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McMaster University (McMaster or Mac) is a research-based public university located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Its main McMaster campus covers an area of 121 ha (300 acres) of land in the residential communities in Ainslie Wood and Westdale, near the Royal Botanical Gardens. It operates six faculties of academics which include McMaster University is home to the DeGroote School of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Science, and Science. It is part of the U15 group, which is a collection of research-intensive universities located in Canada.

The university's name is from William McMaster, a prominent Canadian banker and senator who donated C$900,000.00 to the university's founding. It was created by legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1887, combining Toronto Baptist College with Woodstock University. Toronto Baptist College with Woodstock College. The college was established on the streets of Toronto around 1890. Inadequate facilities, as well as the donation of land in Hamilton, led to its move in 1930. Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec was the governing body of its university from the beginning until it was made an independently chartered, non-denominational public institution in 1957.

McMaster University has over 27,000 undergraduate and 4,000 postgraduate students. Former students and alumni are located across Canada and across 139 countries. [] The athletic teams at McMaster are called the Marauders and are part of U Sports. The notable alumni include government officials and academics, business leaders, Rhodes Scholars, Gates Cambridge Scholars, and Nobel laureates.


McMaster University resulted from the result of the educational efforts undertaken by Baptists in the year 1830. The first institution McMaster was founded in 1881 under the name Toronto Baptist College. Canadian Senator William McMaster, the first president of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left money to fund the university. It was created by a merger between Toronto Baptist College and the Theology faculty at Woodstock College, Woodstock, Ontario. The formalization of the merger took place in 1887 when the Act to join Toronto Baptist College, and Woodstock College was given royal assent, and the newly formed institution was renamed McMaster University

In 1887, the wife of William McMaster, Susan Moulton McMaster, donated an old family home to the university with the purpose of setting up an elementary school for girls. The Department for Ladies at Woodstock College transferred the control of its Ladies Department to the university, and the building was opened as Moulton Ladies College on the 18th of October. The preparatory school was in operation until 1958, at which point it was shut down by the university.

The university, which was located within McMaster Hall in Toronto, was founded by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec as a sectarian undergraduate college for the clergy as well as its adherents. The first classes--which were initially restricted to theology and arts that would lead to the BA degree--were offered in 1890In 1894, the first diplomas were given out.

As the university expanded, McMaster Hall started to get overcrowded. The idea to relocate the campus to Hamilton was first mentioned by a student who was a Hamilton resident in 1909. However, the idea was not even discussed by the university until two years after. In the 1920s, following earlier discussions among various staff members of the university and staff from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce began the campaign for the transfer of McMaster University to Hamilton. The problem of space in McMaster Hall became more acute the university administration was able to debate the future of McMaster University. The university was close to becoming one together with the University of Toronto, as had happened when it was Trinity College and Victoria College.

However, in 1927 the administration of the university decided to relocate the school to Hamilton. In 1927, the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec secured $1.5 million, and Hamilton's citizens Hamilton collected an additional $500,000 to fund the relocation. The campus land, as well as the new campus, were secured by gifts from graduates. To create the campus, land was taken from the Royal Botanical Gardens.The first session of academics in the brand new Hamilton campus was held in the year 1930. McMaster's home in Toronto was transferred in 1930 to Toronto's University of Toronto when McMaster relocated to Hamilton in the year 1930. McMaster Hall has become the home of Hamilton's Royal Conservatory of Music

McMaster University Campus

McMaster University's main campus is within the Westdale neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario, at the westernmost point of Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is simple thanks to buses as well as the metro. All amenities you need are within 3km of the campus. It's the home of most of the facilities at the university.

The campus covers an area of 300 acres. McMaster campus covers 300 acres. McMaster campus has been divided into three distinct areas:

  • Core Campus: Contains the majority of the research, academic and residential structures
  • North Campus: Comprises Mac's athletic area and a limited amount of parking on the surface.
  • West Campus: The least developed part within the primary campus comprises just a few buildings and parking spaces on the surface, as well as undeveloped property.

There are four campuses in the region: Downtown Hamilton, Burlington Kitchener-Waterloo Niagara. The campus also houses a student club as well as an athletics center and fitness teams. McMaster student club manages and assists approximately 250 academic, cultural, and social clubs on campus.

McMaster University Accommodation

McMaster University has 12 on-campus residences that can accommodate a total of over 3,600 students. Residences are only a five-minute walk from the classrooms and athletic facilities, libraries along with dining spaces.Buildings are divided into typical dorm-style and apartment/suite-style, each of which has a private room and a shared living area, kitchen, and bathroom.

On-campus Housing

There are female-only and co-ed halls with different dimensions. International students can apply for an assured or conditionally guaranteed housing space. Costs for on-campus housing for students at McMaster University are as follows:

Accommodation Type

Cost (INR/annum)

Double Room

4.63 lakhs

Single Room

5.18 lakhs


5.51 lakhs


5.61 lakhs

Off-campus Housing

McMaster is involved in helping students search for off-campus housing. The Mac Off-Campus Housing program is an exclusive dashboard that gives you access to listings of rental properties off campus. Services provided by Mac off-campus housing have been provided to McMaster students for the past ten years. McMaster community for over ten years.

