Flinders University

Flinders University is a South Australian public research university. It was named after British navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early nineteenth century. It was founded in 1966.

Flinders University is a thriving institution and a member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group. Academically, the university pioneered a cross-disciplinary approach to education, and its faculties of medicine and humanities have been ranked among the top ten in the country.

Flinders University Ranking

Flinders University's most recent rankings are shown in the table below:

Ranked By



World University Rankings



QS World University Rankings



Best Global Universities Rankings



Academic Ranking of World Universities



Flinders University Campus

Flinders University has four campuses: Bedford Park, Tonsley, Victoria Square, and Northern Territory.

  • The university has teaching centres located throughout Australia and in other countries.
  • There are six colleges in the city that provide education in their respective fields. Through these colleges, the university offers over 200 programmes.
  • According to Flinders University reviews, it has an online library that is open 24 hours a day, a central library, and department-specific libraries and laboratories.
  • The university has cutting-edge research facilities such as the Institute of Nanoscale Science and Technology and the Medical Device Research Institute, among others.

Flinders University Courses

Flinders University provides over 500 programmes, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.

  • Business, creative arts, education, engineering, environment, health sciences, law, social sciences, psychology, and other fields of study are available.
  • Business, Government, and Law; Education, Psychology, and Social Work; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Medicine and Public Health; Nursing and Health Sciences; and Science and Engineering are the six academic colleges and schools at the university.
  • Flinders has a strong academic reputation in Archaeology, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Medicine, Business and Management, and other fields.
  • In the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities, the university was ranked 13th in the world for Water Resources.
  • Bachelor of International Business in Wine, Spirits, and Tourism, Bachelor of Creative Industries in Festivals and Arts Production, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems and Security, and other programmes have recently been added to the Flinders University programme offerings.

Flinders University Cost of Attendance

For some students, the cost of living in Australia can be prohibitively expensive; therefore, it is advised that they consider the expenses that they will incur. The following is the annual tuition fee for international students:

Undergraduate Programs

Tuition fees (in AUD)

Bachelor of Computer science


Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics/Mechanical/Robotics/Civil


Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Accounting


Bachelor of Business


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


Bachelor of Arts


Graduate Programs

Tuition fees (in AUD)



Master of Electronics Engineering


Master of Information Technology


MSc Computer Science


Master of Accounting


Master of Maritime Archaeology


An estimate of the average cost of living is tabulated below:


Costs/ Month (in AUD)



Shared house


One-bedroom unit


Managed apartments




Phone and Internet


Parking and Transport


Flinders University Scholarships/Financial Aid

Flinders University in Australia offers a variety of scholarships to international students. Academic scholarships for international students include the following:




Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship

UG applicants must have an ATAR of 95

PG applicants require a GPA of 6.5 or equivalent

50% reduction in tuition fees 

Excellence Scholarship

UG applicants require an ATAR 80 

25% reduction in tuition fees 

Global Scholarship

UG applicants require an ATAR 70

PG applicants require a GPA of 5.0 

20% reduction in tuition fees 

Pathways Scholarships are also available to students pursuing an Australian Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Associate Degree. Eligible students receive a full-time scholarship worth 20% of their tuition at Flinders.

Flinders Alumni Scholarships provide international graduates of the University with a 20 percent full-time scholarship to pursue another undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Flinders.

Flinders University Research

Research is a critical component of our University's mission. We build and develop knowledge and capabilities that improve lives and society as a whole through research and research-led teaching.

Flinders University Services

Student Services

Flinders International includes the International Student Services (ISS) team. ISS serves as the first point of contact for all onshore international students, including those studying online due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, and provides a variety of programmes that support your enrollment, study, and social life, as well as referring students to services on campus and in the local community. For new international students, ISS organises a general orientation programme, day and weekend tours throughout the semester, social activities, and information sessions.

Housing Services

Experience the community and convenience of on-campus living. There are plenty of reasons to live at Flinders University, including a five-minute walk to classes, a close-knit family, and fun extracurriculars. Over 560 students make up a safe, supportive, and dynamic community.

