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Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington (IU Bloomington, Indiana University, IU, and simply Indiana) is a private research university located in Bloomington, Indiana. It is the principal University of Indiana University, and, with more than 40,000 students, it is the largest campus.

Indiana University is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as "R1: Doctoral Universities - Very high research activity". It is home to numerous programs and schools, including The Jacobs School of Music, the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Kelley School of Business, the School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, the School of Optometry, the Maurer School of Law, the School of Education, the Media School, and the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies.

Indiana University Rankings

Indiana University has ranked #339 in the QS Global World Rankings, 2023. Indiana University also earned the #151-160 rank in Graduating Employability Rankings in the QS Rankings, 2022. Below are some OOP rankings of the school as per reputed ranking agencies:

  • #68 in National Universities by U.S. News & World Report 2022
  • #71 in Best Undergraduate Teaching by U.S. News & World Report 2022
  • #167 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, 2022

Indiana University Campus

Indiana University is located in Bloomington, Indiana. The campus University has many other campuses all over Indiana State and also one located in Ohio. The state of Ohio. There are over 775 organizations located on the campus. In the past, students have completed around 2,25,000 hours of service to the University and the Community.

  • Jacobs School of Music Jacobs School of Music contributes significantly to the Community on campus through music, dance, and arts and culture events.
  • Its primary campus Indiana University attractions also include the Indiana University Auditorium, where the University holds Broadway musicals, plays, and other concerts by various artists, speakers, and performers.
  • Indiana University takes Athletics very seriously. The students of the athletic department have represented Indiana University on numerous International and national-level sports occasions. That includes the Olympics. The University has earned more than 104 medals at the Olympics.
  • There are numerous sporting clubs and recreational activities that students are able to join. Two of the most popular teams in sports include Basketball as well as American Football. Overall the University has been the recipient of 24 NCAA championships and produced an impressive 145 NCAA individual champions as well as an impressive 169 Big Ten Team Championships.

Indiana University Accommodation

On-campus Housing at Indiana University

  • The campus comprises 13 residence halls as well as 11 apartments. There are four major areas that are designated for housing on campus. All residence halls and apartment complexes are easily accessible to cafes, libraries and classes, dining halls, and other facilities such as the sports complex and IU theatre.
  • Indiana University aims to make campus life a greater amount of fun and interesting as compared to other schools. The residential experience on campus is comprised of Learning Communities. The Community assigned to each is part of a residence hall. Students select a Community they would like to be a part of, and after they've chosen, they'll be allocated rooms along with other members of the Community in a single residence hall.

Living costs at Indiana University are provided in the following table:


Rent in INR

Central Neighbourhood

5.42 up to 9.26 lakhs

Southeast Neighbourhood

4.6 from 8.28 lakhs

Northwest Neighbourhood

6.19 7.96 lakhs to 7.96 lakhs

Off-Campus Housing at Indiana University

The off-campus housing available in USA is known as 'The Avenue'. The Avenue is comprised of townhomes and apartments. It is Avenue does not belong to the university. However, Indiana University has leased it until the end of May 2022. Students have the option of choosing from regular apartments, townhomes, and renovated apartments. Students may choose to sign 10 months of lease at discounted rates or pay rent on a monthly basis.

Indiana University Programs

Indiana University offer 200+ undergraduate majors for international students in the 12 colleges it has. It also provides students with the chance to design their own programs.

  • This program is known as IMPs or Individual Major Programs.
  • Indiana University also provides online classes. These courses online have been placed among the top in Bachelor's degree programs in America. The University offers more than 140 online classes.
  • The online classes are taught by the same instructors who are on campus.

Indiana University Application Process

Indiana University exhibits an acceptance rate of 80%, according to U.S. News and World Report 2022. Students from abroad who plan to apply for admissions to Indiana University can follow the following admission procedure.

How to apply Common Application

Application fee Fees for undergraduate applicants: The non-refundable undergraduate fee is USD 65 and the graduate application fee is $70.

