IIT Bombay, Indian Institute of Technology

It was founded in 1958. The second of its type, IIT Bombay, was the first institute to be established with assistance from foreign sources. The money from UNESCO was received as Roubles from in the era of the Soviet Union. In 1961, the Parliament proclaimed the IITs as "Institutes of significance to the nation'. Since then, IITB has grown from growth to growth to become one of the best technical universities all over the world. The institute is recognized worldwide as an innovator in engineering education as well as research. It is renowned for its high quality of students that graduate from its postgraduate and undergraduate programs, the institute draws top students from across the nation for master's, bachelors and doctoral programs. Academic and research programs are offered at IIT Bombay are driven by an exceptional faculty. Many of them are known for their research achievements internationally.IIT Bombay also has ties with other institutes and universities on both the national and international levels in order to improve research and enrich its education programs. Alumni have stood out for their accomplishments and contributions to academia-industry research as well as government, business, and social fields. It continues to collaborate with alumni in order to strengthen its work through collaboration in research and academic programs and also to mobilize funds to support them.

IIT Bombay Ranking

Being among the most prestigious Institutes in the nation, IIT Mumbai has received ratings from a variety of international and national platforms. Below is an overview of the IIT Bombay ranking in the world and India for 2021 and 2022:

  • Rated 177 by The QS World University Rankings 2022.

  • 2nd place in the ARIIA 2021 rankings.

  • 3rd place in the NIRF 2021, in the category Engineering.

  • The overall score was 3 by NIRF 2021.

  • Rated 10th for MBA by NIRF 2021.

  • It was ranked 37th out of the top 250 institutes in QS Asia Rankings 2021. QS Asia Rankings 2021.

  • Rated 1 overall by The Week 2021.

  • The university was ranked #151-#175 in the Engineering category globally in the Times Higher Education Ranking 2020.

  • The rankings were 4 three times, 11 and 3, respectively, in the Overall MBA as well as the B.Tech class, respectively by the NIRF 2020.

  • India Today, as well as The Week, ranked IIT Bombay as 2 for its B.Tech course in their rankings for 2020.

  • Outlook placed IIT Bombay at 3 for its B.Tech program in its rankings for 2020.

  • Times Higher Education (THE) The Times Higher Education (THE) IIT Bombay 401 for Overall and the 151 mark for B.Tech and 405 for Science and the 301 mark to Life Science in the 2020 rankings for 2020.

IIT Bombay History

In 1958, it was established as the second of its type. IIT Bombay was the first institution to be founded with assistance from foreign sources. The money from UNESCO was a result of the Roubles issued by the era of the Soviet Union. The Parliament of 1961 declared the IITs as "Institutes of significance to the nation'. Since then, IITB has grown from upwards to emerge among the best technical universities in the world.

IIT Bombay Campus

Its IIT Bombay campus, having an area of around 545 acres, is situated in Powai, located in the East of Mumbai, located in between Vihar and Powai lakes. It is split into a number of building clusters. The academic area is composed of its main structure, as well as auditoriums and departmental annexes. Each department's annexes is connected via a corridor called Infinite Corridor. To the left of the Convocation Hall lie most of the hostels. There are 18 hostels, out of which 2 hostels (Hostels 10 and 11) and a wing within the new hostel (Hostel 15) are specifically designed for female students. Because of its proximity to its proximity to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, It has substantial greenery and is largely unaffected by the pollution of the other parts part of the city. The campus's proximity to the park's national parks has resulted in occasional sightings of panthers, leopards, and Gharial (Gavialis Gangeticus) Crocodiles on the banks of Powai Lake. Sometimes, they venture off the campus to go elusive.

The school offers two pools: cricket, hockey, and football grounds, as well as squash, tennis, basketball as well as volleyball courts. There is also a Student Activity Centre (SAC) to host various other extracurricular and cultural events. Apart from these facilities, the campus has two high schools. One of them is called a Kendriya Vidyalaya, and the other one is known as IIT Campus School.

Educational programs cover engineering, physical sciences as well as humanities and social sciences like Economics, English, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology and management studies. In the past, the institute has established a niche for its innovative short-term programs by offering continuing education and online education programs.

On the 9th of July on the 9th of July, 2018, IIT Bombay was conferred the status of an Institute of Eminence by the Ministry of Human Resources & Development and 5 additional institutes across India that will grant the institute with additional autonomy and access to the government's funds.

