Dubai visas for Indians | UAE

Dubai visas for Indians

It is believed that the United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations within the region. It is because of the new and amazing tourist attractions. For instance, Dubai is one of the most stylish and trendy cities, featuring modern design, style, and luxury. Going to Dubai is an ultimate dream. However, before you travel, it is crucial to remember the fact that you will require some documents.

If you are an Indian traveler, you must be aware that in order to enter the country, you require a United Arab Emirates visa or UAE visa.

The process is fairly simple to get. All you need to complete is fill out the online application form and complete the necessary steps. In the end, receiving the UAE Visa or Tourist Visa in no time is never easier, thanks to the iVisa. If you're interested in learning the details about this document that is available to Indian travelers, keep reading below.

Everything you must know about UAE e-Visa that is available to Indian citizens

It is the UAE electronic visa, also referred to as "the Dubai tourist visa, or Dubai visit visa, is a travel document that permits international travelers to travel to the UAE to take short leisure or business travel. This is not a valid visa upon arrival. The United Arab Emirates requires advance visa arrangements.

Visas for entry into the UAE last for 60 days following the date they were issued. This kind of one is known as a one-entry visa and not a multi-entry visa. It allows you to stay the maximum period of 30 days Total after you have entered.

Tourists holding Indian passports who wish to travel to the UAE are able to apply for a Dubai visa on the internet.


If you are an Indian citizen, it is possible to are able to get a visa using iVisa with ease. Follow these steps and then sit at peace in your own home.

  • Step 1: Fill in your visa application form by providing your personal information. Additionally, in this process, you need to choose a time of processing in order to process your applications.
  • Step 2: The next step is to process payments according to the processing you have chosen. Be sure to ensure there aren't any errors that might make your application unsuitable or could result in rejection.
  • 3. The third step is to submit any additional documents you require to be processed. iVisa will examine all documents and then begin the process of processing.
  • You should wait for your travel documents to show up in your inbox by the selected timeframe. If it isn't appearing in your inbox, it might have been in SPAM.


In order to obtain your travel documents from India prior to departure, you'll need to provide the below documents:

  • Passport valid: all applicants for visas need to have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after the anticipated departure date to Dubai. In the absence of this, you may be denied admission to the UAE. Additionally, you must possess an electronic passport and not just a standard one to be able to go through this procedure.
  • Digital photo: You need to show a passport photograph. The photo must be in line with legal requirements. However, don't fret; iVisa provides a photo service that will help you take the perfect photograph.
  • Email address A valid Email address is needed in order for the visa card to be issued.
  • Payment method Method of payment: You can pay for the procedure using a credit or debit card.


Three processing options are based on the needs of travel and the budget. The three options are:

  • Rush processing takes only five business days and costs USD 210.99, compared to the standard processing time of seven business days.
  • 3 Business Days for Super Rush Processing; $226.99.


It is important to note that children, regardless of age, must have an individual visa. If you're traveling with kids, it is necessary to provide a photograph, a passport copy, and a birth certificate in English or Arabic to complete your travel.

CAN INDIAN Nationals Pass Through Dubai Without a Visit?

Traveling through Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other UAE Emirate requires a Dubai transit visa in the following situations:

  • You're not exempt from UAE Tourist Visas. Likewise, you're not eligible to get a UAE Visa on Arrival or a Visa On Arrival.
  • Your flight to the next destination is scheduled for the next 48 hours or

Frequently asked questions

Does Indian citizens need visa for Dubai ?

Yes, a visa is required for Indian nationals to enter Dubai

Can Indians get tourist visa to Dubai now ?

In Dubai, you can even obtain this visa upon arrival. Dubai tourist visa for 30 days: As the name implies, this visa is good for 30 days. The visa will expire if the holder does not return from Dubai within 60 days of receiving it.

Is it easy for Indians to get Dubai visa ?

The government's rules make it very simple for Indians to obtain a Dubai visa. Indian nationals are able to travel to Dubai and the UAE with this visa. You can obtain the permission quite easily because it takes the form of a Dubai e-visa.

How long can I stay in Dubai without a visa ?

Visit eligible for 30 days. No special plans for a visa in advance are necessary to enter the UAE if you have a passport from one of the listed nations or territories. Simply get off your plane at Dubai International and go through immigration to have a free 30-day visit visa stamped in your passport.

How long does Dubai visa take ?

It takes 3 to 4 business days to process a visa. Immigration authorization is required for entry into the UAE. Except for the 96- and 48-hour visas, which are only valid for 30 days after the date of issuance, other visas are valid for entry into Dubai for 60 days after the date of issuance.

What is the cheapest time to visit Dubai ?

To secure a lower price, make your reservation at least five weeks prior to your trip. June, July, and August are regarded as high season. September is the cheapest month to travel from the US. To see the newest Dubai airline discounts, enter your favourite departure airport and travel dates in the search box above.

Can I get Dubai visa same day ?

You can obtain an Express visa the same day, or within 24 hours, if you use that service. An express visa for Dubai is always more expensive to process than an ordinary visa, which is typically issued in 5 working days. The 48-hour and 96-hour visas are the only ones that can use the Express visa service.

Is Dubai visa free for Indian ?

No, an Indian's visa to Dubai is not free. While completing your Dubai visa application form, you must pay a little fee for the visa.

What is the procedure to go Dubai from India ?

For a maximum stay of 14 days, Indian nationals travelling to or from India on a regular passport may acquire a visa upon arrival in Dubai if they: Possess a guest visa or a green card issued by the United States; or. a residence permit granted by the European Union or the United Kingdom

What is the cost of Dubai visa from India ?

Visa fees for Dubai
1. Single-entry, 30-day temporary visa
2. Rs. 14,100 will get you a 90-day visit visa.
3. Rs. 34,300 for a multi-entry long-term visa
4. Rs.13,580 Multiple-entry temporary visa

Can I visit Dubai without visa ?

A visa is required for Indian nationals to visit Dubai.

What are the documents required for Dubai visa ?

Documents necessary:

  • letter of invitation, a copy of the host's UAE residency visa, and a copy of their passport.
  • Completed and signed visa application form with coloured photo of applicant.
  • Original passport required for verification, good for six months after departure.
  • Emirates or Fly Dubai confirmed tickets for the outbound and return journey.
What is shortest visa for Dubai ?

7 days Online visas for the UAE are occasionally granted as single-entry visas, allowing for only one entry into Dubai throughout the period of validity. Any of the seven emirates—Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm al Quwain—can be visited with a valid 7-day visit visa.

How can I get Dubai E visa from India ?

The following are the prerequisites for the UAE e-visa:

  • own an Indian passport that is valid for six months as of the date of arrival.
  • Send a digital copy of the passport's biographical page.
  • Please submit a colour passport-style photo.
  • To pay the UAE eVisa processing charge, you must have a credit or debit card.
How much is Dubai tourist visa fee ?

The cost of your visa depends on how long it will be valid for. A 90-day visit visa will cost 805 AED, compared to a 30 day tourist visa's cost of 335 AED