Monash University

Monash University (/manaeS/), a public research university, is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was named after Sir John Monash, a prominent World War I general. There are several campuses at the university, including four in Victoria (Clayton Caulfield Peninsula, Peninsula, and Parkville) and one in Malaysia. Monash also maintains a research and teaching center in Prato, Italy. It also has a graduate research school located in Mumbai, India. And a school in Suzhou in China. Monash University courses can also be delivered in other locations such as South Africa. Its total revenue in 2019 was more than $2.72 billion (AUD), and it earned $462 million from external research.

Monash University Campuses



Clayton is the largest campus of Monash, covering an area of over 1.1km2. Clayton campus is Monash's flagship campus. Clayton has higher ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) scores than any other campuses with the exception of Parkville. Clayton houses the faculties of Arts and Business & Economics as well as Engineering, IT, Law and Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Science, and Science. Clayton has its own postcode and suburb. There are many major scientific research facilities located nearby. The Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO, and a variety of other scientific research facilities are located on or near the campus. Clayton Campus, Clayton, Victoria, is home to six halls of residence. The university also has a private residential college. The Robert Blackwood Hall is located on the Clayton campus. It was designed by Sir Roy Grounds and named after Sir Robert Blackwood, the university's founder chancellor.


Monash University's Caulfield campus ranks second. The diverse programs offered by the faculties of Arts and Art Design & Architecture, Business & Economics and Information Technology, Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences reflect its multifaceted nature. The university has announced a major building program to improve teaching facilities student accommodation and redevelop the shopping center.

The Alfred

The Alfred Hospital is home to the Monash University Alfred campus. It houses the Central Clinical School and School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. This includes the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and Department of Forensic Medicine.


Parkville is a suburb in Melbourne, located approximately 2km north of the Melbourne CBD at Royal Parade. The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is located on the campus. This faculty specializes in formulation science and medicinal chemistry. It offers both the Bachelor of Pharmacy as well as the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science undergraduate degrees. The latter replaces the Bachelor of Formulation Science (2007, 2008) and the Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (2008, 2008). Double degrees are also offered including the Bachelor of Pharmacy/Commerce with the Business and Economics faculty at Clayton, and also the Bachelor of Engineering/Pharmaceutical Science with the Engineering faculty. You can also earn postgraduate degrees.


The Peninsula campus is a hub for undergraduate and postgraduate study in Nursing, Health Science and Occupational Therapy, as well as Psychology and Emergency Health (Paramedic).The campus is situated in Frankston, a bayside suburb just outside of Melbourne.The Peninsula campus offers a variety of courses, including courses from its historical roots with early childhood education and primary education (during 1960s and 1970s it was the State Teachers College), and Business & Economics since the 1982 merger of the State Teacher's College with the Caulfield Institute of Technology which created the Chisholm Institute of Technology. In 2006, the campus was home to the Peninsula School of Information Technology. Information Technology units that were previously offered were moved to the Caulfield campus.



In Bandar Sunway in Selangor, Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia opened its doors in 1998. Sunway offers a variety of undergraduate degrees through its faculties in Arts and Social Sciences and Business, Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences and Pharmacy, Science, and Science. The campus is home to more than 8,489 (2018) students. Monash Malaysia's new campus was built in 2007 and is a modern, high-tech facility. The campus offers a variety of undergraduate degrees as well as postgraduate Masters's and Ph.D. programs. The Australian Medical Council has accredited its first overseas medical degrees, the degrees in Surgery and Medicine.


The Monash University Prato Centre can be found in Palazzo Vaj (18th-century palace), in Prato's historic center. It is near Florence, Italy. It hosts Monash students and staff for semesters in Law and Art Design & Architecture, History, Criminology, and Music. There are also various international conferences. As part of Monash's aggressive internationalization policy, it was opened to the public on 17 September 2001.


The IITB-Monash Research Academy was established in Mumbai, India in 2008. It is a partnership between Monash University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Its mission is to conduct high-impact research in engineering and sciences, especially clean energy and biotechnology. Monash and IITB supervise students as they conduct their research. Students do their research in India and Australia with supervisors from both Monash and IITB.

China, Suzhou

It was announced in 2012 that Monash had been granted a license to establish a joint graduate school with Southeast University Nanjing in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School was the first Australian university to be granted a China license. With a first cohort of 500 students, the school will offer master's and PhD degrees in engineering and science. The number will grow to 2000 overtime.


Monash University Indonesia will be opening its doors in October 2021. It will offer master's degrees and PhDs in Data Science and Urban Design, Business Innovation, Public Policy & Management, and Data Science. The campus is planned to be located in BSD City Tangerang, Banten.

