Northeastern University

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is a private university and was established in 1898. This university offers 470 courses to students all across the world. 34% of students who enroll in this university each year are foreign students from 144 countries. Aside from a huge campus in Boston, the university also has campuses in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and in many other parts of the world as well.

Northeastern University offers various professional programs for students from different departments. Students at this university get to choose from an eclectic list of programs on the basis of which course excites them most. In total, this university has 229 different fields of study both for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university ties up with other accredited colleges, such as Hebrew college, so that students can explore a diversity of opportunities to receive exposure.

Not only does this university focus on studies, but also, it provides students with extracurricular and sporting events. Students who are mainly interested in sports can also enroll in this university in the prospect of attaining a successful career in their preferred field.

Some of the most famous courses offered at this university are BS/MS in Engineering Management, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, BS/MS in Engineering and Public Policy, and BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering.

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