IIT Bombay Overview

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) is an open technical university and research institute located in Powai, Mumbai. In 1958, it was founded. Only one of a kind in India, IIT Bombay, was the first institute to be established with the aid of foreign funds. In 1961, the parliament declared the IITs "Institutes that are of national Importance". Since since then, IITB has grown from upwards to emerge to be one of the best engineering universities across the world. Since the institution's inception at Powai IITB, the institution has expanded physically to include more than 584 major structures that cover greater than 2.2 sq. kilometers.IITB is well-known for its four-year, five-year, and two-year programs and is recognized internationally as a leading institution in engineering education as well as research. It is renowned for the high quality of its students who graduate from its postgraduate and undergraduate programs. The institute draws students of the highest quality from across the nation for its master's, bachelor and doctoral degrees. It has a current total of fifteen academic departments, 20 centers, a center of excellence, and four interdisciplinary programs, including a Management Program. Over 10,000 students are part of IITB with a faculty size of 603. Over the decades, the institute has carved out an important niche in the field of short-term courses, which are offered through ongoing education, as well as distant learning programs. Faculty members at IITB have received numerous high-profile awards and awards such as awards like the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar and the Padma Awards.

IIT Bombay Student Life

Life on Campus

The campus is located in Powai, located in the Northern suburbs within Mumbai and its residents at the school enjoy the advantages of being in the bustling economic capital of India and still taking in the tranquility of the campus that is famous for its beauty and natural surroundings. It is a fully residential institution that has all students housed in 15 hostels that have dining facilities in the house. The campus also offers an excellent sports facility and other leisure facilities.

IIT Bombay Library Services

The IIT Bombay's Central Library is like IIT Bombay that is user-centric, innovative, and driven by excellence. Central Library manages knowledge, both in digital and print formats, and ensures easy access and seamless discovery to these resources. It also offers students, faculty, and staff with professional assistance to locate, assess the quality, manages and utilize the resources available.

Frequently asked questions

What is IIT Bombay fees ?
The current academic year's tuition expenses at IIT are Rs. 2.2 lakhs per year. A year of education at IIT costs around Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year, including mess expenses (excluding hostel and books)
Why is IIT Bombay so famous ?
Apart from being the premier technical school in the country and one of the top five in the world, IITB provides unforgettable experiences for its students. If you are enthusiastic about your hobbies and want to be part of a peer group of like-minded people, IITB is the place for you
Is IIT Bombay giving free courses ?
On the SWAYAM platform, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay will provide a free online course on Android app development.The application procedure for the course, which will be taught by Prof Kannan M Moudgalya of IIT-Bombay, has begun.All students will be able to take the course for free
Is IIT Bombay Gym free for students ?
Alumni and institute personnel will have to pay to use the gym, but students will be allowed to use it for free. Faculty and employees will have access to the gym via a customised card that contains their biometric information
Can I get scholarship in IIT Bombay ?
Scholarships and funding at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. Merit-cum-Means scholarship: Merit-cum-Means scholarships are provided to a maximum of 25% of undergraduate students enrolled in the sanctioned intake. Only the fourth year of a Dual Degree is offered
Do IIT Bombay accept JEE mains ?
National-level entrance tests such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, GATE, and others are used to determine admission to UG, PG, and PhD programmes. For the final selection of applicants, the IIT Bombay cutoff will be used. On December 1, the IIT Bombay placement campaign for 2021-22 began
What is The Cutoff of IIT Bombay in 2022 ?
Branch IIT Bombay BTech Cutoff 2021 
Aerospace Engineering 123-2118
Chemical Engineering  1266-2213
Civil Engineering 2017-3304
Computer Science and Engineering 1-67
Electrical Engineering  95-434
Engineering Physics 320-1324
Mechanical Engineering  157-1241
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering  3777-4204
How good are the IIT Bombay Placements 2022 Placement ?
Particulars Placements Statistics (2021-22)
Number of recruiters 315
No. of offers received 1723
Students placed 1382
PPOs (accepted) 202
Number of international offers 45
Highest CTC INR 2.05 CPA
Average CTC INR 25 LPA
Top recruiters Uber, Ruberik, Black Stone, Millennium etc
What is the ranking of IIT Bombay ?
  • Ranked 177 by the QS World University Rankings 2022.
  • Ranked 2 in the ARIIA rankings 2021.
  • Ranked 3rd by the NIRF 2021 in the Engineering category.
  • Ranked 3 for Overall by NIRF 2021
  • Ranked 10 for MBA by NIRF 2021
  • Ranked 37th in the top 250 institutes by the QS Asia Rankings 2021.
  • Ranked 1 for Overall by The Week 2021.
  • Ranked #151 - #175 in Engineering category internationally by Times Higher Education Ranking 2020.
Does IIT Bombay have sports facilities ?
In preparation for the meet, the institute has undergone extensive improvements to the play grounds. Sachin delivered the day's most anticipated speech. The final Inter IIT Sports Meet was held at IIT Bombay in 2007, as part of the institute's Golden Jubilee festivities
Does IIT Bombay have library ?
Yes. The library only allows a few personal books to be studied in the library by IITB students for the purpose of referring them to other library literature
How many books are there in IIT Bombay ?
Collection Total as on 31 March 2021
Books, Theses, CDs & Videos 2,50,147
E-Books 6,562
TLL & BC (Book Bank) Collection 12,203
Bound Volumes of Journals 1,19,576
Reports, Pamphlets, Standards 67,899
Photocopies 4,417
Journals (Print, Online) 40,000+