Admission Requirements:

After submitting an application at Indiana University, the students will be provided with Atlas login details. All other documents will be uploaded onto Atlas with the exception of the test scores. Students must submit their test results to the testing agency and test results will be sent directly into the University by the agency.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Essay and application form in full
  • High school transcripts
  • GPA = 3.0 on an 4.0 scale (~83-86 percent)
  • Documentation for financial transactions, which includes forms of financial support, as well as bank statements.
  • LOR
  • English Test of proficiency:
    • TOEFL PBT TOEFL PBT: 530 or higher
    • TOEFL IBT: 71 or higher
    • IELTS: 6.0 or higher
    • PTE48 and greater
    • Duolingo 100 or higher

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • Application is complete
  • Official academic records
  • Results of the test are official (depends on the particular department and the tests that they need to pass to be passed in order to gain admission into Indiana University)
  • GPA is 3.0 on the 4.0 scale (~83-86 percent)
  • LOR
  • Essays
  • Immigration documentation
  • Documentation on finances to pay for an estimated amount of 27.95 lakhs INR
  • English tests of proficiency:
    • ToEFL PBT: 560 and higher
    • TOEFL IBT: 79 and higher
    • IELTS: 6.5 or higher
    • PTE 53 or more
    • Duolingo Level 105 or higher

Indiana University Cost of Attendance

Students may enroll beginning in the fall semester, or at the start of summer, and continue to be on the course for the duration part of the program. Students may also take on their courses during the summer, or enroll in an academic summer course or conduct research. The cost for 8 weeks of summer is charged separately. The price includes tuition fees room and board (includes rooms for two occupancy as well as the meals that are standard) as well as other miscellaneous costs that include books as well as general living costs.

The following are the typical costs of tuition for international students who are enrolled in undergraduate courses from Indiana University:


Fall Semester Cost in INR

Tuition Fee

31.27 lakhs

Room and Board

9.77 lakhs

Books and Supplies


Personal Expenses

1.73 lakhs




44.07 lakhs

The list of expenses provided above is an approximate estimation of the expenses incurred in graduate studies. The tuition cost varies in different classes based on the institution they attend.

The costs of attending the graduate students of Indiana University are as follows:


Fall Semester Cost in INR

Tuition and Mandatory Fee

24.54 lakhs

Room and Board

12.6 lakhs

Books and Supplies


Personal Expenses

3.26 lakhs


2.36 lakhs


43.19 lakhs

Indiana University Scholarships

Indiana University does provide financial assistance and scholarships for students at the USA. 71 percent of IU undergraduates were awarded an IU Grant of Scholarship Aid in the past academic year. Over $272million worth of grants and scholarships were given in the last year to IU students.

Documents Required for Scholarships:

  • Official transcripts
  • IU specific essay
  • Test scores (SAT/ACT)

Note: The deadline for apply for a scholarship to be considered for a scholarship is the 15th of January. Only test scores that are straight from the testing organization will be taken into consideration for the scholarship and admissions procedure.

The most important scholarships at Indiana University are as follows:

Bunchana Atthakor Scholarship

The award is given to students in their current studies with citizenship of a nation that is part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Eoyang-Lee Scholarship

The scholarship is available to graduates and undergraduates international students enrolled at the College of Arts and Sciences

IU Global Engagement Scholarship

A four-year scholarship is awarded to international freshmen with the best academic standards.

Work While Study

Students from abroad can work on campus and off campus. If the student wishes to work on campus, they must be granted permission by the Office of International Affairs on campus. Once they've received the approval the student can work only for 20 hours per week in the spring and fall semesters. In breaks, they are able to be employed for longer then 20 hours.

Off-campus work available for International student can be described as Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Students take CPT during their studies. Also, they can take optional Practical Training(OPT) following the completion of their studies.

Indiana University Alumni

Being one of our alumni communities in Indiana University offers a plethora of opportunities to grow in terms of placements, events and placements. Alumni can further their careers by attending frequent workshops, research and classes.