Ancestral campuses


Monash assumed the operation of the Gippsland Institute of advanced education in 1990 as part of university expansion. Although the university made a bold and progressive commitment to regional higher education, it was not without its problems. However, the Gippsland campus operation was often fraught with tension between the priorities at Clayton and Caulfield and the needs and aspirations for the regional campus.Monash University's Gippsland campus was the heart of its commitment to distance education. It pioneered courses like journalism, multimedia and outdoor sport and recreation. Many of these programs were moved to city campuses between 2005 and 2010. This has resulted in the loss of their regional flavor. The campus had nearly 400 staff and 2,000 students at its peak in 2007. It is located in Churchill, Latrobe Valley, just 142km east of Melbourne. The campus has 63 hectares worth of landscaped grounds. It was the only Monash University campus that wasn't located in a major metropolitan area until 2014. It offered many undergraduate degrees and attracted students from the Latrobe Valley, East, and West Gippsland. On January 1, 2014, Ballarat University joined Monash University Gippsland to create Federation University Australia. Monash University began teaching its courses at Gippsland on that date. Only a small medical school will remain after the merger.


Monash University's former Berwick campus was built on the site of the old Casey Airfield, in the south-eastern corridor of Victoria. Recent developments have seen a lot of development and people move into Berwick, including the construction of Monash University's new campus. The first Monash Berwick campus building was built in 1996. The third building was completed in March 2004. It was located on a 55-hectare parcel in the City of Casey. This was one of the three fastest-growing municipalities in Australia at the time. Monash informed staff and students that the campus would be closing on 7 March 2016. The Berwick Campus was officially closed by Monash on 7 March 2016. It was announced that Federation University Australia would assume responsibility from 2017, subject to approvals from the government. As a campus under Federation University Australia, this officially began on the 1st of January 2018.

South Africa

Monash University announced in August 2013 that it had entered into a partnership with Laureate International Universities to expand its South African presence and improve its education offering. This partnership is with Laureate international universities.Monash and Laureate agreed to transfer the campus' ownership to the Independent Institute of Education South Africa (IIE) in 2015. In 2019, the transfer was completed.

Rankings of Monash University

According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Monash is ranked:

  • Globally, 58th in the World University Rankings 2022

  • The #17 Global Impact Rankings 2020 is a tribute to its outstanding research and work.

  • Ranking #6 in the 2019 Golden Age university ranking

Monash University History

Monash University, named after Sir John Monash (engineer, military leader, and public administrator), was established in 1958 by an Act of Parliament. Our Clayton foundation campus was home to our first students in 1961. This made us the first university in Victoria that had been established in more than 100 years.

Monash University Services

Services for students

Monash students have the opportunity to join many clubs, make new friends, and share memories that will last a lifetime. Many services are available to assist you in settling in and getting involved. To ensure you have the best experience possible at Monash, we offer a variety of services for students. We encourage you to use them.Many services are available to students who come from rural or regional backgrounds. These services include scholarships, special-entry programs, and student support.

Services for housing

Safety, friendship, support, and well-being are all part of the community. The opportunity to learn from and meet others is a vital part of your preparation for a life full of innovation, learning and exploration. This is what life on campus or in "Res" offers.Students who live on campus have a lot more to offer than just academics. There are many activities that can help you make friends, keep connected, find study groups, and have fun. Res friends can become lifelong friendships and a part of your professional and social networks long after graduation.

Library services

Monash students have unlimited access to online resources that can help them improve their study habits. Library events are also held throughout the year for students to enhance their research and learning skills.

Medical services

The Caulfield, Clayton, and Peninsula campuses have medical clinics. The University Health Service is staffed by qualified professionals who can provide a range of health services, including advice on travel, vaccinations, mental health, and referrals.

Monash University Campus Life

Monash Australia has four campuses located on the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung lands of Kulin Nations. Our international campuses can be found in Malaysia, China and India as well as Italy. We also have the first foreign university campus located in Indonesia. Each campus provides an environment that nurtures and recognizes talent and then turns that talent into potential.

Monash University's Sports Facilities

It is important to live a healthy, active lifestyle in order to make the most of your university experience. You'll also make new friends and have fun while studying. Monash University has many free play areas that you can use to have fun, shoot hoops, or simply exercise. You can learn to swim or get expert advice on your health and fitness. We can also teach you how to squat lift. You can find classes in yoga, aerobics, martial arts, and aquatics at the gym.

Monash University Student clubs

Uni allows you to explore your interests and try new things. These experiences can be shared by joining clubs and taking part in student associations.There are student-run clubs on all Monash campuses that organize fun activities like trips and social events. There are clubs to suit everyone, from anime and gaming enthusiasts to those who love the outdoors and medieval art, as well as volunteers and people who enjoy volunteering.

Monash University Education

Monash's motto Ancora Imparo ("I'm still learning") reminds us to never stop searching for knowledge. Monash is driven by a never-ending desire to improve, set new standards and break new ground.

Monash University Research

Monash research is unique because of its willingness to challenge conventions and question them. When applied properly, great research can bring about lasting and positive changes in the world. Every day, lives are being transformed by our faculties, schools and departments, as well as institutes, centers, and institutes. All we do is center around our researchers. Learn more about the research they have done and how their experiences at Monash.

