Moscow State University

Moscow State University (MSU; Russian Moskovskii Gosudarstvennyi University imeni M. V. Lomonosova, commonly known as abbreviated MGU, MGU) is a research institution of the public sector situated within Moscow, Russia. It was established around 1755 under the leadership of Mikhail Lomonosov. In its Soviet period MSU became a name after Lomonosov in the year 1940 and was later renamed Lomonosov University. The current rector of the university is Viktor Sadovnichiy.

Moscow State University has educated many famous alumni, including the leaders of The Soviet Union and other governments and The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. As of the year 2019, 13 Nobel laureates and Six Fields Medal winners, and 1 Turing Award winner have been associated with the school. Based on the 2018 QS World University Rankings, it is the most highly-ranked Russian education institution. According to Nature Index, it is the top-ranked Russian university in terms of research output.The university is comprised of 15 research institutes with 43 faculties, greater than 300 faculties, as well as six branch campuses (including five international ones, all located in the CIS countries). The alumni from Moscow State University have established prominent, respected positions in the financial, technological and literary centers of the world. Moscow State University is generally considered to be the most prestigious higher education institution of the old Soviet Union, retaining its excellent traditions that dates back to the Soviet period.

Moscow State University Ranking

  • QS World University Rankings: #78 in 2022

  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #97 in 2021

  • World University Rankings: #158 in 2022

  • Best Global Universities Rankings: #285 in 2021

Moscow State University History

  • From 1755 until today, The basic marks, well-known instructors and students, the university of today. Moscow University has a rich academic tradition. However, the main goal remains exactly the same way it was throughout the centuries: to offer excellent teaching, scholarship, and research. What makes their university vibrant is their intellectual spirit, coupled with unending curiosity.

Moscow State University Campus

Since 1953, the majority of the faculties have been located in Sparrow Hills, in the southwest region of Moscow, located 5 kilometers from the city's center. The building's main structure was created by the architect Lev Vladimirovich Rudnev. After the war, Joseph Stalin ordered seven huge tall neoclassic towers that were constructed within the surrounding city. The building was constructed with Gulag labor, just as the majority among Stalin's Great Construction Projects in Russia. Located on the outskirts of Moscow, when it was in construction, the exact location for the building's main structure is approximately halfway between the center of Moscow near its Kremlin in the capital city's present boundaries. This is the Journalism Department now occupies the campus that was originally located in the center of Moscow, just across from the Manezh and just steps from the Kremlin as well as other government buildings. Indeed, the constant student turmoil and street protests that predate 1917 could be one of the reasons why Stalin's planners placed the university on the other side of the Moscow River, so far away. The MSU main structure was the tallest in the world, excluding New York City at the time of its construction, and it remained the tallest structure in Europe until the year 1990. The central tower stands the tallest building in the world at 240 meters and 36 stories tall and is flanked by four enormous wings for faculty and student accommodation. It is believed to hold 33 km of hallways as well as five thousand rooms. Lomonosov Moscow State University offers a campus that isn't just close to the rich cultural heritage of Moscow's capital city but also is one of the most impressive campuses you'll encounter, with the principal building being the holder of the highest educational structure anywhere in the globe. Students will find all amenities on campus, including supermarkets, canteens and canteens as well as athletic facilities, medical centers as well as other facilities.

Moscow State University Services

Housing Service

Lomonosov Moscow State University offers an institution that is not just close to the rich tradition of the capital city of Russia but is also among the most beautiful campuses you'll encounter, with the main building boasting the title of the highest educational structure on the planet. Seven dormitories situated on the campus provide accommodation for students at the lowest cost.

Library services

MSU students can benefit from the library at MSU, which is the oldest and largest library system at universities across the nation, housing approximately 10 million books.

Student clubs

To maximize the benefits of their university experiences, students are able to take part in the vibrant campus life, discover their talents by joining diverse clubs and creative groups, Participate in many cultural events, and visit exhibitions and museums.

Moscow State University Education

The academic areas of Lomonosov Moscow State University are vast, comprising of 39 faculties, 380 departments as well as 15 research institutes. Six branches and four museums. Campuses are located in Russia and around the world.

Moscow State University Research

Lomonosov Moscow State University offers outstanding education for all who are able to gain. Their classes are challenging and rigorous, supervised by our highly educated professors and staff. Since the Soviet time period, the most prominent scientists worked at the MSU to advance their research and to share their knowledge with students. The tradition continues and our students are engaged in research from even before they graduate from their undergraduate programs. There are eleven writers, scientists and politicians who were at least in some way linked to Moscow State University: Nikolai Semenov (Nobel Nobel Laureate for Chemistry 1957).

Moscow State University Career Opportunities

It is a fact that MSU graduates are sought after by employees due to the knowledge base and skills they gain through their studies at the state-of-the-art Lomonosov Moscow University. Among MSU graduates are highly recognized politicians, Governmental officials, and well-known scientists, as well as highly successful business leaders.

Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to get to Moscow State University ?
As a general rule, no, it isn't that difficult. However, it is dependent on the degree of university you choose to attend. You can apply to a Russian university in one of three ways: Admission is open to the public
Does Moscow State University teach in English ?
There are no bachelor's degrees offered in English, however students can take a Russian language and culture preparation course at the MSU Institute of Russian Language and Culture. At Lomonosov Moscow State University, bachelor's degrees take four years to complete
Is Moscow State University prestigious ?
It is one of Russia's most prominent institutions, with the world's highest educational building and more than 47,000 students, including 4,000 international students each year
Is Moscow State University good for international students ?
According to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities around the world, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is ranked 78 in QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.3 stars
How do I apply to Moscow State University ?
In 2022, you may apply to Moscow State University in one of three ways: online using the MSU website; in person by submitting papers to the Faculty Admissions Office of Moscow State University; or remotely by mailing the materials
How many universities are there in Moscow ?
Universities in Moscow. The Russian capital is a megacity with over 250 institutes of higher learning. All Russian areas have a good level of higher education, but Moscow offers greater leisure and active lifestyle choices
Who built Moscow State University ?
M.V., a linguist, formed it in 1755. Lomonosov was structured after German institutions, with a largely German faculty at its inception
What GPA is required for Moscow State University ?
A least 2.50 CPC grade-point average and an ACT composite score of 16 or higher, or a SAT combined score of *880 or higher. A least 2.0 CPC grade point average and an ACT composite score of 18 or higher, or a combined SAT score of *960 or higher
What is the Acceptance Rate of Moscow State University ?
Moscow University Acceptance Rate is 12%
What is the World ranking of Moscow State University ?
What is the History of Moscow State University ?
From 1755 to the present: the fundamental marks, well-known lecturers and graduates, and today's university. Moscow University has a long and illustrious academic tradition. Yet, as it has for centuries, the basic goal remains the same: to provide excellent instruction, scholarship, and research. But it is this intellectual spirit, paired with an insatiable curiosity, that makes our University so vibrant
How is the Campus life at Moscow State University ?
Lomonosov Moscow State University has a campus that is not only near to the rich culture of Russia's capital city, but also one of the biggest you'll ever see, with the main building holding the title of the world's highest educational structure. On campus, students will discover canteens, supermarkets, a medical centre, sports facilities, and other amenities
What is Moscow State University Ranking ?
  • QS World University Rankings: #78 in 2022
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities: #97 in 2021
  • World University Rankings: #158 in 2022
  • Best Global Universities Rankings: #285 in 2021
How are the Library services at Moscow state university ?
MSU students have access to the institution's outstanding library, which is one of the country's oldest and largest university library systems, with over 10 million books