Notable Alumni:

  • Klaus Agthe, former Chairman and CEO of ASEA Brown Boveri
  • John Bitove, Chairman and CEO of XM Canada,
  • Michael D. Higgins (M.A. 1967), President of Ireland (2011-present)
  • Tony Aiello, broadcast journalist
  • Ismail al-Faruqi, philosopher and epistemologist

Indiana University Placements

Indiana University offers excellent placement opportunities for its students following the completion of their studies. The school offers the chance for students to take part in mock interviews that ensure they are fully prepared for the interviews they will be taking. The median earnings of graduates at Indiana University is 40,000 USD per year. The median salary for Indiana alumni is $ 43,390. The top employers of Indiana University graduates include Oracle Corporation, Centerstone, Yelp, Indiana University, Nordstorm, Qualtrics among others. The following are the top employers of Indiana University College of Arts + Sciences graduates. This is the condition of students in the first 6 months of their graduation.

The school has an average four-year degree rate that is 67 percent. The retention rate for freshman is 91%. This is a great reason to attract many graduate students.With excellent career prospects within six months of graduation and numerous employment opportunities, the school demonstrates an impressive career-enhancing educational atmosphere.

Frequently asked questions

Is Indiana University--Bloomington good ?

There are 443 national universities, and Indiana University-Bloomington is rated 72 out of them. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized measures of quality.

What is Indiana University--Bloomington known for ?

Our various academic programs are among the best, with some achieving national rankings of #1 and in the top 10 in fields including environmental policy, social psychology, music, nuclear physics, and foreign languages. We are also renowned for our creativity and firsts, such as the first informatics school in the country.

Can I get into IU with a 2.5 GPA ?

In addition to placing in the top half of their graduating class, first-year students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Applicants for the first year must have a minimum GPA of B. For first-year candidates, a 2.0 GPA is required.

Is a degree from Indiana University respected ?

Indiana University - Bloomington is a good institution because of its well regarded academics and value. Additionally, it is one of the greatest Greek communities in the US and a party school. Students who wish to attend a diverse university can consider IU Bloomington, which has a population of 43,064 and a 78% admission rate.

What's the acceptance rate for Indiana ?

With an acceptance rate of 85%, Indiana University-Bloomington admissions are more selective. The average SAT or ACT score of those accepted to Indiana University-Bloomington is between 1160 and 1380, or between 26 and 32.

Is Indiana University hard to get into ?

Indiana University Bloomington has a 77.9% acceptance rate. 78 out of every 100 applications are accepted. The school is therefore just somewhat selective. The school will have its expected GPA and SAT/ACT score criteria.

Does IU Bloomington require the SAT ?

Students may decide to have their SAT or ACT test results taken into account when submitting an application to IU Bloomington under the school's test-optional admissions policy.

Why is Indiana University a good school ?

Students may decide to have their SAT or ACT test results taken into account when submitting an application to IU Bloomington under the school's test-optional admissions policy.

Is Indiana University hard to get into out of state ?

This is a little higher than the Class of 2023's 78% clip. Unexpectedly, the acceptance percentage for applicants from outside the state is frequently greater than that of those from inside the state. In-staters were accepted at a rate of 72% for the Class of 2024 compared to 85% for non-residents.

What do you need to get into IU ?

complete prerequisites for admission.

  • a grade of at least B.
  • Core 40 or a diploma with academic honours (or an out-of-state equivalent)
  • scores on the high school equivalency exam.
  • a request for admission.
Does Indiana University give scholarshipWhat is special about Indiana University ?

For new students, Indiana University Bloomington provides a range of scholarship possibilities. By submitting your application for admission to IU before the November 1 early action deadline, you will automatically be considered for the IU Academic Scholarships as well as the Selective Scholarship Application.

Is it hard to get into IU Bloomington ?

Top-tier business and music schools are located at IU. The nation's first school of informatics, the world's first school of philanthropy, and the biggest medical school are all located here.

What is Bloomington Indiana known for ?

Indiana University Bloomington has an admittance rate of 77.9%. 78 out of every 100 applications are accepted. The school is therefore just somewhat selective. The school will have its expected GPA and SAT/ACT score criteria.

Can I get into Indiana University with a 3.5 GPA ?

Indiana University is located in Bloomington. IU is one of the oldest and biggest public colleges in America and was founded in 1820. The majority of university structures are made of Indiana limestone. The majority of inhabitants in the early years made a living by farming, quarrying limestone, and harvesting wood for the furniture business.