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How to make an Assignment for Project Management

A project is the sequence of actions that is planned so that the goal is able to be accomplished. A project could last between a couple of days to several months, or even years based on the quantity that is required. Management principles for projects help in ensuring that the task is executed efficiently. It assists in analyzing the situation , and then plan and manage tasks that are relevant to the project so that it's possible to ensure the effective execution of the plan.

The courses in project management are taught using a mix of written university assignments on project management and case studies for projects. proposals for writing project scopes, scenarios, and also sample project management samples based on actual projects and management reports. Students often find it difficult to comprehend project management essays since this course takes place in an interconnected mixture of finance, accounting management, business, and IT computer systems. If they do not have a comprehensive understanding of all these areas, students frequently fail in their project management assignments as well as the scope of their work can result in poor marks. It is difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of these areas with extremely short deadlines and rigid timetables for study is not possible.

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What is Project Management?

Project management is the application the knowledge, skills, and experience using a an official set of tools and techniques to a vast array of activities in order to fulfill the needs that the task. Project management requires specialized understanding and expertise. It's achieved by several procedures, including starting, planning, executing the project, coordinating, and closing projects. They are executed by the project manager and his team. Teams of project managers oversee the activities of the project, which includes different demands on costs, scope, time as well as risk and high-quality stakeholders who have different needs.

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There are many methods that are used for various purposes in obtaining results using Project Management Plan.

* Critical Chain Project Management

* Agile Scheduling

* Waterfall

* Critical Path Method

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Project management consists of five major processes, as described below.


The processes that initiate the project determine the nature and the scope that the undertaking will take. If this step is not executed properly, the project won't effective in meeting demands of the company. The team members require knowledge of business requirements and must make sure that all the necessary controls are included in their project.

The initial stage must include the following steps: analyze the business requirements and review of the operations currently in operation along with financial analysis of costs and benefits , including budget analysis for stakeholder analysis, user analysis, and the support staff for the project, which includes cost as well as deliverables, tasks and the timetable

Design and planning

Following the beginning phase, the project will be scheduled to the right degree of specifics. The goal is to establish the duration as well as resources, costs and time to determine the amount of work required and effectively reduce risk in the course of project execution.

Planning for projects generally involves the determination of how to plan a specific project, defining an outline of the plan, choosing the planning team, selecting deliverables and developing an outline of the structure for work choosing the necessary activities to finish those deliverables and connecting the tasks by estimating the required resources for the project as well as estimating the time and cost to develop the schedule, risk management getting formal approval before you start work.


Executing refers to the procedures that are used to finish the work which is outlined in the plan of the project to meet the requirements of the project. Execution requires coordination of personnel and resources, and taking care of the integration and execution of the project according to the project management plan. The deliverables are outcomes of the processes that are performed according to the specifications of the plan for managing projects.

Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring and controlling is the procedures used to watch the execution of projects so that problems that could arise can be identified quickly and corrective actions can be initiated immediately, as needed and to ensure the proper execution for the undertaking. The primary advantage is that the performance of the project is monitored and evaluated regularly to detect deviations from the plan of management for the project.


Closing is an official acceptance of project as well as the end of the project. Administrative tasks include the archiving of the documents and files.

The different types of Management Methodologies and Examples

Waterfall is a good choice for is perfect for companies in industry particularly in design and development of products and construction.

PRINCE2 The project management approach is based upon the product, therefore its methods focus on getting concrete results , not on the scheduling of actions.

AGILE Methodology for Project Management: It assures flexibility and allows for the modification of the product at any time during the duration of the project. In the process of progressively completing all phases to produce the final product achieved. This is founded on of whatever is effective. It is suitable for the IT sector.

Scrum An approach for short-term planning that is suitable for the development of software. There isn't a project manager in this scenario; everything will be managed through an individual, the Scrum master, the person who starts and oversees the work that is done.

Kanban Kanban: This KANBAN system is a flexible method of managing projects that is rooted in JIT manufacturing processes. It uses labels and cards to determine the requirements. It is based on the traditional approach.

PMBOK PMBOK outlines several aspects of a plan in a linear fashion in which the problem/need as well as the scope and plan are established during the beginning phases. It is not a suitable method to use alongside other more flexible and agile methodologies. It is based on the traditional method.

LEAN It was used by Toyota in the 70's, it's ideal for industrial settings that is designed to ensure efficient production. The management determines what products to produce, so that teams can begin to work toward those goals.

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