Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (abbreviated as HKUST) is a publicly-owned research university located in Clear Water Bay Peninsula, New Territories, Hong Kong. It was established as a university in the year 1991 under the British Hong Kong Government. It was the third institution granted university status.HKUST is widely considered to be one of the fastest-growing universities worldwide. In the year 2019, the school is ranked 7th by QS and seventh in Asia according to QS, as well as third in the world according to The Times, and around 40th in the world. The university was placed 27th across the global rankings and second within Hong Kong by QS 2021. It also came in first place in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings in 2019 and was ranked second by QS the world's top universities for under-50 students in 2020.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology History

The year was 1989, and the authorities in Hong Kong saw a need to create a brand new, focus on research, university to aid the city's future goals to be not only the financial center of Asia as well as an important center for knowledge advancement as well as economic development and influence within the Pearl River Delta Region, using Hong Kong's unique status as a partner with China that has just begun reforms.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Rankings 

  • #34th World University Rank by QS 2022

  • #56th World University Rank by Times Higher Education

  • #91th-100th World Reputation Rank by Times Higher Education

  • #3rd Young University by Times Higher Education

  • #109th Rank among Best Global Universities by US News

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Campus

The school is mostly an academic institution, with 60 hectares in the northern portion of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung District, New Territories, Hong Kong, with a view of the Port Shelter in Tai Po Tsai. The layout of the campus and its design is based upon an original master plan that was submitted jointly through Simon Kwan & Associates and Percy Thomas Partnership, the winner of an architectural contest held before when the institution began to be founded. As the campus is situated on a steep slope, the buildings and facilities are constructed on distinct terraces that are carved out of the hills and the academic facilities situated on the upper terraces, as well as undergraduate halls of residence as well as sporting facilities located at the seafront. The terraces are linked by motorways as well as the network of footbridges and elevators, referred to by the name of Bridge Link. The natural location of the campus contributed to the reality that HKUST was the first publicly-funded university located in Hong Kong not being directly connected to an MTR station before the change of title process of it as the Education University of Hong Kong. The campus is connected to the metro system via public bus routes, including the 91, 91M, and 91P routes 291P and 792M. These routes are and are further supported by several minibus routes and with Choi Hung and Hang Hau stations as the primary stations for the feeders.

Academic Complexes

Academic activities are performed within The Academic Building, which contains 10 lecture theatres (A-H J-K) and a myriad of laboratories, classrooms, and administration offices. The lecture theatres can hold classes that can accommodate up to 450 students and have audiovisual equipment. Before 2013, the classrooms and offices of all four schools were housed together within the Academic Building. After the construction of the Lee Shau Kee Business Building (LSK) in 2013, the majority of the facilities used by those in the School of Business and Management are now located in their former location in the Academic Building. The building was inaugurated in the year 2015, and Cheng Yu Tung Building (CYT) was able to provide additional schools lecture theatres (L) as well as additional classrooms, laboratories, and even a lecture theatre (L).

At the southernmost tip of the campus, located at the southern end of the campus, the Lo Ka Chung Building houses the HKUST Jockey Club Institute of Advanced Study (IAS). The adjoining Conference Lodge, which is run by the hotel operator's part of the Chinachem Group, offers on-campus accommodations for attendees of conferences and guests who are official students of the University.

Student Halls and Staff Housing

Nine halls for undergraduate students are situated on the mid-rise and seafront terraces of the campus. The university also provides senior staff quarters flats as well as forty University Apartments flats for the eligible senior staff.

Lee Shau Kee Library

The HKUST Lee Shau Kee Library, which is located within the Hong Kong Academic Library Link (HKALL) is located in the central part of the campus. It is connected with the Academic Building. It is accessible from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium. It is spread over five floors, with more than 12,350 square meters of floor area, offering greater than 3674 seats as well computers. It has a variety of information resources that are both remote and local. In addition to more than 720,000 printed and electronic books and a huge collection of media sources and databases, it also offers access to over 47,000 periodicals, a huge selection of e-books databases, as well as other informational digital resources. The library also offers the ability to access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learning Commons provides a high-tech environment that encourages engaged learning and education. The library has an extensive collection of maps that cover China as well as the remainder of Asia, which were produced through Chinese or Western cartographers in the past 500 years. A selection of these maps offering a glimpse into the development of global geographic knowledge was released from the library's limited edition (1000 copies) volume in 2003.

Ancillary Services

The campus has 18 catering establishments, including fast food establishments and the Chinese restaurant, in addition to a restaurant that serves international cuisine. Other facilities within the academic complexes are three bank branches, a bookshop, and a grocery store, as well as clinics (consisting of an emergency medical clinic that provides an outpatient clinic for free for all full-time undergraduate staff and students as well as a dental clinic for students as well as a staff dental clinic) and Student Union offices.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Campus Life

From dining to housing along with all the informal socializing between, you need to know your surroundings, facilities, and other resources that will help you enjoy your times outside of school. Most of the facilities are available for booking by individual students on a first-come-first-served basis through the Facilities Booking System (FBS). To book in advance by student groups, fill out and send the appropriate request form and activity plan to the LG3 Amenities Service Counter.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Sports Facilities

  • The University has a wide range of recreation and sports facilities to enhance and development of your overall health and well-being. All students, both part-time and full-time employees, family members, and staff as well as long-serving retirees/leapers and the Sports Facilities Users, are invited to utilize the facilities.

