job include hard work and a, lower than average wages for full-time workers, and very little in the way of growth in a promotion.

It is possible to get into this area by applying to any of a number of manufacturing firms or retail firms like Amazon as well as Hello Chef.


If you love cleaning and are willing to work full-time work, then housekeeping could be an extremely rewarding job to undertake. As a part-time housekeeper, your job involves cleaning, dusting, and generally cleaning the rooms of hostels, hotels, and private residences. Students can anticipate a wage of 2,000-4,000 AED per month. There are no prerequisites for this position, and there is no prior experience required or even require a high school diploma to be employed. Most hotels will request to see that you're physically fit and have a good understanding of the fundamentals of washing and cleaning.

There are plenty of advantages to this job which include a variety of hours, plenty of quiet and peace, and hefty pay with advantages. A few of the disadvantages and issues with this job are long hours and heavy work.

It is possible to get started in this sector by applying to a hotel as an employee. It is also possible to consider being a housekeeper on a contract basis for homeowners and families, but this is going to require an amount of effort to begin. It is generally accepted that working at an establishment is the best option for students.


If you're brave enough or have previous experience in the security industry, You have the option of working part-time as a security guard. A part-time security guard involves patrolling buildings as well as offices and structures as well as ensuring that the people and property are protected from any illegal activities. The average salary for students is between 1500 and 4000 AED per month, based on hours worked. The most common conditions for this type of work are being over 18 years old and have some prior experience as a security officer as well as training from an organization that is reputable. Although this may be a disadvantage, security training typically isn't a long process to finish. Some companies do not take into account experience and may even provide on-the-job training.

There are numerous advantages to this job, such as the time to be alone and the possibility of walking around instead of working in an office. A few of the disadvantages and issues with this job are the dangers that come with stopping illegal activity and, in general, a fair amount of boredom.

It is possible to get started in this field by researching security agencies as well as individual companies, like Jumeirah, Azadea, and the Hilton.

Gas Pump Attendant

Being a part-time gas station attendant is quite simple and involves pumping gas to customers in order to ensure that they do not have to get out of their vehicles. The average salary for students is between 1,000 and 220 AED. This is less in the range of income; however, it is still a good option to consider part-time jobs. Common requirements for this kind of job include basic financial understanding and, obviously, the ability to fill gas. It is not necessary to have a qualification or prior experience to be able to perform this job. But, you'll require at least a High school diploma or the educational equivalent.

There are many positives to this job which include simple work tasks and decent job security, and a certain amount of physical activity and exercise. A few of the negatives and challenges to this work include the monotony, the low pay, and the smell of fuel.

It is possible to get started in this area by applying to firms such as ENOC, ADNOX, and Al-Futtaim Logistics.


Contrary to what many believe, it isn't necessary to have an education degree to be employed as an electrician in Dubai! Part-time employment as an electrician, you will provide the repair and installation of electrical equipment to government agencies, businesses, and families. Students can expect to earn a salary between 1,500 and 4000 AED per month, with certain benefits for employees who work part-time. Common qualifications for this kind of job include the ability to use technical skills and previous experience working in the industry.

There are many advantages to this job such as great benefits, attractive wages as well as the capability to work with your hands. The downsides and pitfalls of this position are the risks of when working with electricity, as well as the difficulties finding work in an industry that is over-saturated.

It is possible to get started in this area by applying to businesses that work in the construction and building industries. You can also find jobs by researching real electrician businesses or companies outsourcing their electrician requirements.


If you're looking to limit your work hours and utilize an ability that you already have or have, you could gain from working in translation. Part-time work as a translator requires working on a contract basis or using an online platform like MotaWord and Gengo. Numerous types of businesses, like banks and universities, employ freelance translators. For Dubai, English and Arabic are the two most commonly used languages employed by translation companies. Students can anticipate a payment of up to 4,000 AED each month. The most common qualifications for this type of job include proficient or native level proficiency in English and Arabic and Arabic, access to a computer and an internet connection, as well as some previous experience in transcribing or translating.

There are plenty of advantages to this job, such as flexible working hours, high pay, and experience that can be incorporated into a resume. A few of the disadvantages and pitfalls of this job are dealing with an extremely crowded sector and the need to maintain your multilingual abilities.

You can begin your career in this area by working for companies that are seeking translators in Dubai, like Zayed University, Addleshaw Goddard, or Halakids.

Call Center

If you're not averse to the less exciting aspects of the job, You can earn good money part-time from school by becoming an employee in a call center. Being a part-time call center employee involves cold-calling people to promote their products, offering assistance to businesses in their customer service, as well as offering multi-language support for multinational companies. The jobs in a call center are sought-after by international students who can speak English. Students can expect to earn a salary of AED between 2,000 and 3500 AED each month. The most common qualifications for this type of job include some experience in call centers as well as language proficiency and customer service capabilities. Most call centers do not require a degree from a college, and a lot of them will not be focusing on the amount of experience.

There are plenty of advantages to this job, such as a great salary, fantastic benefits, and occasionally flexible working hours. A few of the disadvantages and issues with this work include the repetitive aspect of this job as well as the problems that are typically associated with customer service.