Monash University Career

Robotics, artificial intelligence, globalization, and other disruptive trends are changing every aspect of our lives, including our careers. Monash prepares you not only for the workplace as it is today, but for the future. Flexible degree options allow you to pursue your passions and reach your goals. To help you achieve lasting career success, we support your ability to develop your skills, knowledge, and resilience.

Monash University UG Fees

Course Fee Per Credit Point(USD) Total Course Fee (USD)
Bachelor of Engineering 637 31,848
Bachelor of Business Administration 623 31,156
Bachelor of Law 581 29,079
Bachelor of Science 602 30,117
Bachelor of Computer Science 592 29,633


Monash University PG Fees

Monash University fees for its postgraduate programs are as follows:

Course Fee Per Credit Point (USD) Total Course Fee (USD)
Master of Marketing 630 31,502
Master of Architecture 567 28,387
Master of Laws 616 30,810
Master of Mathematics 616 30,810
Master of Clinical Pharmacy 441 22,086
Master of Business 634 31,710

Monash University Courses

Programs Fees Per Annum Admission Deadlines
M.B.A $30,360 Round 1: May 31
Round 2: Jul 31
Round 3: Sep 30
Masters in Data Science $32,513 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
Masters in Artificial Intelligence $32,660 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
M.Arch $31,570 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
B.C.S $32,660 Through VTAC by late September
B.B.A $32,660 Through VTAC by late September
Master of Information Technology $25,872 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
Masters in Marketing $31,395 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
Bachelors in Applied Data Science $32,660 Through VTAC by late September
Bachelors in Biomedical Science $31,823 Through VTAC by late September
Masters in Banking and Finance $31,045 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31
B.Eng Software Engineering $32,660 Through VTAC by late September
Masters in Nursing Practice $26,910 Summer Semester: Jan 15
Winter Semester: Jul 31

Frequently asked questions

Is Monash a prestigious University ?
Monash University is Australia's largest university, ranking among the top 100 universities in the world and a member of the elite Group of Eight
What is Monash famous for ?
In only 50 years, we've built an outstanding reputation for research and teaching quality, and we're routinely ranked among the world's top 100 institutions. Monash University is a member of the Group of Eight, an association of prominent Australian institutions known for their teaching and research prowess
What is Monash University ranked in the world ?
How much is tuition at Monash ?
81,100 ZAR
What GPA do you need to get into Monash ?
A minimum GPA of 6.0 out of 7.0 is required of applicants. To be accepted for Monash's Graduate Entry programme, international candidates no longer need to take the MCAT or GAMSAT
What makes Monash University unique ?
Monash University, with its quality in teaching and research, record of innovation and cooperation, and worldwide reputation, has the ambition and capabilities to solve the global issues of our time
Is Melbourne Uni or Monash better ?
Monash University is inferior than University of Melbourne. Clayton and Caufield seem to be in the middle of nothing. Parkville is far superior. In practically all subject-specific rankings, UoM outperforms Monash
Does Monash University have a gym ?
In our Health & Fitness centres on the Caulfield, Clayton, and Peninsula campuses, you may run, gym, and exercise. Our certified health and fitness instructors are available seven days a week to help you achieve your objectives
How can I get admission in Monash University ?
Monash application process
  1. Your academic transcripts.
  2. Certified copy of your passport.
  3. Evidence that you meet the English language requirements.
How do I pay my Monash University fees ?
You can pay your fees by:
  1. Visa or MasterCard in both Australian and foreign currency.
  2. telegraphic transfer from outside Australia.
  3. BPay.
  4. Australia Post Billpay.
  5. Bank, draft or cheque.
What is The Monash University Ranking ?
  • 58th globally in the World University Rankings 2022
  • For its brilliant work and research, #17 Global Impact Rankings 2020
  • Ranked at #6 in the world in the Golden Age university ranking 2019
How Much Scholarship can I get at Monash University ?
Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Scholarship Value
Monash International Merit Scholarship Minimum a WAM* of 85; Application statement of 500 words 6,923 USD/year
Engineering International UG Scholarship Must have a minimum ATAR* of 94.00; Minimum WAM of 70% 6,923 USD/year
India - Monash Business School Undergraduate Scholarship Impeccable academic achievement; Maintain a minimum WAM of 65% 6,923 USD/year (for a maximum of two years)
Monash International Leadership Scholarship A separate application form is needed; Students enrolled in the Faculty of Business or Medicine and Health Sciences are not eligible; 100% of the course fees
How good is the placement of at Monash University ?
Degree Annual Salary in AUD
Executive Masters 246,000
LLM 190,000
Masters in Finance 134,000
PhD 150,000
Masters in Management 155,000
M.A 135,000
Does Monash have scholarships ?
We want as many great minds to benefit from a Monash education as possible. As a result, we have one of the country's most generous scholarship programmes. Find out how you can achieve your full potential and make your mark on the world
What is The Ranking of Monash University ?
  • Globally, 58th in the World University Rankings 2022

  • The #17 Global Impact Rankings 2020 is a tribute to its outstanding research and work.

  • Ranking #6 in the 2019 Golden Age university ranking