  • The demand for facilities for sports is extremely high. Classes for sports skills, team training, and organized sporting events like the intervarsity and intramural events are held at various venues throughout the year.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Student Clubs

The Students Union is an unincorporated organization that was founded through HKUST students who decide to sign up as its members.SU is completely independent and separate from the University. Its position and actions don't reflect the views of the University. All postgraduate and undergraduate students can be considered for having Full Membership. All University members not including students who are that are eligible for Full Membership will be eligible for Associate Membership.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Career

The Career Center at HKUST is dedicated to helping you research the possibilities, plan and prepare for your professional career. If you'd like to discover your interests in a career and plan to pursue more studies, know the latest trends and prospects in your preferred industries, build your skills for the future, get the most current information about jobs, part-time or graduate jobs, prepare yourself for the job hunt or require assistance in making difficult career choices, we're ready to help you with information, services, programs, and support throughout the process.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Research

The Central Research Facilities are an important part of the university's research infrastructure and play a vital part within our multi-disciplinary approach. Research The focus of the facility is

  • Data Science

  • Sustainability

  • Public Policy

  • Autonomous Systems & Robotics

  • Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship as well as many more

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology  Education

The University is an elite research university that is at the forefront of all areas of research with global impact. HKUST brings together world-class experts to promote interactions and collaborate with the government, business, and industry to contribute significantly to social and economic advancement both nationally and locally. Furthermore, the University is encouraging and praising its staff, faculty, and students for devoting their time to serving our local society.

Frequently asked questions

Is Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Good ?
In the list of Best Global Universities, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is rated #105. Schools are graded based on their performance on a set of widely regarded excellence factors
How hard is it to get into HKUST ?
Furthermore, only around 100 Indian students are admitted each year, making it a very competitive programme. HKUST has less requirements than HKU and is more dependent on the interview, yet it is still competitive
How good is HKUST MBA ?
Because of its repeated top placement in The Financial Times' rankings, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has risen to prominence as one of the world's greatest colleges. The full-time MBA programme at the institution was ranked 22nd out of 100 by the Financial Times in 2021. The HKUST MBA Program has been ranked in the world's Top 25 for 14 years in a row
How do I get into Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ?
Application Requirement:
  1. Complete application form.
  2. Identity proof.
  3. Copies of official transcripts and degree qualification certificates.
  4. Institution Grading System Details.
  5. ACT/ SAT score (for UG), GMAT/ GRE scores (for PG)
  6. Academic references.
  7. Proof of scores of the tests to study in Hong Kong.
Is Hkust good for international students ?
HKUST makes a significant contribution to the worldwide community, and our accomplishments have been highly recognised. HKUST's continuously excellent ranks in worldwide and regional polls attest to its international renown
Is SAT required for HKUST ?
Students must finish the SAT with a minimum score of 1460 in order to be accepted into Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST in Hong Kong
How good are the HKUST Placement ?
  • 61% of MBA graduates have switched jobs.
  • 78% of MBA graduates have switched industries.
  • 91% of MBA graduates are employed within Asia.
  • The MBA program has a Placement rate of 91% 3 months after graduation.
  • Top companies Hiring HKUST Graduates: Accenture, Alton Aviation Consultancy , Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young Apply, Amazon , IBM, Intel, BMW, L'oreal
How Much Does Cost HKUST ?
Type Cost(HKD)
Tuition Fees 140,000 HKD
Accommodation 14,370-25,370 HKD
Off-campus Accommodations 31,200-46,800 HKD
Personal Expenses 5,100 HKD
Utilities 3,900 HKD
Food 28,080 HKD
Local Transport 3,900 HKD
Personal Miscellaneous 9,360 HKD
How many scholarships can I get at HKUST ?
Scholarships Eligibility Value
HKSAR Government Scholarship fund- talent development scholarship Undergraduate Student The student with a CGA of 3.0 10,000 HKD
Professor Edmund Ko Scholarships for student mentoring Undergraduate/Postgraduate student Students engaged in student mentoring activities Students who demonstrated growth through mentoring 10,000 to 20,000 HKD
University Admissions Scholarships for IB Diploma holders Total IB points of 45 55,000 HKD
University Admissions Scholarships for GCE/AL qualification holders 5 Al subjects with grade A Full tuition/year
Mainland JEE Top Scorer scheme Qualified students will be automatically selected Full tuition and an allowance worth 55,000 HKD
Arup Scholarship Engineering Student Must be an Undergraduate full-time student 15,000 HKD 3 Months internship in summer
How Much Does Master of Business Administration Cost at HKUST ?
A master's degree in business administration is a postgraduate degree in management. A condition for admission is a GMAT/GRE score on a bachelor's degree, as well as two years of work experience and an annual tuition fee of 85,000 HKD
What is the Ranking of HKUST ?
  • #34th World University Rank by QS 2022
  • #56th World University Rank by Times Higher Education
  • #91th-100th World Reputation Rank by Times Higher Education
  • #3rd Young University by Times Higher Education
  • #109th Rank among Best Global Universities by US News