How to cite your assignment in the correct style

How to cite your assignment in the correct style

When a source is cited, it alerts the reader to the fact that it was the original source of the data or material in question. A citation is just a reference to a source. thus the combination of both citation and reference entry produces what is often referred to as a citation in simple terms. Citation is a reference that you include at the end of your writing to indicate that you used information from a particular source, book, or journal. Citation is highly useful since allows the reader to learn more by starting with your sources. Citation is the process of giving credit to the persons whose words or ideas you have used in your assignment. A citation is a reference to a book, article, or other pieces of written material. In the legal and scientific citation, various citation methods and styles are utilized. and citations provide information that allows the object to be identified uniquely.

Let us look at the most useful citation styles below…

  1. APA
  2. Chicago
  3. IEEE
  4. MLA

APA Citation Style

APA style is also known as the APA format. & APA is essentially a format that is utilized for academic work, including books and intellectual journal articles. This reference is primarily utilized in the social sciences, such as sociology, education, health, criminal justice, and psychology. and it is explained in the American Psychological Association's style manual. This fashion is frequently utilized in both its original form and with changes. The seventh revision of APA is the current revision. Additionally, the last name of the author and the year of publication is used in APA-style text citations. Also, APA includes the page number for quotations directly. there is an examples of both types: (Adams, 2001) and (Shakespeare, 1590).

Chicago Citation Style  

The University of Chicago Press has been publishing the Chicago Manual of Style since 1906 as a style manual for American English. writing and citation styles that are widely used in publishing are outlined in its 17 editions. and the Chicago style is a style, with the author's name and year of publication appearing in round brackets in the citation in the text. for example, (Josef 1923, 13–15)

IEEE Citation Style

The IEEE format, commonly known as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers style, is widely used for writing papers and assignments. This format is widely used in technical subjects, such as computer science. These citations are generally numbered, however, the numbers are written in square brackets rather than signs in the text. Smith et al. [5] is a good example of a citation.

MLA Citation Style

MLA Manual The previous MLA manual for writers of research papers gives a system for tracking sources in academic works. These styles have been widely adopted for use by publishers, and academic and commercial firms worldwide. MLA style is widely used in the United States, Canada, and other countries for writing and documenting research in the humanities such as English literature, modern languages, media studies, and other related areas. MLA citations include the author's name, the title of the source, the title of the number, the publisher, the date, and the place. In-text citations, the author's last name, and the page number from which the part of the text is taken are used as examples. (William 41)

Specific types of citations for subject

Citation styles adapt and are followed in accordance with the subject; for example, in the humanities, the Chicago style is utilized whereas, in law, the bluebook citation system is customarily used in American academic legal writing. citations for the subjects are below.


The bluebook citation is the most often used citation system. Additionally, bluebook-style citations have been introduced in academic legal articles and are mostly used in courts.

The sciences and engineering

These fields, as well as math, physiology, and medical science, are other fields where APA is mainly used. Additionally, the American Chemical Society citation format is used as well. All references in this citation are numbered in the text according to ACS style. In addition, scientific publications and research using the Vancouver system, which was suggested by the Council of Science Editors, are used.


The Chicago style, as well as the Harvard style, MLA style, and MHRA style, are all popular choices in the subject of humanities. 

What mistake you're making while writing citations...

  • Writing extra citations
  • A lack of page numbers.
  • Failing to arrange citations alphabetically.
  • Skipped citation.
  • Using inconsistent citation styles.
  • Misplaced commas.

Here's how to make a citation.

  • Select a citation style
  • Read the section you wish to quote.
  • Paper's author's last name
  • Publication year
  • The title of the article
  • The location
  • Bibliography for the paper


The most you can do at this point is to remember to cite your assignment after you have reviewed the different types of citations, common mistakes students make when writing them, and how to write them correctly.

Frequently asked questions

How should my assignment be cited ?
  • General Works Cited Format.
  • Case of Works Cited.
  • Example of an in-text citation.
How can You cite using APA style ?

The author's last name and the year of publication are used in APA in-text citations, as in (Field, 2005).

How can You quote an article properly ?

This is the fundamental format: Author(s). the "Title of Article." Periodical title, Day, Month, Year, and Pages.

Do you have the capacity to cite your own work ?

You must include an in-text citation whenever you discuss your own prior work in this new publication.

Which reference is in the proper MLA style ?

The author's last name and the page number from which the quotation or paraphrase is derived are used in MLA in-text citations, for instance: (Smith 163).

Which citation style works best for articles ?

The most frequently used citation style is APA Style, which is utilized extensively in the social and behavioral sciences. The second most often used style is MLA, which is mostly utilized in the humanities.

What does "self-citation" mean ?

When a writer makes reference to one of their own works, it is known as self-citation.

What are the 4 citation styles ?

These techniques include direct quoting from a different source, paraphrasing or summarizing content, and citing a source's whole.

In-text citation: what is it ?

An acknowledgment that you add in your text whenever you cite or paraphrase a source is known as an in-text citation.

MLA or APA citations, which is preferable ?

MLA is utilized more frequently than APA in high school. But at college, both APA and MLA are accepted. For writing in the humanities and in literature, utilize the MLA (Modern Language Association) standard. For technical and scientific writing, APA (American Psychological Association) is utilized.