We are not the only South Australian university with on-campus housing in the Adelaide metropolitan area. We're also 20 minutes by bus from Adelaide's best metropolitan beaches. In addition, there are numerous excellent restaurants and services on campus.

Whatever your interests are, you'll find something you enjoy among the many social, sporting, academic, cultural, and philanthropic activities available.

Medical Services

The health care system offers emergency and routine medical care, as well as other services such as:

  • First-aid procedures
  • Health examinations (pap smears, skin checks, cholesterol, STDs etc)
  • Medical examinations of employees
  • Minor surgical procedure
  • Vaccinations and health education (both for health care work and travel)
  • Referrals
  • Pathology in South Africa

Flinders University Placements

Flinder University aids students in obtaining jobs in Australia and throughout the world, as well as career planning services to assist students in determining additional studies or career options. In recent years, Flinders University's graduates have been employed at a rate of roughly 94 percent. Undergraduates were found to have a full-time employment rate of about 89 percent, which is comparable to the national average. In the Good Universities Guide 2020, Flinders University was placed first in South Australia for undergraduate starting salaries.

According to Emolument, the following table shows the incomes of Flinders University alumni based on their degrees:


Average Salary (in AUD)

Bachelor (Others)


Other degrees


Bachelor of Science


Frequently asked questions

Is Flinders a good University ?
According to student reviews, Flinders University is placed 251 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and has an overall score of 4.4 stars.
What is the ranking of Flinders University ?
Flinders University is ranked 43 in Asia Pacific and 251 globally (THE World University Rankings 2022), and 407 globally (QS World University Rankings 2022).
What is Flinders famous for ?
Flinders University is expanding its international position as a world leader in research, an innovator in contemporary education, and a source of enterprising graduates ready to transform the world in an era of disruptive change and astonishing technological innovation.
Is Flinders University hard to get into ?
Acceptance Rate: With a 62 percent acceptance rate, Flinders University is a fairly competitive university. It now has a total student body of 27,718 students, 21,040 of whom are Australian students and 5,131 of them are overseas students.
Is Flinders University private or public ?
Flinders University is a South Australian public research university. It was named after British sailor Matthew Flinders, who explored and documented the South Australian coastline in the early nineteenth century. It was founded in 1966.
How many students are at Flinders University ?
It has a total enrollment of 26,139 students, including 5,099 international students, making it one of the most popular higher education locations in Australia.
How many programs offered at Flinders University ?
Under its six colleges, Flinders University provides over 500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. Flinders University has two admissions each year, one in February and one in July. All programmes are available for the February intake, however only a few are open for mid-year admittance.
How much Flinders University cost ?
The tuition charge for Flinders University's leading programmes ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 AUD, while the average cost of living is 3300 AUD/Month.
Is Flinders University good for international students ?
Flinders University, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is a truly global and multicultural institution, with students from over 90 nations. Our foreign student services are regarded among the best in Australia, and we are committed to assisting you during your studies and beyond.
What is the average salary of a Flinders University student ?
Graduates from Flinders University have an employment rate of roughly 94 percent. Undergraduates were found to be employed full-time in roughly 89 percent of cases. According to Emolument, the incomes of Flinders University graduates vary by degree, with Bachelor of Science graduates earning $46,000, other Bachelors earning 135,000, and other degrees earning 61,000.
How can I get a scholarship at Flinders University ?
The Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship allows students with an ATAR of 95 for UG applicants and a GPA of 6.5 or equivalent for PG applicants to get a 50% tuition price reduction.
How big is the campus at Flinders University ?
Flinders University has four campuses: Bedford Park, Tonsley, Victoria Square, and Northern Territory. There are six colleges in the city that provide education in their different professions. Through these colleges, the institution provides nearly 200 programmes.
What is the undergraduate admission requirements at Flinders University ?

The following are the prerequisites for entrance to undergraduate programmes:

  • Form of application completed
  • Completion of a secondary education qualification or its equivalent
  • Proof of skill in the English language (Minimum IELTS score of 6.5)
  • Passport photocopy