If the student is from outside of Canada and does not wish to search for off-campus accommodation through Mac off-campus, the areas that they should consider for accommodations are Westdale and Ainslie Wood, Downtown Hamilton, and Dundas. Although rental advertisements are posted during the entire year, prospective international students should apply as soon as they can.

The costs of lodging on campus and off-campus for the University are listed in the following table:

Accommodation Type

Cost (INR/annum)

Shared Rentals (4-people)

1.66 lakhs

Two-Bedroom Apartment

4.05 lakhs

One-Bedroom Apartment

3.34 lakhs

Students should be aware that these are estimated costs and may vary from year to year. It is recommended that international students go to the official page for accommodation on the website of the university.

McMaster University Programs & Faculties

McMaster provides over 3000 of its undergraduate courses and 150 graduate programs that are offered by its six faculties. The faculties have managed to establish themselves globally through providing research-intensive and student-centered higher education.

Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Health Sciences are thought to be among the top universities in Canada. Students from abroad are able to choose classes in accordance with their schedule as well as their plan of study and their preferred language.

McMaster University Adlk.mission Process

The process of applying for admission to McMaster University is similar for all courses. Indian students are able to apply to McMaster University through the OUAC portal and pay the application fee of 6,555 INR for all programs, with the exception of MBA. The application fee for MBA is 8,940 INR. Here are a few of the common procedures involved in the application procedure.

Admission Requirement for UG Program

Application Fee: 95 CAD (~5,680 INR)

General Admission Requirements:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • English scores in the English language
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Supplementary Applications
  • SAT score of 1200, which is an ACT score of 27
  • English Proficiency Test Score
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT TOEFL iBT-86

Admission Requirement for PG Program

Application Portal: University Portal

Application Fee: 110 CAD (~6,580 INR)

Application Fee for MBA: 150 CAD (~8,970 INR)

Documents needed for the PG program:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Application Declaration Form
  • scores of 305.
  • English Proficiency Test Score
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL IBT- 90

McMaster University Cost of Attendance

The typical cost for a single academic year at a university is about 10,000 dollars CAD, which excludes tuition fees. The cost of attending a university is determined by a variety of factors which include tuition costs as well as books and other supplies along with the type of accommodation chosen and meals, travel, and personal costs.

McMaster University Fees

McMaster tuition fees vary in accordance with the course, the major chosen, the study plan, the major, and the degree of the program. The tuition fees for certain popular majors and programs for international students have listed the following table:

Other Expenses

Other expenses, besides accommodation and tuition, are listed in a table. International students need to take note that certain expenses may vary based on the lifestyle of the student.


Estimated Cost (in INR)

Books and Supplies

0.93 lakhs

Personal Expenses

0.76 lakhs

Meal Plan

2.30 lakhs- 3.46 lakhs


1.53 lakhs- 6.15 lakhs

McMaster University Scholarships

McMaster University provides financial aid to international students based the academic as well as financial standing. The majority of scholarships are offered on a conditional basis. The value of the scholarship is determined by a student's admissions average for the program or course. The types of scholarships that are available to international students attending McMaster include:

  • McMaster Honour Awards.Honors from McMaster (general and named scholarships)
  • Entrance Awards for Indigenous Students
  • Entrance Awards by Application
  • Athletic Financial Awards
  • Faculty Entrance Awards

A few of the most well-known scholarship programs offered by the university include:


Award (INR)



Engineering Honor Award

1.30 lakhs

Faculty of Engineering

95% upon completion of the program.

BTech Entrance Scholarship

1.08 lakhs

Faculty of Engineering

88% at the end of the program

Provost International Scholarship

4.08 lakhs

All UG applicants

Nominations by high school

David Feather Family MBA Scholarship

2.69 lakhs

DeGroote FT/Co-op MBA

Candidates who are meritorious and have submitted their applications on or before May 1

It is often noted that around 80% of international students attending the university enroll in co-op programs, where they can collaborate with not just large corporations in Canada; however, they also work with U.S. employers such as Google, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Work While Study

The Work-Study Program (WSP) of McMaster University is designed to provide students to work on campus as well as off-campus during the academic year and in the summer. International students are able to work-study in Canada no matter their field of study. They are able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in the course of their studies and can work full-time during the school holidays. The university provides approximately 1200 positions across its 110 departments. To work while studying abroad, students must meet the following requirements:

  • In a full-time, full-time program.
  • You must have a valid student permit.
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Working Off-Campus

Students from abroad are also able to work from home. You must satisfy these additional conditions:

  • Already started to study.
  • Achieving the degree, diploma, or certificate that has a time frame that is at least six months.

The percentage of graduates employed at McMaster University crosses the mark of 90 percent. The school was ranked #93 for its graduates' employability in the Q.S. Rankings (2022). To ensure that its students have success in their careers, McMaster holds Hamilton's largest job fair. McMaster assists students in finding employment. Some of the most lucrative areas for students from McMaster University include Sales & B.D., Human Resources, Marketing, Financial Services, I.T. & Software Development, and Logistics.